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  1. I received your E-mail and sent you a reply. Hope to come into contact with you! Hardly anyone to find with a collection of results....
  2. https://issuu.com/thatsnotmypuppy this website contains a lot of Olympic bid books....
  3. Anybody a copy of the official report available?
  4. Reviving this old topic: I am still searching for reports on African Games, Pan American Games, Asian Games, South American Games and Mediteranean Games. Still a struggle to find anything older than a few years. any thoughts?
  5. Really sad that the Dutch government withdrew their financial support for these Games. Seems to be getting harder to facilitate any Games. Number of bidders are dropping and organizers are struggling....many Games bigger and smaller are moved, postponed or cancelled.
  6. I did receive the rsults from them. I did not pay for it but I provided them with several historical results from my private database. My database contains reults from most of the international multi sport events....
  7. You already contacted them to digitalize the books? Some years ago I visited the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Also interesting, but no report on the "smaller" Games. There should be a place, where they collect all this data. In Holland a company called Infostrada Sports is also specialized in sportsdata and they also have a huge collection of sports statistical data. I am going to give it another try with them. They provided the results-system at the Doha 2006 Asian Games.
  8. Thanks, interesting. Are you going to visit tehran soon then make an extra copy for me
  9. Please do sent me the list.....in 1988 I received the official report of the 1988 olympic games from the Korean olympic committee but they did not have the official report of the 1986 Asian Games. Also reports of other multi sport events are hard to find....pan american games, african games etc.
  10. Seems to me you already did something to find those books. I even wonder if they exist or (even worse) still exist. A few years ago I only managed to get all PDF-files with results from Doha 2006.
  11. Nice discussion...little bit of topic, I believe. For the record: I have the same question and already tried several times to contact the Asian Olympic council, but no reply. Also no reply from the Chinese olympic committee, regarding the 2010 Asian Games. Still trying.
  12. I am looking for footage of the Mediterranean Games, esspecially 1997 & 1993. Anyone found sometinhg interesting?
  13. Does anybody know about the official report and/or an official film of Beijing 2008?
  14. For the time being I use: http://sports.yahoo.com/olympics/beijing;_...DfVpYPcSBGOaJh4 Or the websites of the international sport federations offer complete schedules or lists with participants.
  15. What a terrible website....Still no official list with participants or complete schedule. Well, perhaps they are working on it. Still 5 days to go.
  16. Finally, the Netherlands qualified for Beijing!!! I think this team can reach the quarterfinals. We took part in 1952 in Helsinki and after that never again..... Can anybody tell me why the qualification-rules are so different for England in soccer. I think when England qualifies with fieldhockey they can compete as Great Britain and in hockey also Scotland and Wales compete at "high" level......
  17. I would say that European Games (just as Asian Games and Pan American Games) are much more interesting. Also it is a good event for "smaller" European cities, such as Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Stockholm and Warsaw to organise.
  18. Indeed: I got this one, after a long (very long) search. My advise: keep searching (especially E-bay) and some will pop up. I bought mine in the USA (Atlanta - funny coincidence) and the total package was very heavy. Not cheap: but definitely worth every euro!!
  19. I finally got the Official reprt of Athens 2004. It really exists!!! Beautiful report, with extensive results (photos etc) on CD-rom. The best one I have (in comparison to Atlanta and Barcelona). Of course the older ones (Munich, Montreal and Mexico City) cannot be compared to reports of the recent years. Sydney 2000 is underway. I am very curious if the report can match the quality of the Games.
  20. I am (still) looking for the official report of Athens 2004. Anybody knows something? No replies from Greek Olympic committee, Greek organisation committee or the publisher......
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