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  1. These Logos are not cheap, they were carefully chosen to market the IOC'S vision of a cost-efficient games under the New Norm.
  2. Both look somehow wrong or misplaced to me. For the grey one it's mostly the M and A in the font plus the grey colour. For the second one, it just seems to be a bit... misshaped. Whichever they choose, just give Vancouver or PyeongChang a call to learn how to succesfully hide your logo with the look of the games.
  3. I wonder how one could seriously come up with a logo that is light grey on white. How will that look in a winter Olympics when it's mostly surrounded by white snow and light grey shadows?
  4. https://dam.eclexia.it/videohandler/fd310eca-4254-4bc3-82a2-9ac293d65aac/1080p.mp4 https://dam.eclexia.it/videohandler/157a2ece-3880-46c5-b7b6-7d158a393c51/1080p.mp4 These are the affiliated videos. Source: milanocortina2026.org
  5. I voted for the more colourful one. It does come with quite an interesting look (as shown in a video during Sanremo). Apparently, one can vote up to three times, which does seem redundant to me, but anyway.
  6. Ok, so they have presented the two versions. Didn't fall in love with any of them instantly, though. As of now, the website is overloaded, but I'll share the logos with you in an instant.
  7. RAI1 livestream, in case anybody wants to watch. I hope it's not geoblocked. Works fine from Germany, so I guess you shouldn't have any problems, either.
  8. There's no such thing as distinct bidding cycles any longer. The chance of 2032 not going to Brisbane might be close to zero, but there is no additional cost in stating you're still available for 2032, too, when you're in talks with the IOC over any future hosting, anyway.
  9. I'd prefer running a Marathon at 15°C over doing the same at 40°C. Sydney was in September because it could choose to. I don't see why an August games wouldn't have been possible for Sydney. Sure, SEQ has more pleasant weather during the winter, but with Sydney having a larger population and reputation I don't see Brisbane as the only choice. In the end it wasn't the IOC who went for Brisbane, it was Coates.
  10. Now, with 2032 pretty much a done deal and the IOC selecting hosts a decade in advance seemingly becoming the new norm it can't be too early to discuss 2036. With 2028 in America and 2032 in the Asia-Pacific this should be Europe's to lose. So who do you think might make it to the finish line? The only countries that make sense economically are probably Spain, the UK and Russia. 2024 will rule out Paris. Rome might be a serious contender, but I doubt they will go for another Olympics that soon after Milano Cortina. As for Germany, the 1936 centennial along with major organisational i
  11. I've found the source again. So, apparently, initial plans were to have the vote during Sanremo (throughout the week) and then present the winner design on a seperate occasion. If that were still to be the case, we would already know the entries. So I guess, they will no opt to show the designs during or at the end of the Sanremo final. I've nerver dared watch this as I was told this is basically a whole year of "Wetten, dass..?" packed into one week in terms of talking and special guests.
  12. I dunno. They seem to plan a television exclusive after the Sanremo festival Saturday night (which is one the most viewed events in Italian television and sort of a national institution over there). It'll be especially interesting to see how they will deal with the two host cities. Italy has somewhat of a record of featuring a local sight in their logos (their bid logo had the Duomo, Rome's recent bid logos had the colosseum and Torino's actual games logo had a stylized version of this... tower-thingy, don't remember its name).
  13. Public will have several options to decide from starting this Sunday. Official Website It'll be interesting to see what they come up with. Recently we have seen some unique looks developed that thought the whole thing thrue from the beginning (such as Paris 2024 or Tokyo's original design for 2020). I guess with several works to choose from these will probably be logos-only approaches with the look having to be developed around it at a later stage. Or, like Vancouver or PyeongChang, just create a new look apart from the logo eventually.
  14. Add to that a media landscape which seems to have limited understanding of the goings at the IOC. Usually, articles after another loss read "well, it should have been clear before that there was no chance to win against these lavish, expensive bids by the dictatorships. But it's actually good we lost, so we don't have to burn [add either a Sochi or a Beijing budget here] on that stuff". Rather than acknowledging these bids had mainly been destroyed internally. And yes, they do bring the dictatorship argument every single time. Even this time I've read several articles by leading journals stati
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