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  1. OK, but is there the required minimum 800m drop required by the FIS to be considered as a possible Olympic contender?


    Most mountains in Northern New Mexico have the minimum 800m drop. This is taken at Angelfire Resort which is a little hop to the Northeast of Taos. There is also Pajarito in Los Alamos. And while Albequerque is the largest city, Sante Fe is where all the action and nightlife takes place.


  2. U're welcome. Let me try to put this nicely...for the most part, your picks may seem viable ones, but in reality may be way off the mark.

    Just as an example, does New Mexico have a developed slope/resort that has an 800m drop presently required for some of the alpine events? Does New Mexico have the same, abundant snowfall as, say, the Lake Tahoe region? See, I have never heard that the New Mexico resorts ever seriously considered to be top Winter Olympic Games material?


    Yes, New Mexico does have a very adaquate slope system. There is Angelfire, which is a top quality ski-resort. Taos is also capable of hosting a large snow-based event. Another skiing option awaits in Santa Fe, that serves as a base for travel into the wilderness of northern New Mexico. These are all within three hours of Albequerque, New Mexico's largest city. I vacationed this area years ago and have pictures if you would like to see them.

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