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  1. I think Gothenburg is the town that have the largest intress in hosting. =) And about the winter olympics, Stockholm would have been good if it wasn't the huge distance to Östersund and Åre. So the Swedish olympic comittee are only thinking about Åre and Östersund (=
  2. The Swedish Olympic Comittée has said that they are planing to bid, with either Stockholm, Göteborg (Gothenburg) or Malmö. =) Here is a article about it, in Swedish... but try google translate (= http://www.dn.se/sport/sverige-vill-soka-ungdoms-os
  3. True that! I think they are the best option for an African game after Durban. And in this region I think only Istanbul, and maybe Doha, matches them... =)
  4. In the plan Östersund had for 2014, the ceremonies was planned to be held at a stadium with capacity for 40,000. That's pretty equal with the games between 1994 and 2014.
  5. How did it became a 3-way split bid? But you have a valuable point, I think it wold be exciting to see how they would try to solve it. And I would love to see a Swedish bid for a Olympic game! (= But it will never happen...
  6. Why would you compere Åre with München? If Sweden won the rights to host a game, Åre would probably only host alpine skiing and maybe curling and bobsleigh/skeleton/luge. I know that a joint bid with Copenhagen and Malmö would never win, but I think it could be awesome!
  7. To begin, it's more like 40,000 people living in Östersund. The expected games i Östersund (according to the plans for 2014) wold be less spread-out then a game in München (if it would be as in the bid for 2018). In contrast to München, Östersund is more of a winter-town, they have more experience of biding for the winter games and have hosted more mayor events in the concerned sports.
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    Istanbul 2020 - SubForum - Invitation

  9. Africa: Durban America: WOG: Santiago SOG: Lima Asia: WOG: Harbin SOG: Doha Europe: WOG: Östersund SOG: Berlin
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