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  1. so how many CB002 bought today by #2012Tweeps ?

  2. #2012Tweeps Can we help? RT "@franhalsall: Does anyone know how I can get hold of a ticket for tomorrow nights finals?" @Pearcesport

  3. re: the eBay tickets... I have alerted the Ticketing Team at LOCOG. "We're on the case".

  4. London Prepares Hockey: why can you only but UNreserved seats for Sunday finals day? (asking for someone else btw)

  5. this: http://t.co/dwtdC4z6 was fascinating & #2012Tweeps a good example of a tribe.

  6. Haha! RT"@Hunt4Tickets: @tootingali Obviously a total and utter lack of trust in the French *starts clapping and cheering*"

  7. HA! RT @MackumTim: If only could somehow deploy @Pearcesport website-killer effect 2 render Eventeam flooded/inoperable until next Monday...

  8. suspect @LukeFritz64 will have a right old chuckle at this.

  9. it's already 09:40 and @OlympicAlerts hasn't bought that single CT009-B yet? #2012Tweeps #Eventeam ;-)

  10. Anyone? RT @Gurmajd: can someone try to buy the TE008 x 4 tickets for me on the US Cosport website? thanks!

  11. :-) RT "@MatthewLumby: Please retweet if you feel sorry for AVB and Chelsea. *waits for nobody to RT this* #CFC #AVB"

  12. If ur going to #bgchamps why not try & get #2012Tweeps on BIG SCREEN by using #champschat?

  13. 1am ??? RT "@JoshMcStay: If you haven't already heard, there are some new tickets going at http://t.co/rer86GvD #2012Tweeps"

  14. MONDAY!! RT "@TeamGBfan: Eventeam site says it will reopen 5 Mar 11am..."

  15. #ff @nmdouglas for apart from everything else, his new Calendar EXPORT function works a treat. Try it yourself.

  16. !!!! "@jacquelinmagnay: Country with biggest increase in Olympic period travel bookings? Estonia."

  17. FB RT "@matt_shoreditch: Advice needed. #2012Tweeps #olympictickets"

  18. off to the Swimming? You know the drill... https://t.co/S27Y76jN #2012Tweeps

  19. John's PeerIndex Profile | PeerIndex http://t.co/U8JZXgvX

  20. #olympictickets RT @kbkeane: #2012tweep translation of http://t.co/vx8eoqYM quotes that BOIC states choc box to open within few weeks.

  21. GA011 anyone? 148,000 Hungarian forints per ticket (£433!) - don't know Cat - must be A or B) - from Pegazus Sports Tours (HUN)

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