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  1. RT @ehBILA: Anda tidak harus ahli dalam melakukan sesuatu. Karena Anda akan membangun keahlian itu dari melakukannya

  2. I was just reading Cbc will show every event live and ondemand and they will broadcast 24/7 now if this is true it would be massive and i think most if not all would be very happy.
  3. Many countrys b teams in soccer and baseball are still better then Canada's b team.
  4. As for 2015 i think it all depends what other countrys make it in for say soccer/basketball/baseball if most of the strong countrys make it were going to be in for a long games as for womens soccer what makes it worse is with the womens world cup going on so the Pan Am could see our b squad.
  5. What wil hurt Toronto is the massive debt Ontario has if it comes down to they would need $1 billion plus from Ontario there would be alot of push back and i would not count on Ontario or even the feds willing to give money again to Toronto a few years after the Pan Am games.
  6. Nothing would ruin the games more then if Russia won very little the States should go with the best teams possible same with the rest of the west and win most of the medals.
  7. BostonTorontoMontrealOttawaTampaDetroitFlorida Buffalo... http://t.co/qvGLYHX3EG

  8. No i would not go that far you have 4 very strong teeas that about it. http://t.co/qvGLYHX3EG

  9. Ottawa and Montreal or more Atlantic while the rest in that group are Central. http://t.co/qvGLYHX3EG

  10. Its really not that bad in term of travel unless you thinka 2 hour flight is long. http://t.co/qvGLYHX3EG

  11. If this was to happen for mens hockey i could see maybe merging Canada/United States and call it team North America.
  12. Has anyone heard how much Cbc plans on broadcasting in terms of hours?
  13. Sure when the Leafs are in town but the fact is Otatwa does very very well attendance wise. http://t.co/Bulke8otcb

  14. Rogers will be rebranding The Score to Sportsnet 360 as of july 1st 2013 why i bring this up is 360 could be a big part of the Olympics broadcast plans it could be used to show highlights etc while the other main channels could focus just on live events.
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