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  1. The Swedish Olympic Comittée has said that they are planing to bid, with either Stockholm, Göteborg (Gothenburg) or Malmö. =) Here is a article about it, in Swedish... but try google translate (= http://www.dn.se/sport/sverige-vill-soka-ungdoms-os
  2. True that! I think they are the best option for an African game after Durban. And in this region I think only Istanbul, and maybe Doha, matches them... =)
  3. In the plan Östersund had for 2014, the ceremonies was planned to be held at a stadium with capacity for 40,000. That's pretty equal with the games between 1994 and 2014.
  4. How did it became a 3-way split bid? But you have a valuable point, I think it wold be exciting to see how they would try to solve it. And I would love to see a Swedish bid for a Olympic game! (= But it will never happen...
  5. Why would you compere Åre with München? If Sweden won the rights to host a game, Åre would probably only host alpine skiing and maybe curling and bobsleigh/skeleton/luge. I know that a joint bid with Copenhagen and Malmö would never win, but I think it could be awesome!
  6. To begin, it's more like 40,000 people living in Östersund. The expected games i Östersund (according to the plans for 2014) wold be less spread-out then a game in München (if it would be as in the bid for 2018). In contrast to München, Östersund is more of a winter-town, they have more experience of biding for the winter games and have hosted more mayor events in the concerned sports.
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    Istanbul 2020 - SubForum - Invitation

  8. Africa: Durban America: WOG: Santiago SOG: Lima Asia: WOG: Harbin SOG: Doha Europe: WOG: Östersund SOG: Berlin
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