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  1. The ultimate sponsorship story. How the Olympics created power through revenue creation from TOP sponsors. http://t.co/O6wGGSpF #olympicsbiz

  2. On the IOC attempting to extract a higher price for Games rights from BBC. http://t.co/rRv5s9Is

  3. Paul Barber, MLS's Vancouver Whitecaps CEO steps down (after horrible 1st season). No reason given. http://t.co/4XLSUPVs

    1. Rob.


      Oh, surprising, he did a pretty good job at Spurs...most didn't want him to leave.

  4. Chris Paul trade situation exposes NBA labor deal as not addressing any of the real issues. Franchise rules need to be addressed, not labor.

  5. I assume you are speaking about the Cities Summit? Held at the start of Feb to coincide with the 2nd anniversary of the Games in Vancouver? If you can share any details that would be appreciated. -AE
  6. A clip from the best show in sports, period, full stop. NBA Open Court. Trash Talkers - http://t.co/my4Jbjdj

  7. Ballparks and building community. Bob DuPuy working the politics of stadium developments. http://t.co/PbyOkHB1

  8. IOC and developer dream host for 2020 Olympics? Qatar and huge payday. http://t.co/4v4LKUlD

  9. Five Ring Circus by Christopher Shaw. Through the lens of an author who is clearly biased (and appears to have some personal anger towards the Olympic movement) the book critically examines how Vancouver got the 2010 Games and takes a look at the Olympics in general. If you can look past the emotions from the author and this a worthy read. Amazon Canada Link @Http://Twitter.com/AthleteEye
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