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  1. 2018

    Lima 2019

    you can see some of the branding on the left.
  2. Guadalajara 2011 was the last one to play the Olympic anthem, while Toronto 2015 did raise the flag but no anthem.
  3. Brisbane would be a huge let down for the Summer Olympics. Shanghai, Istanbul, Toronto etc. all waiting as well in the background...
  4. 2018

    Lima 2019

  5. 2018

    Lima 2019

    I disagree. I think Lima's oc will be good...
  6. 2018

    Lima 2019

    https://diariocorreo.pe/deportes/invierten-23-millones-de-dolares-en-las-ceremonias-de-los-juegos-panamericanos-y-parapanamericanos-887050/ #23 million for 4 ceremonies.
  7. 2018

    Preliminaries vs Finals

    It really depends on the sport/what you are looking for. I was in Korea for the Winter Olympics, the finals are definitely worth it!
  8. Please rank the Pan Am Opening ceremonies!
  9. 2018

    Toronto 2015

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NmEBxARZKY This was the first song with the dancers at the opening ceremony
  10. 2018

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    Yours posts are so full of sh*t. Seriously do some research before posting.
  11. 2018

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    Commonwealth Games Canada @cgc_jcc 2m2 minutes ago Recently @cgc_jcc, and @thecgf held a Briefing with 14 municipalities and 6 provincial govt's about Commonwealth Games bidding. The goal is to select Canada's Bid City to host the 2030 or 2026 Commonwealth Games by summer 2020.
  12. Its common sense really... Latvia is closer then Lillehammer.
  13. Turin 2006 did not have a slopestyle competition
  14. Commonwealth Games Canada has already stated its intention for bidding only for 2030.
  15. 2018

    2030 Commonwealth Games

    Behind the scenes has Toronto being actively lobbied into placing a bid. Hamilton would likely get a sport or two as well.