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  1. Only 7 RTs? Come on!

  2. My ears are burning. Like someone or some people have been talking about me....

  3. SWEET! Hello everyone! RT "@slh1975: Big hello from London!! #2012tweeps http://t.co/fj4R6HqT" Thanks Sarah!

  4. Massive #2012Tweeps shout out to @MalwenGoch *waves hello* Thanks for your help w newbies Malwen. You're a STAR! #olympictickets

  5. Wonder if @LaurieGibbett got her Rowing tickets from ET ? Also, really hoping to see @Wadnut1 get some evening AT...

  6. #olympictickets - SALE!! - http://t.co/OkQk5bbn - use Google Chrome for translation & see @ChookRaffle's timeline for advice. #2012Tweeps

  7. congratulations to @Gurmajd on getting 2x ZC001 ... from the less-than-happy rally drivers, aka the Smurfs....

  8. for chance to win some AT005... suggest you all follow @AMOrbit...#olympictickets

  9. #olympictickets - for FNAC-France stuff ahead of Thurs-5 online sale, suggest looking at @ChookRaffle's timeline.

  10. not v interesting, but FNAC are now listed as an offline-only agent for Spain : http://t.co/t7NAl2Mn #2012Tweeps #olympictickets

  11. #olympictickets - 16 sports available at http://t.co/MyR9qkAV: AR, AT, BD, BK, BV, BX, DV, FE, HB, TT, TK, VO, WL, WF, WG. #2012Tweeps

  12. Latest from the not-so-cheerful vodka-drinking rally-drivers - only 8 sessions left: BX017, SA014, SH002/3/4/9, WL006, WL018 #olympictickets

  13. I do NOT like the new mobile BBC News site. At all. Where has Science & Tech news gone for example? @bbcnews

  14. ANYONE? "@IanLiversidge: #olympictickets bro over fr Atlanta & we r going 2 c the Olympic park Mon. Is the Tube the best place to view it?

  15. Congratulations to @paddyjim, @timthejab & @thegreenster on their 5 mile Olympic Park runs. Great pics guys!

  16. #2012Tweeps - loving @matt_shoreditch's timeline this morning.

  17. Wishing @paddyjim @timthejab & @thegreenster all the very best for their Olympic Park Run today.

  18. Brilliant! MT "@conr62: happy to say NME using my footage of macca with weller daltrey n ronnie wood performing get back on their website

  19. In case you doubters were wondering, my account *is* verified. By me.

  20. #ff @OlympicHunter - it's true what they say... An Olympian of a Quizmaster. Enjoyed it immensely Steve!

  21. #ff @Pearcesport - on behalf of all #2012Tweeps, THANKS for your work this week. Put a smile on all our faces. Great stuff.

  22. #olympictickets - if you missed it earlier, Paul Deighton of LOCOG now says Round 3 will be 24-Apr FB tournament draw. #2012Tweeps

  23. #olympictickets: can buy from Germany, France, Spain, Israel, Finland (cough!), Portugal, Austria/Nor/Swe/Bul, Italy. #2012Tweeps

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