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  1. I was back... to see if things changed here ! This is worst than before.. So I'm leaving again ! BYE, BYE everybody

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    2. thatsnotmypuppy


      Bye! Berne 2010 was robbed!

    3. Rob.


      A shame that Tulsa turned up again at the same time you came back. Hadn't seen him here for a while before that.

    4. deawebo


      I'm back too SwissO... see ya.

  2. OMG.... i will not waste time to comment and try to convince you. It will take me years to comment each of the non sense you wrote in every lines... I will just say 2 things. - Actually cities doesn't want to host the Games, because they do not need the Games.... And they are just interested in their present blessing their past and not focusing on their future ! - I know very well Annecy and its bid ! And you are actually behaving like the ones that were against the 2018 bid and are part of the defeat... By the way... I'm also French... and I'm not working
  3. This is pathetic... you are dealing with things you don't know ... but don't know at all ! I attended the last 5 Winter Olympics, 3 Winter Paralympics (yes, I went twice to Sochi, Vancouver & Torino!), the last 3 Summer Olympics (and also the London Paralympics)... plus the 2 first editions of the YOG ;-) And the sport business is by daily business... so what I saw in Sochi in term on planning of their legacy is pretty well adressed... and I could guarantee you that this Olympic Park will be oftenly used for sport events, fairs, congress and also with their new theme park in addition to
  4. Updated schedule : http://mat1.gtimg.com/nanjing2014/attachment/Appendix28.2CompetitionScheduleV2.726Feb.2014.pdf
  5. Except that there is no proof that those pics have been taken only a few days after the Paralympics.... From my pov, those pics are from month before the Games... there is no was than in two weeks all the look and feel has been taken down.... And following the Games there is always month without people around venues, exept workers... as you need month to dismantle everything and reconfigure venues... The legacy of Sochi is actually pretty good... They already organized an intenational event in one the venue (fed cup)... they will have a F1 race every year... they will have the FIFA World Cu
  6. I will attend the Nanjing 2014 YOG... Is there a detailed schedule of the events somewhere ???
  7. Sure the IOC will love that one... http://www.liberation.fr/societe/2014/04/28/sondage-les-francais-prefereraient-une-exposition-universelle-plutot-que-des-jo_1006692 84% of the French would like to see Paris bidding for the 2025 Expo... 36% of the French would prefer an Expo bid instead of an Olympic Bid (against 18% preferring the opposite !)
  8. There is a Paris 2012 bid book here : http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/141243876652
  9. New sport minister in France http://www.insidethegames.biz/olympics/summer-olympics/2024/1019232-belkacem-vallaud-named-new-french-sports-minister-and-set-for-key-role-in-paris-2024-bid This is not a good move for a Paris 2024 bid....
  10. None of the fundings are confirmed, agreed or guaranteed by the Norwegian Government.... So everything could stop by the end of the year if they did not get the financial support.... Rome 2020 bis repetita !!!
  11. No news from the others ? Almaty ? Beijing ? Lviv ? ....
  12. This was an online poll, so with no real statistics process... A few days before L'Equipe & IPSOS made a real poll which only gave 51.9% in favor of a Paris 2024 bid !
  13. :-° I should not write post in the middle of the night when i did not manage to sleep ;-)
  14. France Television (on France2) TV Coverage will start on February 7th at 4:35pm CET. The TV coverage is "more than 200 jours" ;-) Regarding the comparison of the number of hours, not fair to count the same program that could be broadcast in different languages or different numeric/thematics networks as a coverage from a single network.
  15. Schedule : http://static1.ozap.com/articles/programme/calendrierjo.pdf
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