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  1. I think blue is better than red, and Japanese actually closer to the blue as their national color, than red... they are samurai blue.. not samurai red
  2. That because C is inspired by God of Thunder... try to google Raijin and you'll know what that "balls" are
  3. As i said in other thread... none of this really scream Japan nor Tokyo... but the most Japanese thing from 4 of them is A... so i pick for A
  4. From A to D, there is nothing that scream Japan nor Tokyo, B it's scream more to China than Japan, C it's look more India than Japan... D is like The Philippines than Japan....and A it's more like east european country than Japan... really what happen to Japan ???
  5. Sorry for my bad English, but what i mean is, after the 1st attack, the security level should be at the very maximum level, right ? My question is, how could the 2nd attack appear, when the security level at a very maximum level ?????
  6. RIP Brussels, but i really wonder with the security in Brussels, the length between 1st attack at airport and 2nd attack in subway around 97 minutes, how could that possible ? What did the security do there ? There are 90+ minutes interval ?@!#@$! after the 1st attack, the security should be more secure... I'm not boasting, but we in Indonesia, a country that categorize as 3rd world country, could prevent attacks like that, the 1st attack should be nullified ASAP, and after that the community should be work together to prevent 2nd attack... Really sad for Brussels, but you have to work better than that to face terrorist.
  7. Today another act of terrorism happen in this beautiful planet, Jakarta, the capital of Indoesia has been under attack from several terrorist linked to no other than the devill daesh, we Indonesian not afraid of that, we'll stay strong, no need for PrayForIndonesia thing, we are not afraid !! #KamiTidakTakut
  8. No, i haven't i like the Juki version... hahahah it's even better the original one,
  9. Yes it is, btw zigzag have u see the alternative mascott for Jakarta 2018? It's far better, goggle it
  10. Sorry i can't find it, but ut's really ugly, they try to make a komodo, but it looks like cicak...
  11. @Zigzag, sorry i mean the PON nascott in 90s era...it's really look very unprofesional... really this ASIAD 2018 won't be a success event, all if us seem just very reluctant to do it properly, especially in Jakarta....
  12. I don't like the nascott it's like a PON (national sport week) mascott, very low qualty
  13. http://m.juara.net/read/sport/lainnya/134104-maskot.asian.games.diluncurkan.persiapan.disegerakan Link to the mascott... a cendrawasih
  14. JAKARTA !!! i really want it... i want to see how's the gamedbidder picturing Jakarta !!! Thank you TNMP
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