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  1. Swedish King and American Secretary of Transport, Ray LaHood were in Spain this year to see the high-speed train between Madrid and Barcelona and take ideas for their countries. By 2010 the biggest cities in Spain will be connected all with Madrid by high-speed train (Barcelona, Seville, Malaga, Valladolis and Zaragoza are already connected, and Bilbao, Valencia and Galicia will be connected next year)
  2. SPAIN WAS ROBBED IN 49er!!! The Danish have competed with the Croatian boat after they destroyed their own boat, so Spain has complained to the referees. Decision tomorrow.
  3. I think it will be difficult to get more than 22 medals outside Europe. Maybe 20 medal (including 6 gold).
  4. And Armenia deserved their 8th place?
  5. My favourite songs of 2007: AND- Let's save the word AUT- Get a life, get alive BEL- Love power CYP- Comme ci, comme ça DEN- Drama queen ESP- I love you mi vida FIN- Leave me alone FRA- L'amour à la française GER- Frauen Regier'n Die Welt GRE- Yassou Maria ICE- Valentine Lost IRE- They can't stop the spring MAL- Vertigo NED- On top of the world NOR- Ven a bailar conmigo POR- Dança comigo SWI- Vampires are alive SWE- The Worrying Kind UK- Flying the flag (for you) GO WESTERN EUROPE!!
  6. The same for the Spanish broadcaster. They vote themshelves, they pay the show, easy and clear... They're robbing us, bitting the hand that gives them the food.
  7. Tonight I will only vote for Western European countries (the few that are in the final). This farce of televoting should finisht next year with 2 semifinals, one of Western European countries and the other one for Eastern European countries. 5 and 5 from each one should qualify. There are rumours that Norway and Denmark could leave the contest next year.
  8. When Monaco won in 1971, they couldn't host next year, so the BBC hosted it in 1972. If Andorra wins, maybe the EBU selects a tv to host it like in the JESC, and TVE don't want to host it, so we won't see Barcelona 2008 if Andorra wins...
  9. Very good sensations from... Cyprus rehearsal Georgia rehearsal Estonia rehearsal Bulgaria rehearsal Moldova rehearsal Switzerland rehearsal Netherlands rehearsal
  10. In many website are talking about the good rehearsals of Belarus. Definitely, one of the favourites to win along with Switzerland. Belarus rehearsal
  11. It represents a Finnish fish they use to create a typical instrument of Finland. I think it's called kurikala or something like that.
  12. Presentation of Barcelona and beginning of the ceremony
  13. The Austrian entry won't do well
  14. I'm praying for they to return, they're one of my favourite countries of Eurovision, but I think it won't happen anytime soon. There are also rumours about a possible enter of San Marino and Palestine.
  15. My favourite Eurovision years are 2003 and 2005, being Sertab's 'Everyway that I can' my favourite Eurovision entry ever. I've read that next year there will be 2 semifinals and only the winner of this years contest and the Big 4 will be in the final (in case of a Big 4 victory, the best qualified of the non-Big 4 countries). Each semifinal will have an undetermined number of countries, and the 10 best qualified of each semifinal will pass to the final. Next year we will see the debut of Azerbaijan, a more than possible return of Slovakia and a possible return of Monaco and Luxembourg. Maki
  16. My results: 1. Cyprus (256) 2. Serbia (212) 3. Macedonia (206) 4. Bosnia Herzegovina (193) 5. Netherlands (183) 6. Slovenia (174) 7. Moldova (150) 8. Belarus (128) 9. Armenia (125) 10. Greece (114) 11. Denmark (105) 12. Estonia (95) 13. Switzerland (85) 14. Spain (80) 15. United Kingdom (64) 16. Ireland (63) 17. Russia (55) 18. Ukraine (48) 19. Finland (36) 20. Romania (26) 21. Germany (12) 22. Sweden (10) 23. Lithuania (9) 24. France (7) And the semifinal: 1. Cyprus (257) 2. Netherlands (227) 3. Moldova (207) 4. Serbia (207) 5. Estonia (169) 6. Macedonia (168)
  17. You can download the song from this website: The 42 songs of this year
  18. 2004- Xandee- BELGIUM 2005- Helena Paparizou- GREECE (Final winner of the real ESC!) 2006- Christine Guldbransen- NORWAY
  19. NICOSIA 2008--- Cyprus BELGRADE 2008--- Serbia SOFIA 2008--- Bulgaria LJUBLJANA 2008--- Slovenia MADRID 2008--- Spain CHISINAU 2008--- Moldavia TBILISI 2008--- Georgia ZURICH 2008--- Switzerland MINSK 2008--- Belarus
  20. I think the top 5 will be: 1. SERBIA 2. CYPRUS 3. SPAIN 4. SWITZERLAND 5. MALTA
  21. The Ukranian song is pure rubbish... The 2007 festivall will be named FREAKYVISION 2007 after all those horrible songs... Romania... Bulgaria... Ukraine... Czech Republic... Israel... Poland... France... And horrible but not freak songs like Albania, Montenegro, Lithuania, Sweden or Croatia... I think the winner song will be from the Mediterrenean (Serbia, Spain, Slovenia, Malta, Cyprus...)
  22. What do you think about the Spanish entry?
  23. My favourites so far are Serbia, Cyprus, Spain, Slovenia and Belarus in no particular order. The other 5 countries of my top 10 are: FYR Macedonia, Malta, Georgia, Greece and Switzerland. At least this year the Balkans will give points to each other with good songs! As well as Greece-Cyprus or Andorra-Spain
  24. The Big 4 will rank highest than in the last 4 years
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