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  1. ooo it's close! Will it be @hobnob_monster (synchro question in 3rd) or @Gurmajd (top!) http://t.co/8BTEmHgl

  2. Great chance to buy #olympictickets right NOW fr http://t.co/NBcrLpan. See my RTs.

  3. QUIZ! RESULTS!! MT "@OlympicHunter I'll post the results at 8pm. "

  4. W a l m a r t g i f t c a r d - G O A W A Y F R O M U S !

  5. & on a morning as beautiful as this, shades on, window down, let the breeze brush your face & turn it up ... http://t.co/ufXIIcYq

  6. I am looking west at the beautiful arc of the Moon, Venus & Jupiter. Wonderful.

  7. 'cos that's the kinda guy I am: https://t.co/QejDT6tf @matt_shoreditch - everything in one place... #2012Tweeps

  8. out of loop for last 5 hours - mp3 of FiveLive interview anyone? #2012Tweeps

  9. Could someone please try screen grabbing the #2012Tweeps BBC News clip on iPlayer. Camstudio works well apparently. Thanks.

  10. has made a post on The Forum. Enjoy.

  11. #2012Tweeps Any ideas?? RT @catkims: looking 4 some more tickets over the w/end of 4th and 5th. Would love triathlon but open to anything!

  12. #2012Tweeps did. Large. RT "@Ayz_A_Milli: Who got Olympic tickets?

  13. What a week it's been. V v stressful but starting yesterday afternoon & then this morning & afternoon, it's been a whole lot better :-)

  14. All the best to @matt_shoreditch for what should be a very interesting day. Camera at the ready mate!

  15. Enormous #ff for Steve @OlympicHunter - working quietly behind the scenes! Nice one.

  16. Really enjoyed listening to Chrissie Wellington, Ali Brownlee & Rebecco Romero on @bbc5live's London Calling. Great show. #triathlon

  17. Nice! RT @JoshuaDMellor: Never lost a bet on AP McCoy, hopefully today won't change that. Went each way, just in case #goldcup #synchronised

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