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  1. Pripyat could be the single most awesome site for an Olympic Village EVER. Existing infrastructure and condos (embracing Agenda 2020 + the New Norm), already well protected by the Ukrainian military (reducing the price tag for games security) and with all that radiation around the Russians won't even need to dope (provided they are allowed to enter the country, that is, of course). Now, honestly, this is certainly not gonna happen for 2032. A Summer Youth Olympics in Kiyev might work out at some point, though.
  2. Nice one. Speaking of FIFA ceremonies, though: Does anybody know where to find a full record of South Africa's opening in 2010 (the ceremony at Soccer City)?
  3. Well. I suggest one of the next two cycles is probably gonna go to Brisbane. And I suggest, if that is so, the smart way is to sign the deal as soon as possible. I guess we can agree on the following points: - the IOC is keen on bringing the games back to Australia soon - So are the Aussies + their government - Brisbane seems to be the only choice taken into consideration - they need, however, enough time for preparation in order to deliver crucial infrastructure on time and on budget - as LA 2028 has shown, the IOC will not shy away from awarding the games more t
  4. Like Nairobi's gonna happen anytime soon.
  5. Now, the interesting question is, might the IOC love the idea of Germany hosting enough to be blackmailed into postponing their Brisbane games to 2036? That way Germany got their games in 2032, Australia got four more years for their infrastructure works and the IOC can sit back and relax for the next decade - and then probably head somewhere new (Buenos Aires, Shanghai or wherever) for 2040. I don't really see Berlin hosting right now and especially not for 2036 (Seehofer had one of his very few bright moments there ruling out the Nazi centennial) - public support was mediocre
  6. "This early commitment and the well-known enthusiasm of the Aussies for sport are a great foundation for the Olympic Games 2032 in Queensland." Reading this one might believe it's already official. Now given the emphasis everyone lays on the infrastructure works needed, the sooner it's announced, the better, giving them more time to prepare and reducing the risk of cost overruns.
  7. Just checked the medals table. The fact that with three quarters of events done, Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia are all among the top five nations, does tell a lot about how these games are perceived in Western Europe. Which is - basically not at all. They did struggle heavily to find a host for 2019 and 2023, after all. Who knows, for how long that event will even survive? That said, Budapest will probably be willing to host in 2027, if nothing else comes up.
  8. - That would eradicate one major issue. It does not, however, change anything about the fact that Italy just had their go for 2026. - As you stated, this is a gamble, and I rather see Erdogan go full Targaeryen rather then let slip his power. And keep in mind, Turkey wasn't exactly popular for hosting major events even before - just look at their numerous attempts trying to get the Olympics or UEFA Euro - so even IF they become more democratic and open up to the west again, I don't exactly see Turkey as a likely choice. - Well, in the end big player China almost lost to some second-t
  9. Well, count Turkey out for obvious reasons, Russia as well still due to their doping scandals and with Milan 2026 and their mayor Rome won't happen too soon, either. So it's actually down to Spain or Germany (or London/Paris) as the next reasonable european host.
  10. Haven't heard anything. Which is kind of weird. If they want to have a logo by the time of their handover, a process should have started by now.
  11. London's Olympic Stadium might end up as the first stadium to be built three times just to make sure the first version doesn't sit there empty.
  12. How come Turkey is suddenly a thing again? Their border to Syria, the collapse of their currency plus social, political and economic issues basically rule them out for several cycles to come, nothing has changed on that, let alone Erdogan presumably ruling ever more authoritarian now that he actually has to fight for his power. Is it though? Most of us probably agree on Melbourne being the smarter choice for an Olympics. That is independent of Agenda 2020, however. When it comes to Agenda 2020, going regional and spreading out is what turns daydreaming into an actual feasible thing for
  13. Well, it's been quite a while since they had their last major tournament and their stadium infrastructure could actually need an upgrade. With England or Spain probably going for the World Cup, the next Euro is up for grabs.
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