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  1. If conducted in a decent manner, I am sure surveys can give a more appropriate representation of what the public thinks than a referendum where NIMBYs and Naysayers usually show up overproportionally. What bugs me here is the sort of random nature of this poll. Like in what world are cinema visitors a decent representation of a population?
  2. That does seem like a legit strategy. I'm wondering if they are still in fear of a Sapporo dropout and might even keep this bid warm somehow as an option to get USOPC their favoured 2034 version. It might just be tactics, though. Like, keep them warm and once 2030 and 34 are done, you could still resettle to a Madrid summer bid if needed.
  3. There's this magical thing called "targeted dialogue" nowadays. Just give SLC that and all is set for rubber-stamping when (not if) the new agreement with the IPC is settled.
  4. Huh. I am a bit surprised, for when I read the title, I thought somebody else had started this thread. Frankly, I could live without both the Olympic anthem and choirs altogether. Among the choir performances, the children's choirs are giving me nightmares, especially God Save The Queen in London and the Olympic Anthem for Beijing 2022. I might be alone in this opinion, but the Brazilian anthem at the Rio opening was probably one of my favourite anthem performances, it was just simple and intimate.
  5. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1120648/singapore-world-athletics-championships So apparently, Singapore will go for the 2025 World Athletics Championships. They sure do have a nice stadium and after heading to the US in 20212 and Europe for 2023 an Asian championships would be due. Now, Coe has already expressed his interest in Tokyo, so 2025 might be off-limits. A later edition in 2029 or 2031 seems quite achievable, though. Or will their hot and humid climate prevent a Singapore championships? By the way, that is my 1000th post, so I'll give myself a little pat on the back here.
  6. Technically, it is not up to France to decide. Practically, though, for sure if France and a few dozen other countries say they can't compete with warmongers among them by the time, what other choice will the iOC have but to ban Russia and Belarus? The Beijing paralympic ban came to be through pressure by several NPCs.
  7. I do advise Lausanne to act clearly and not let themselves drag into shenanigans of that sort. If it's clear in early 2024 that Russia does still not behave in a way that justifies a place among the civilized nations of this planet, they should speak out a clear ban several months before the opening ceremony. Going back and forth and then putting on a last-minute ban will likely just fuel a Russian narrative of "the West" mingling in the IOC's affairs and the ban being no more than an anti-Russian propaganda bit dictated by the hosts who they probably see as a puppet on a string directed by Washington, anyway. Different outcomes might ask for different actions on the IOC's side, though. Say there will be a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine that involves for example accepting Russia's annexation of Crimea, a status similar to Finland or Austria where they can join the EU but not NATO, and the "independence" of the separatist "people's republics" in the east - which, at this point, is pure speculation, of course. I don't see how Russia and Belarus could take part in Paris under that circumstance, nor do I see how this outcome would justify a never-ending ban. So, the best way to handle this IMHO would be a limited-time ban (maybe for a decade, perhaps just for 2024 and 2026) and strict guidance on how these countries would have to act in the future to enable them a return to the Olympic family after that time. And such a regulation would need to be made public as soon as possible after the hypothetical agreement is ratified.
  8. In times of crisis, voters tend to group around the incumbent. Then again, she didn't have a reasonable chance by running for the leftist PS in a race that's been expected to be decided between the centre-right and far-right from the beginning.
  9. Love how there's just your random snowboarder in there. Climate change really gets crazy these days. Any of the aspiring Asian cities (that includes the likes of India and Indonesia as well) will have a hard time to outperform the likes of Korea, Japan and China - even if they should meet all the requirements at some point. I guess, Seoul might be the one to beat for 2040/44.
  10. Last year, Grabar-Kitarovic was appointed chief of the future summer host commission with 15 years to go to the next games being awarded. I bet they'll find a purpose in committing to "continuous dialogue" during some nice wine tastings and such.
  11. It's not even untrue. As of September 2007, there was NO WAR in Ukraine. Some sites have replaced the content with bland sort of filler pics (usually their logo) after a year or so. So I guess, it's just that. A nice way to place a message.
  12. Wait, is that THE poll? In that case, it should be all set for 2030 then, shouldn't it?
  13. That's seven closely connected to France and one representing the international language of love. Puzzle solved.
  14. No matter how this came to be, I have no doubt the Aussies will create an amazing and lively games atmosphere. With both Athletics and swimming within walking distance from the CBD and right in the city, these games will probably feel very intimate and see a lot of local enthusiasm.
  15. Now, if that survey turns out favourable, I have no doubt that both Sapporo and SLC will have gone to targeted dialogue by the summer.
  16. That's a lot of ifs, but: - If Spain gets the 2030 World Cup and Madrid gets its chance to shine hosting among others the final at Santiago Bernabéu and either the match for third place or a semi at Wanda Metropolitano and - if Sapporo gets 2030 and SLC 2034 as currently expected and - if either Germany or the UK or another European country gets the 2036 games and - if they find a way to organize this so no party feels excluded and - if the most desirable European countries for the next winter games (namely Norway, France and Germany, maybe Austria or Switzerland) fail to present a decent option 2038 might be worth a serious try. For now, this project seems DOA.
  17. Ohhhh... so that's why the Chinese always send everything delayed by a minute.
  18. A summer bid would need to outperform tha capital. A winter bid does not have that concurrence. I just don't see national political and institutional support for another Barcelona summer games before Madrid have had their shot.
  19. Frankly, it was somewhat of a stretch from the very beginning.
  20. I didn't think I'd agree with @AustralianFan for once, but there is a line between rightfully criticizing a regime and the horrors it sets onto this planet, and just purposely dehumanizing an enemy. And I fear that in this case, this is getting dangerously close to that line.
  21. I'm out on this one. While Russia's acting on foreign territories (and China's, too, to a degree) seems to mimic late 1930'ies Germany and they clearly are decades behind other countries in terms of inclusion, I fail to see such a totalitarian approach towards people with disabilities in these countries. China and Russia are among the most successful Paralympic participants of this century and have made serious efforts even when not hosting (the exception being China for the winter editions, but frankly, they didn't care too much about winter sports at all until recently). Of course, it's just a very small glimpse at the lives of people with disabilities in these countries, but of a country that is only prevented to "get rid of" their disabled by international observation, I would not expect any significant envolvement at all. As I do have very limited insight only and cannot rule out they are all out breeding their "Übermensch" in Moscow and Beijing by just doing some quick internet research, I will go with an in dubio pro reo approach on this one until I see believeable support for your theory.
  22. Maybe they should learn a lesson from London's Aquatics Centre there. A community centre really does not need 10,000 seats and a 30m tall hall in the long term.
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