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  1. Indeed. An Olympics could put Reno on the map and really help with the growth of the city. Reno looks, from what I see in your sig, a beautiful place. That view is almost like a painting. If Reno bids, I'd wager they go for the "Small Village" angle like others have done in the past.
  2. Yeah, but an Olympics doesn't require just a new coat of paint aint it? An Olympics could completely transform a small city/resort/whatever like Reno
  3. So when, is Istanbul gonna get its bid forum like the other three bidders? It's official that they're bidding is it not? Anyways, I welcome an Istanbul Olympics. I'll wait to see the final roster of bidders before picking a side and what not, but Istanbul has a very good chance of hosting methinks
  4. Oh God, that was a nightmare. Of all the things to screw up!
  5. Sounds nice I would kill for some of that weather up here in Calgary
  6. The indoor cauldron worked for Vancouver? Then again the weather in Vancouver made it a wise choice to have the OC and first cauldron lighting indoors, so I guess they can kind of get away with it. What's the weather like in Turkey anyways?
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