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  1. How long would it take for Bolivia to develop before we could host a mojor sporting event? Hopefully sometime by 2050. Reform here is really slow with our socialist government and sports isn't the agenda right now but I still think we could do it. Santa Cruz De La Sierra is probably the only capable city as the other cities are to high up in the mountians. An olympics in Boliva would create a lot of national pride and unity, and thats something our country needs.

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    2. intoronto


      Never. Bolivia is the poorest country in South America, and that likely means you would see a games in those countries first which is impossible. Bolivia should also try to win a medal first before dreaming of hosting the games.

    3. DannyelBrazil


      Well, Bolivia can improve their situation. I don't see they can do it under the current government, but who knows the future.

      Anyway, I don`t expect any Olympic Games in South America again in the next 40 or 50 years.

    4. SantaCruz


      I don't expect Olympics either, I think we should do Pan ams or world championships in the future. Bolivia also has a good coco industry that can make us rich, but the industrial sector of our country is very underdeveloped. If we find resources that make us incredibly rich like Qatar and transform oursleves like they did, then maybe we could have a chance. I'm not saying we are Qatar, but If we found resources like that we could do it. I see where you are all coming from, Bolivia is ...

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