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  1. Work sucks! ARBEIT NERVT!!!!

  2. Buenos Aires seems a really nice city, i like the tango they are my choice.
  3. That is good, to see Zaragoza as a venue is a really nice city. I dindt new the logo will be unvieled on the 30th.
  4. Spending great days in Stuttgart with the family! :-)

  5. great, we have a ''neues freund'' from Japan wilkommen! I was expecting that Tokyo might use Miyagi for sailing, because it was harmed from the tsunami. or Sendai
  6. yes i live in Hamburg, but i am from Stuttgart. Really? cool! :D

  7. spraches du deutsch? interestant...

  8. new on Games Bids :)

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    2. cormiermax
    3. stark


      Vielen dank freunde ;)

    4. deawebo


      willkommen ich sprache auch deutsch, aber ein bischen.

  9. toronto has a great chance to become in 2024
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