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  1. Please, someone knows where can I find the Closing Ceremony of Albertville 1992?
  2. Well, Pan Ams were proclamed as the best in all during the closing ceremony. Many of the ODEPA members (some of which are IOC members too) were happy, and the invited IOC membres too, such like Jacques Rogge. It is true that the are violence in Mexico, but in terms of security Pan Ams were succesfull. Not only one incident. Traffic in Guadalajara is certainly chaotic, but not very different that in London, Beijing or Athens, which have hosted the Big Games. Yes, lot of money in the event (for example check the videos and pictures on Youtube of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, which were done by the same team that was involved in the opening of Salt Lake, Rio 2007, and London 2012), but I dont think is a pointless event considering that after Olympics is the second one largest in the world, and that are athletes from 40 NOC and there are visitants of almost all the IFs and olympic medallists at the event. .
  3. What do you think of a Mexican bid for YOG 2018?
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