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  1. The way Tokyo 2020 has rolled out, I do not have high hopes for Sapporo to throw their hat in. 2030 will probably go to Salt Lake or Vancouver - whoever can be tied in earlier or easier. For 2036, Madrid or London seem like the obvious choices as of now. Seoul or Budapest will not have a decent shot unless both are off the table. I do not see the IOC look at 2036 before the last third of the decade. We all know Brisbane has predominantly been the works of Coates. With no such influential supporters on either side, there is no reason to rush a decision for 2036.
  2. Why are they going so slow? That worked so well in London and Rio.
  3. Everything thus far has seemed extremely underwhelming and cheap to me. Hoping this will improve.
  4. How about we do a second thread on Brisbane 2032? This one for news articles and one for discussion.
  5. What's the thing with copying them as a whole, anyway? It'n not like there are no such inventions as hyperlinks these days.
  6. That said, I think there used to be an ignore function on this site, which I am not able to find atm. Does anybody know where it has gone? That would make these forums so much more readable.
  7. Maybe just have them seated in the stadium from the very beginning and just do a flag parade?
  8. It's not as if having a logo were an indicator of how serious an attempt is. With both SLC and Sapporo uncertain for 2030 and Calgary pretty much out of the picture, I don't see why this should not have chances to get through, though.
  9. In order to do the Brisbane road, though, one needs to enter a dialogue. With the new norm in place, one doesn't even have to give a specific date. Just make sure, they know you are on the table.
  10. Concerning a) one should note they are rather desperate to find ANYONE volunteering to host a Winter Olympics. In the end, we are seeing back-to-back games in Asia for 2018 and 2022. If neither the US nor Canada nor Japan come up, that should not be an issue. Especially with the IOC's wishy-washy dialogue phase one can enter with too much of a commitment. b) Yeah, public opinion will be the more concerning issue.
  11. Nowadays, it's never too early to get a head start it seems.
  12. These Logos are not cheap, they were carefully chosen to market the IOC'S vision of a cost-efficient games under the New Norm.
  13. Both look somehow wrong or misplaced to me. For the grey one it's mostly the M and A in the font plus the grey colour. For the second one, it just seems to be a bit... misshaped. Whichever they choose, just give Vancouver or PyeongChang a call to learn how to succesfully hide your logo with the look of the games.
  14. I wonder how one could seriously come up with a logo that is light grey on white. How will that look in a winter Olympics when it's mostly surrounded by white snow and light grey shadows?
  15. https://dam.eclexia.it/videohandler/fd310eca-4254-4bc3-82a2-9ac293d65aac/1080p.mp4 https://dam.eclexia.it/videohandler/157a2ece-3880-46c5-b7b6-7d158a393c51/1080p.mp4 These are the affiliated videos. Source: milanocortina2026.org
  16. I voted for the more colourful one. It does come with quite an interesting look (as shown in a video during Sanremo). Apparently, one can vote up to three times, which does seem redundant to me, but anyway.
  17. Ok, so they have presented the two versions. Didn't fall in love with any of them instantly, though. As of now, the website is overloaded, but I'll share the logos with you in an instant.
  18. RAI1 livestream, in case anybody wants to watch. I hope it's not geoblocked. Works fine from Germany, so I guess you shouldn't have any problems, either.
  19. There's no such thing as distinct bidding cycles any longer. The chance of 2032 not going to Brisbane might be close to zero, but there is no additional cost in stating you're still available for 2032, too, when you're in talks with the IOC over any future hosting, anyway.
  20. I'd prefer running a Marathon at 15°C over doing the same at 40°C. Sydney was in September because it could choose to. I don't see why an August games wouldn't have been possible for Sydney. Sure, SEQ has more pleasant weather during the winter, but with Sydney having a larger population and reputation I don't see Brisbane as the only choice. In the end it wasn't the IOC who went for Brisbane, it was Coates.
  21. Now, with 2032 pretty much a done deal and the IOC selecting hosts a decade in advance seemingly becoming the new norm it can't be too early to discuss 2036. With 2028 in America and 2032 in the Asia-Pacific this should be Europe's to lose. So who do you think might make it to the finish line? The only countries that make sense economically are probably Spain, the UK and Russia. 2024 will rule out Paris. Rome might be a serious contender, but I doubt they will go for another Olympics that soon after Milano Cortina. As for Germany, the 1936 centennial along with major organisational issues will rule them out. Budapest will most likely enter the race, but I don't see that happening unless none of the stated decide to throw their hat in. As of now, the doping scandal is still too close to dare award them another games. In a few years' time, that might change, though. The most likely option for me though is Spain and the UK dividing the next major events among them. So, if Spain will get FIFA World Cup 2030, London might be the option of choice. If the British isles get the World Cup, Madrid will likely get 2036. IOC seems to be fine with 40k capacity so unlike the 2020 bid, the Wanda Metropolitano plan might actually come to fruition.
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