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  1. Kim do notneed no stupid Game to glorify world leading superior tasting Juche republic. World already come to Kim! Don't see Dennis visit Angola or Kazakhstan! We are a touristic destination bar none! We have waterslide/s. Cannot guarantee water but CAN GUARANTEE BLOOD OF THE INFIDEL FALSE KOREA BELOW ME!!! Also work on Pyongyang Dizknee DPRK has begun - Also here is pop cultural reference so up to date it is blindingly obvious to you capitalist dogs! I AM ON A HORSE!!! Not unlike the negrosexualist gentleman in the ad for the smelling water. So up to date! So cutting edge!
  2. Your questioning me smacks of democratic posturing! I detest the stench of your self righteousness in the face of my all knowing omnipresence! Nonetheless I am prepared to offer you a good rack rate of US$500 a night at the Ryuyong. I presume you want the 'Death Camp' suite? In special deal you get to run the elevator! Like literally. On a treadmill. All the wild grass buffet you can eat! Free bark! Also issue special invite to cheese factory tour!
  3. You swine! I build new airport and you no care for such a grand design? We expect some 4 international flights per day! We are a hub! Lots of glorious national Juche inspired sun light beamed from the gaze of our eternal leader, grandfather! You will quiver with horror as my militaristic deity like patience runs out! I am the morning SUN! Look! Glass! OK so that is Beijing but artist render! As for projected famine - never fear! I have stockpiled for my well being and for those yet to be executed for treason! Your media fails! I am hearty! So anyway. You seen Jurassic World?
  4. Wah! Why not glorious win of whirl cup by only real existing Korea not option? Wacist western scum!
  5. Satan! You half-baked aggressor! Such a provocation will be regarded as a declaration of war! Just found button marked "Nuke Seoul". Wonder what this do??
  6. Dad just die. So sad. You politically illiterate political dwarf, we will resolutely smash your desperate war moves!

    1. DannyelBrazil


      I hope Satan could set a nice party to welcome him.

    2. KRATK


      My condolences

    3. Rob.


      It's your rittle throne now.

  7. Dad! You must stay dead so holy major cool Juche thingy bestow upon me! Do not stop me from my mission Father - I will not put up with the mutterings of the dead! I will avenge your death on the false korea below me. Long live the one real Korea!
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