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  1. RT @ehBILA: Anda tidak harus ahli dalam melakukan sesuatu. Karena Anda akan membangun keahlian itu dari melakukannya

  2. BostonTorontoMontrealOttawaTampaDetroitFlorida Buffalo... http://t.co/qvGLYHX3EG

  3. No i would not go that far you have 4 very strong teeas that about it. http://t.co/qvGLYHX3EG

  4. Ottawa and Montreal or more Atlantic while the rest in that group are Central. http://t.co/qvGLYHX3EG

  5. Its really not that bad in term of travel unless you thinka 2 hour flight is long. http://t.co/qvGLYHX3EG

  6. Sure when the Leafs are in town but the fact is Otatwa does very very well attendance wise. http://t.co/Bulke8otcb

  7. The Pens have had some issues with Nyi now with Ottawa they will have to deal with one of... http://t.co/5YQnsg9Opi

  8. Don't get to excited the Leafs are playing well but come play offs thats a different thing. http://t.co/eSLbzor7bp

  9. Yes but he was flopping all over the place last night were not talking about one drive more... http://t.co/FUUPiYQXaV

  10. It does not get called as much as it should last night Henerique should have got called 4... http://t.co/FUUPiYQXaV

  11. No Ottawa does not play the trap they love to play wide open hockey but there issue is... http://t.co/FUUPiYQXaV

  12. The only thing is Tampa has more to lose in Ottawa Ben was the odd man out its a win win... http://t.co/lWOQqU2urp

  13. Its a good trade for both teams. http://t.co/lWOQqU2urp

  14. Ottawa has very little to lose if this does not work out for them it really does not matter... http://t.co/lWOQqU2urp

  15. It could work out very well for Tampa but at the same time its a very risky move. http://t.co/lWOQqU2urp

  16. Don't be shocked if he gets traded. Commented on: Tampa Bay Lightning at Ottawa Senators Game Recap - 03/23/2013: http://t.co/kts7J1mcmW

  17. I think it may come down to Detroit and Pittsburgh in the Central and both Florida teams in... http://t.co/pL6jh9mnl4

  18. They need to be in the east its not fair to them and other teams in the west. http://t.co/pL6jh9mnl4

  19. Sorry i meant to say you can't flip Pittsburgh and Philly up. http://t.co/pL6jh9mnl4

  20. The thing is some say they boo Alafredson for something he did 12 years ago. http://t.co/8ctZmfvx8X

  21. Leafs were lucky last week so it all evens out. http://t.co/8ctZmfvx8X

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