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  1. However, we all know there will be extremely positive things coming out of Aubut's mouth now since he wants this to happen.
  2. Marcel Aubut was apart of creating Agenda 2020? Didn't know that! Well atleast we know that if we do bid, that a Winter Olympic bid won't go on at the same time like Vancouver. Great news Yes supposedly! Speaking with CP24 on Tuesday afternoon, Canadian Olympic President Marcel Aubut said he is nonetheless confident that the city can follow the path of Rio de Janeiro and use a strong Pan American Games as a launching pad for a successful Olympic bid. The final cost of the Pan Am Games have yet to be released, however Aubut predicted that they will be a success financially. “I just arrived from Malaysia for the general assembly of the IOC and everybody was talking about the success of the Pan Am Games. It’s a huge card we have to play,” he said. “We could win this.” Aubut, who has previously promised to throw the full power of his office behind a Toronto bid, added that he is “convinced” that changes to IOC rules will make hosting the games more affordable. Among other changes, the IOC has shortened the bidding period and removed some of the restrictions on candidate cities to make the process more accessible. “This is a moment where you can dream about having a huge profit on the operation and not spend unnecessarily,” Aubut said.
  3. Also I wanted to note that the website domain toronto-2024.com has been registered. It's obviously not live yet.
  4. The private sector financing of the bid is a critical factor. From what I hear Tory is working hard to secure that. This will delay the council vote as they will have the bid already financed and the Bid committee up and running.
  5. I was watching the news and it was said that it's imminent that John Tory will sign off on a 2024 Olympic bid after the meeting he had yesterday.
  6. Berlin would have been a stronger contender. Regardless, at the end of the day, Paris is the cream of the crop out of the European cities.
  7. Toronto will bid. Just waiting for formal applications http://sports.yahoo.com/news/toronto-bid-2024-olympics-joins-5-others-121438442--spt.html
  8. Mayor: Pan Am host Toronto to decide 'very quickly' on 2024 Olympic bid; 5 cities already in By STEPHEN WADE AP Sports Writer July 23, 2015 - 6:25 pm EDT AAA TORONTO — Toronto Mayor John Tory says Canada's largest city will make a decision "very quickly" whether to bid for the 2024 Olympics. Tory did nothing to quash speculation that Toronto will bid and use the ongoing Pan American Games as a springboard, in an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday. Five cities have already said they will bid: Boston; Budapest, Hungary; Hamburg, Germany; Paris; Rome. "We have to sit down right after these games and prepare every bit of analysis — on the finances, on the benefits to the city, on the amount of publicity it will give us," Tory said. Canada has spent about $2.5 billion Canadian ($2 billion) to organize the Pan Am Games — the most expensive in history — and has several Olympic-style venues in place. It has spent 10 times more than Winnipeg did to organize the 1999 Pan Am Games. Toronto is facing a tight deadline. Candidates must make an official bid with the International Olympic Committee by Sept. 15. "We don't have any choice but to get it done very quickly." Tory said. Toronto has failed twice with recent Olympic bids. It lost out to Atlanta for the 1996 Games, and to Beijing for 2008. Also etched in the country's memory are the 1976 Montreal Games, which ran up a $1.5 billion debt that took the city 30 years to pay off. "I'll be honest. I don't want to be the mayor that presides over some kind of modern-day record for bidding and losing," Tory said. "We want to make a decision — to do it or not — and then campaign our little hearts out, and campaign to win." Marcel Aubut, the president of the Canadian Olympic Committee, has said Toronto should consider bidding. Athletes race in the during the women's 200 meters competition at the Pan Am Games, Thursday, July 23, 2015, in Toronto. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez) "My view is this country should look at the Summer Games as a priority, and there's not any other city in the country other than Toronto that could offer the site to do this," Aubut told the Toronto Star in a recent interview. The COC declined a request to interview Aubut, although he is expected to speak on Sunday, the final day of the Pan Am Games. Tory said he spoke with IOC President Thomas Bach at the Pan Am opening ceremony. Bach has pushed recently to cut Olympic costs, embarrassed that Russian spent $51 billion organizing the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. "He (Bach) told me they are not going to be seeking out anymore the biggest and boldest and most expensive bids," Tory said. Saad Rafi, the CEO of the Pan Am Games, called many of the venues "Olympic standard," though he said some were smaller than needed for the Olympics. "Some of the swimmers have said to me that the pool is as good as any Olympic facility they've been to, including Beijing or London," Rafi told The AP. Public support in Toronto is hard to gauge. Costs have been criticized, 90 percent of which are picked up by the government. About $55 million Canadian ($42 million) has been spent on a velodrome. An athletes' village cost $700 million Canadian ($540 million) and will be turned into condominiums, apartments, and student housing. The IOC binds host countries to pick up any cost overruns. "Opinions are divided," Tory said. "I would say there are more people here in favor of these kinds of international events than opposed." Toronto's interest comes as Boston is struggling to gain traction with public support below 50 percent. "I know enough about the IOC and its Papal-like selection process — the puff of white smoke emerges but you're never quite sure about the factors," Tory said. "If Toronto's in this contest, then I guess it will be helpful not to have another North American entry."
  9. Toronto Olympic bid? John Tory says city to decide 'very quickly' on 2024 Games Five cities have already expressed interest in hosting the mega-eventThe Associated Press Posted: Jul 23, 2015 5:21 PM ET Last Updated: Jul 23, 2015 5:21 PM ET Toronto Mayor John Tory has done little to quash speculation that the city will put forward a bid for the 2024 Olympics. (Al Bello/Getty) 11 shares Facebook Twitter Reddit Google Share Email Related Stories Toronto 2024 Olympic bid would put city in competitive field Kanye West's Pan Am Games gig shows Toronto dreaming big Toronto Olympic bid talk should wait until after Pan Am Games, John Tory says Toronto Mayor John Tory says Canada's largest city will make a decision "very quickly" whether to bid for the 2024 Olympics. In an interview with The Associated Press on Thursday, Tory did nothing to quash speculation that Toronto will bid and use the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games as a springboard. Toronto 2024 Olympic bid would put city in competitive field Tory previously said, however, that the city would wait until after the Pan Am Games to decide. Five cities have already said they will bid: Boston; Budapest, Hungary; Hamburg, Germany; Paris; Rome. Tory says: "We have to sit down right after these games and prepare every bit of analysis — on the finances, on the benefits to the city, on the amount of publicity it will give us from the point of tourism." Toronto has failed twice with recent Olympic bids, losing out to Atlanta for the 1996 Games, and Beijing for 2008. Cities looking to host the 2024 Summer Olympics have until Sept. 15 to submit a letter of application to the International Olympic Committee. The winning city will be chosen in the summer of 2017. With files from CBC News and The Canadian Press © The Associated Press, 2015 Toronto 2024 Olympic bid would put city in competitive field Bidding cities so far are Paris, Rome, Budapest, Hamburg and BostonCBC News Posted: Jul 22, 2015 5:23 PM ET Last Updated: Jul 22, 2015 5:23 PM ET At least five cities are interested in bidding for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Toronto Mayor John Tory said Wednesday the possibility of a bid would be considered after the Pan Am Games end this summer. A Boston group trying to land the Olympics released this architect's rendering on June 29 showing a proposed Olympic stadium. The group says its $4.6-billion US plan would create jobs and housing, expand the tax base and leave behind an improved city with a $210-million surplus. (Elkus Manfredi Architects for Boston 2024/AP) 1 of 5 Is Toronto poised to host Olympics? 1:01 0 shares Facebook Twitter Reddit Google Share Email Related Stories Toronto Olympic bid talk should wait until after Pan Am Games, John Tory says Pan Am Games could boost a Toronto Olympic bid, IOC president says Toronto should bid for Olympics again: Marcel Aubut If Toronto wants to throw its hat into the ring to host the 2024 Olympic Summer Games, it faces a Europe-heavy competitive field with the deadline to bid fast approaching. The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) said in 2013 that it would back a Toronto 2024 bid, but despite hosting the 2015 Pan Am Games, which many view as a dress rehearsal for an Olympic bid, no such bid has been announced. Rio de Janeiro used the game plan to great success hosting the 2007 Pan Am Games before landing the 2016 Summer Olympics. VIDEO | Pan Am Games could boost a Toronto Olympic bid, IOC president says Marcel Aubut: Toronto should bid for Olympics again Will Toronto bid for the 2024 Olympics? "There is no doubt, no doubt that what the country needs most is a Summer Olympic Games," COC chief Marcel Aubut told Reuters. "Toronto is going to deliver a great 2015 Pan Am Games and it should be the first step in going higher for the Olympics like Brazil did." The IOC will announce the candidate cities that have made it to the shortlist in 2016, before the vote of the host city in summer 2017. The five contenders to date are Paris, Rome, Budapest, Hamburg and Boston, which have either submitted a bid or announced their intention to do so. The bidding deadline is Sept. 15. Controversial Boston bidThe bid from Boston, the only contender from North America, has stirred up the most controversy. Boston has been the most contentious choice for 2024 Olympics host city as residents are hesitant to spend public funds on the Games. (Charles Krupa/Associated Press) The U.S. Olympic Committee in January passed up bigger cities including Los Angeles and Washington to pick Boston as the nation's bidder for the 2024 Summer Games but its choice immediately came under fire by city residents and elected officials who worried taxpayers would be left to foot much of the proposed $9.5 billion US cost of the event. The cost of hosting the Games has soared in recent years, with Russia spending $51 billion on the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi. Members of the International Olympic Committee have played up their new "Agenda 2020" approach as calling for a less expensive model that relies on existing infrastructure to keep costs down. The IOC had seen Boston's bid, which relies on sport facilities that already exist at the city's many universities, as a model of a lower-cost option. Rome would be 'Olympics of all Italy'While Boston's bid prides itself on how compact the events would be geographically — 23 venues within an 8.3-kilometre radius — Rome is touting the opposite. "The Rome Games will not simply be an Olympics of the capital, but the Olympics of all Italy," said Italian Olympic Committee president Luca di Montezemolo. "Venues will not be restricted to the city limits, but spread across the nation." Budapest touts itself as economical choiceIn the Hungarian Olympic Committee's bid announcement, Budapest was hyped as an option that will cut organizational costs and be the economical choice. It would be the city's first time hosting the Olympics. "We also welcome that the IOC is orienting itself to a more economical and sustainable organization of the Olympic Games, by that breaking the monopoly of the largest and wealthiest countries as hosts," Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlos and Zsolt Borkai, head of Hungary's Olympic agency, said in a statement. Paris last hosted in 1924The Paris Games would be an Olympic centennial for the city, which last hosted in 1924. Young athletes pose during a gathering as part of the official launch for the Paris bid for the 2024 Olympics. (Miguel Medina/AFP/Getty Images) The bid team from Paris is led by athletes and sports officials rather than politicians, believing it has found a winning formula after a string of stinging defeats. Paris was considered the favourite in the race for the 2012 Olympics, only to lose out to London in a close vote. Paris also failed in bids for the 1992 and 2008 Games. Hamburg's green GamesHamburg is focusing on a green Games. "We can and want to be a role model for a new Olympic and Paralympic concept of the future," said German Olympic committee president Alfons Hoermann. Hamburg's concept involves the Games being held in the Kleiner Grasbrook area, technically an island but only a 10-minute walk from the city centre. The plan is to have every venue accessible on foot or by bicycle in a compact inner-city concept. The concept also includes the opening ceremony held in the city and the water rather than in the Olympic stadium. Germany last hosted the Summer Games in 1972 while Berlin and Leipzig had failed attempts in past years. Munich also failed in its effort to host the 2018 Winter Olympics.
  10. Public support is rising. Newstalk 1010 interviewed Torontonians and majority are in favour. The video is on the website. WATCH: Pan Am Games chair wants to see the city bid on 2024 Olympics David Peterson says Toronto is ready Posted on 7/23/2015 by Hayley Cooper, Russ Courtney Should the City of Toronto bid on the 2014 Olympics? The chair of the Pan Am Games says "Yes!" David Peterson says things could not have gone any better with the games over the past two weeks, thanks to the collective effort of tens of thousands of people. "There's a lot of pressure. People who weren't too sure about this enterprise two months or a month ago are wildly enthusiastic. We've proven to the world we can do it. A lot of our foreign guests are dazzled by Toronto." He says those guests are encouraging Toronto to go for it. Peterson adds a preliminary, not a final, decision has to be made by mid-September. He fully believes political, sports, and private sector leaders will push for it. - See more at: http://www.newstalk1010.com/news/2015/07/23/watch-pan-am-games-chair-wants-to-see-the-city-bid-on-2024-olympics#sthash.bKzqluAM.dpuf
  11. GBModerator, do you agree with me that a decision has already been made? Do you also have some inside on this that you'd be willing to share?
  12. Let's not beat around the bush here. The city already has made its decision, it just won't be formally announced until the ParaPan Am games are complete. The games are a big success and public support at its most positive state which means the Olympic bid will be getting the green light. COC support - check, Mayor support - check, Ontario Premier support- check, Prime Minister support - To be determined but most likely a CHECK since this is an election year and Toronto, and Ontario will be the battle ground for the Conservatives if they want to win election.
  13. John Tory - "An Olympic bid is still on the table"
  14. I had to translate this from French. http://ici.radio-canada.ca/regions/ontario/2015/07/22/001-olympiques-2024-candidature-toronto-conseillers-municipaux-divisions.shtml Olympic bid: Toronto is divided Updated 17 minutes ago 22 shares Share 1 Downtown Toronto Downtown Toronto Photo: Rebecca Blackwell While Toronto has until mid-September to present his candidacy for the Olympic Games 2024, it is unclear if a majority of councilors would support such a project. A text Michel BolducTwitterCourriel The President of the Canadian Olympic Committee, Marcel Aubut, said the ball was in the City camp. For his part, President of the Organizing Committee of the Pan American Games, David Peterson thinks Toronto could use the Panam as a springboard to the Olympics. However, many councilors oppose the idea or have doubts. Radio-Canada surveyed 44 Toronto aldermen. Of the 20 respondents, nine were in favor of an Olympic bid, 5 against, and 6 undecided. "[The Olympics] bring a lot of infrastructure, but in the end, we're stuck with the bill. Montreal is still paying for the 1976 Games " - Jim Karygiannis, Councillor For his part, Councillor Michael Thompson thinks that there is not enough time to study the matter before mid-September, but that "the possibility exists for other Olympics." Toronto Mayor John Tory accompanied by a torchbearer of Panam (archives). Toronto Mayor John Tory says the city is "alive" thanks to Panam. Photo: PC / Nathan Denette Her colleague Shelley Carroll says she, rather than Toronto should continue to study the feasibility of a bid for the 2025 Universal Exposition. The mayor remains vague For his part, Mayor John Tory refuses to comment before the end of panam Sunday Games, saying it would be "speculative." But it does not close the door. "I saw a great success of Pan Am Games. After [the Panam], it will be time to consider the possibilities. " - John Tory, Toronto Mayor His Deputy Mayor Denzil Minnan-Wong, he does not hide his intentions. "I would be in favor of [Olympic] candidature, if adequate funding is in place," he said. An application could cost $ 50 million. Moreover, Toronto should get support from provincial and federal governments. Nevertheless, the deputy mayor said that the International Olympic Committee has relaxed its rules to make them more affordable OJ, for facilities, among others. According to him, the Canadian metropolis could form partnerships with other cities, as is the case for Panam, whose events take place around the Toronto and Hamilton areas. Opponents Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, also covets the Olympics in 2024. The mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, also covets the Olympics in 2024. Photo: AP / Elise Amendola Paris, Boston, Rome, Hamburg and Budapest are already vying for 2024. However, according to many observers, the economic situation is good for Toronto, because the previous Summer Olympic Games in 2020 will take place in Tokyo, Japan. The tradition of alternating between the east and west of the world therefore would ensure that it would be in America's turn to host the Olympics in 2024. Moreover, the application Boston was criticized for its lack of detail, particularly. That said, it remains to see if Toronto could do better in a month and a half. The former Ontario Minister David Peterson believes that Toronto "has a chance." He added several members of the Olympic Committee prompted him to file a candidacy. For its part, the Canadian Olympic Committee refused to comment before the end of Panam.
  15. Mayor Tory and Premier Wynee will be having meetings today about TO24. Shits getting serious Toronto Mayor John Tory and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne will speak to reporters after a meeting this morning at Queen's Park.CBC.ca will live stream their appearance, which is expected to start at around 9:30 a.m. ET. The news conference comes as Toronto hosts the Pan Am Games and speculation about the city's potential bid for the 2024 Olympic Summer Games is amping up.
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