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  1. With Italy plus Spain or England (whoever doesn't go for the 2030 FIFA World Cup) in the mix, I honestly don't see Turkey having the slightest chance - yet again.
  2. These Olympics are less of a national and more of a regional project. Northern Italy and especially Lombardy are highly developed economies with stable publlic finances - they can easily pull this off without foreign interference. Especially since there is not that much to be built and spent on for these games, anyways. As for the double naming, I can follow the argument of the IOC laying focus on the regional approach. One must not forget, however, the amount of pride Italians have for their home towns and regions and also the history of how this project developped. Public and politicians in Veneto and Cortina have probably ensured at an early stage they get proper recognition and are not just listed as Milan's "little co-host".
  3. I am pretty sure that is what the IOC would love to do and what they probably have offered to Japan yet. If Sapporo and Japan want it, they can probably sign the deal by the time Beijing gets on. I do not, however, see any such thing as a "momentum" in Japan. The way Bach handled these Tokyo games, they will probably be happy not to be involved with anything Olympic for quite some time. And Bach will have to turn to North America for 2030.
  4. Crosswinds are somewhat of a problem at all ski jumps. It's just that nobody has ever had the will and financial prowess to get that perimeter wall.
  5. They should just have kept the flag out of the ceremony. That virtual flag was just cringe and cheap.
  6. Beautiful presentation of the Marseillaise, nice video, embarrassing falg, and even more embarrassing president in campaign mode.
  7. I really liked the national anthem. Does anybody know why Naruhito is not there himself?
  8. The way Tokyo 2020 has rolled out, I do not have high hopes for Sapporo to throw their hat in. 2030 will probably go to Salt Lake or Vancouver - whoever can be tied in earlier or easier. For 2036, Madrid or London seem like the obvious choices as of now. Seoul or Budapest will not have a decent shot unless both are off the table. I do not see the IOC look at 2036 before the last third of the decade. We all know Brisbane has predominantly been the works of Coates. With no such influential supporters on either side, there is no reason to rush a decision for 2036.
  9. Why are they going so slow? That worked so well in London and Rio.
  10. Everything thus far has seemed extremely underwhelming and cheap to me. Hoping this will improve.
  11. What's the thing with copying them as a whole, anyway? It'n not like there are no such inventions as hyperlinks these days.
  12. That said, I think there used to be an ignore function on this site, which I am not able to find atm. Does anybody know where it has gone? That would make these forums so much more readable.
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