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  1. Clarify: bstebbs reminded me of the event. RIP Rob Roggy when he fell and hit his head @ Houston event. Our community in NJ really rallied around the tragedy. I met my wife as a result of participating and helping community leaders and Shore T&F enthusiasts to organize the Roggy Memorial Track meet and Scholarship fund. T&F lifestyle really defined my young adult years. Marching in Indy, local interest, Bob Hope, celebrations - Sports Festival helped to energize USA track.
  2. Was in the '82 sports fest in Indy. I was on the PV runway when Lewis fouled on 30' jump and the crowd roared. What a thrill! Competed for US East (16-8). Was in Colorado Springs in '83. Glad that women PV revived interest in that event; T&F needs a boost in the US. Newbie reminded me of hanging out with Stones on the Hi Jump pits, and the Lewis controversy. Great event. Sadly, we lost a hometown boy in Houston in '86
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