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  1. 111 posts. Funny number LOL

  2. Can most of the venue be used for a potential Toronto 2024?
  3. Madrid's venue plan is more organized than in 2016.
  4. They don't have the required experience, that may be the problem.
  5. The last time the main stadium capacity was under 70,000 was probably Helsinki 1952
  6. Buenos Aires can host a very exciting event, is a new frontier for the YOG and even the Summer Olympucs itself. Must of the venues are in bad state, that is the problem. Nothing that some effort can fix, of course.
  7. The main problem aside from economical issues, is that many other European cities will host the games before Madrid, Rome; Paris; Berlin, just to name a few. Madrid is very strong technically talking about, that's the strenght.
  8. Indeed it can be like the Youth Olympics coverage! Maybe they can hold negociations with those federations to change the calendars.
  9. After taking a break of the forums, because of my marriage and new job in Hannover. I decided to return. Hope everybody enjoyed the holidays and a happy new year to everyone here.

    1. stark


      Nein, ich lebe in Hannover seit Dezember. Aber gehen zurück auf Pforzheim bis Februar. Halbschwabe, wo? Shön!

  10. Now it is official, European Games But I am afraid that without athletics, swimmimg and gymnastics a lot of people won't follow the games closely. Also International Media Coverage won't be too intrested.
  11. Rio's broadcat timming during the games will be hard, the OC, will take place at 2:00 am. aprox. here in Germany.
  12. A lot like Kyiv Olympic Stadium colors, but I like it
  13. Nobody expected that outcome, specially since Russia played very good their first match
  14. It's the truth, I agree that he 3 favourites played like tired. Russia and Croatia can be the surprises
  15. They will improve their offence their upcoming matches, in will also like to see Klose playing more time, he's a better sticker than Gomez
  16. Russia winning 2-1 great match
  17. My lasts posts as "sinlge". Getting married soon :)

    1. Citius Altius Fortius

      Citius Altius Fortius

      Heiratest Du am Wochenende?

    2. stark


      Nein, ich werde am nächsten Samstag!

  18. Poland is winning those are good news for the hosts! Second half beginssss!
  19. I really liked the Opening Ceremony! The Warsaw stadium looked gorgeous! Germany my favourite! DEUTSCHLAND ÜBER ALLES
  20. Spending good vacations in Miami :-)

    1. deawebo


      You must visit South Beach!!

    2. intoronto


      Olympic worthy city?

  21. I have a problem uploading my logo, i guess is because is .psd format
  22. new logo! Tel-Aviv 2024 ;-) check it on my profile

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