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  1. I didn't like what I'd done to my winter games logo, so I redesigned it. Also, I would've given the LA skyline to them!
  2. That mascots reminds me of the Port Moresby 2015 Pacific Games mascot for some reason.
  3. Pictographs are done! And the official* poster... I'll put in a Winter City as well... Don't blame me, dual cities were legalized at the 127th Session! The logo is supposed to spell out "ΛΔ" (Los angeles Denver) but also "ΛA" (LA). Greek, and not of the ruinous kind! (You'll get the motto more if you've watched Team America)
  4. I would vote A since that is the most fleshed out currently and the most recognizable, therefore the marketable. Bucharest sounds more like a winter city, ripe for someone to take it. Meanwhile, some more branding of some activities that form part of the Manila 2028 experience... The flame festival is just a normal end of day pit stop festival for the torch relay, but the this can be based on the London 2012 Paralympic torch relay, where the flames are lit in several towns and then all of them converge on Manila. I'd do some story about how the relay wasn't coming to Mindanao, with terrorists, a land mine, and an imam reciting the Quran... to trance music. I don't know where to begin, so I won't. (Also, I nicked the 'flame' from somewhere else...) "Chosen" is the 'legacy' program of Manila 2028, based the National Anthem, "Chosen Land". That is also the inspiration for one of the mottos of Manila 2028... "The New Anthem" "Beloved Sports" "A New Start" "My Island Home" This was only so I could make me a signature.
  5. Once upon a time, in an imaginary future, "during the 134th IOC session in 2021, newly elected IOC president Sebastian Coe has revealed that the games of the 34th Summer Olympics will go to Manila, in the Philippines. The thought of such an outcome would've been a shock a year before the vote, but the events that have transpired since, such as Melbourne pulling out due to a huge public outcry partially leading to the traditional Australian back stab of the state premier, to concerns about Mumbai's ability to host when the 'toxic' legacy of the 2010 New Delhi Commonwealth games was brought up, lead to a majority vote for the favorite Philippine capital during the second round, also beating out an historic first joint summer bid from Pretoria-Johannesburg in South Africa and Mexico City, who had previously hosted the games in 1968. Already, huge questions are being asked about Manila's readiness to prepare for the games, which they have 7 years to do, and the risk to the $US10 billion budget already being blown open when there is a growing lower class. Bid leader Manny Paquiao addressed these concerns in a press conference after the vote by saying that 'we would have begun work if we didn't win anyway' and would not have bid if 'we didn't believe it would bring an indefinite change to my people', adding that 'your concerns are my concerns'." Enough about the story, let's talk about the logo! I incorporated the Philippines flag into the Olympic rings showing how, through it's past, present, and future, it was, is and will always be an Olympic city. For the Paralympic logo (even though I don't believe that one is eligible), I mixed up the Olympic logo to represent a wheelchair racer. The green stars complete the eight rays of sunshine, but also leaves a trail "to be continued": not only for those left behind, but for those to travel forward on, cue "Legacy". The "Sun" is the key to the look of the games ala Wolf Olins' London 2012 (and there should be no Tokyo 2020 logo plagiarism conundrums in sight), I'll try to do that later, there may even be a mascot (no promises), but for a taster... This is my first time logo entry. I might not do a winter games logo (If I did, it would be for Los Angeles, heh). For a bonus, I've also done a DOG mock up, but I've messed it up. I've wanted to put the timer in the 4:3 frame, but I needed to put it more to the right.
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazil_at_the_Olympics Looking here, it would seem they're the mascots of important games for Brazil, The first mutil-gold winning games for Brazil at the Olympics (Moscow 1980) The most sucessful games in gold won at the Olympics (Athens 2004) The most sucessful games in medals won at the Paralympics (Beijing 2008) The most sucessful games in medals won at the Olympics, and the most gold at the Paralympics (London 2012) I would believe the choices are based on statistics, not politics. On another note, the IOC rarely "reanimates" mascots for events after the games. If memory serves me right, The last (and only?) time an Olympic mascot came out of retirement was Cobi for the Barcelona leg of the Beijing 2008 torch relay. So for them to send one, let alone three, mascots for a welcome wagon to the newest incarnation is pretty commendable in my book. To be honest, I thought we've seen the last of Wenlock.
  7. Yes I'm sick of it. I haven't heard any official songs on Channel 9. (Now that I think of it, this is a long term affection, Might be a licencing issue?)
  8. Lonodon Synphony Orchestra told to mime at Olympics. (And it's not the first time that's happened.) After what happend with the Diamond Jubilee coverage (lots of cutting off at important points)... I'd want to mime too. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-06-04/london-symphony-orchestra-to-mime-at-olympics/4051434
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