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  1. Kim do notneed no stupid Game to glorify world leading superior tasting Juche republic. World already come to Kim! Don't see Dennis visit Angola or Kazakhstan! We are a touristic destination bar none! We have waterslide/s. Cannot guarantee water but CAN GUARANTEE BLOOD OF THE INFIDEL FALSE KOREA BELOW ME!!! Also work on Pyongyang Dizknee DPRK has begun - Also here is pop cultural reference so up to date it is blindingly obvious to you capitalist dogs! I AM ON A HORSE!!! Not unlike the negrosexualist gentleman in the ad for the smelling water. So up to date! So cutting edge!
  2. Your questioning me smacks of democratic posturing! I detest the stench of your self righteousness in the face of my all knowing omnipresence! Nonetheless I am prepared to offer you a good rack rate of US$500 a night at the Ryuyong. I presume you want the 'Death Camp' suite? In special deal you get to run the elevator! Like literally. On a treadmill. All the wild grass buffet you can eat! Free bark! Also issue special invite to cheese factory tour!
  3. You swine! I build new airport and you no care for such a grand design? We expect some 4 international flights per day! We are a hub! Lots of glorious national Juche inspired sun light beamed from the gaze of our eternal leader, grandfather! You will quiver with horror as my militaristic deity like patience runs out! I am the morning SUN! Look! Glass! OK so that is Beijing but artist render! As for projected famine - never fear! I have stockpiled for my well being and for those yet to be executed for treason! Your media fails! I am hearty! So anyway. You seen Jurassic World? May build one here.
  4. Dad just die. So sad. You politically illiterate political dwarf, we will resolutely smash your desperate war moves!

    1. DannyelBrazil


      I hope Satan could set a nice party to welcome him.

    2. KRATK


      My condolences

    3. Rob.


      It's your rittle throne now.

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