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  1. Yes true - I'm not sure Australia will host the CWG's after 2018 - maybe by 2038? As for the Rugby World Cup - Ireland/South Africa/France/Australia/Wales/Argentina - all countries who should host it before NZ - so I wouldn't expect NZ to host it until 2051.
  2. Russia will get to keep 2018, while Qatar should be stripped for a variety of reasons. Either give 2022 to the u.s or ask for a re-vote?
  3. I am from Brisbane - I don't see it as an Olympic host yet. Plus we only hosted it as a country in 2000 so shouldn't bid before 2036. I think South Africa should host one for sure, as should the united states again.
  4. Not just once - Multiple times! http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/football/27652181 Qatar World Cup: '$5m payments to officials' corruption claim Fifa is facing fresh allegations of corruption over its controversial decision to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. The Sunday Times has obtained millions of secret documents - emails, letters and bank transfers - which it alleges are proof that the disgraced Qatari football official Mohamed Bin Hammam made payments totalling $5m to football officials in return for their support for the Qatar bid. Qatar 2022 and Bin Hammam have always strenuously denied the former Fifa vice-president actively lobbied on their behalf in the run-up to the vote in December 2010. But, according to emails obtained by the Sunday Times and seen by the BBC, it is now clear that Bin Hammam, 65, was lobbying on his country's behalf at least a year before the decision. The documents also show how Bin Hammam was making payments direct to football officials in Africa to allegedly buy their support for Qatar in the contest. Qatar strongly deny any wrongdoing and insist that Bin Hammam never had any official role supporting the bid and always acted independently from the Qatar 2022 campaign. When approached by the Sunday Times to respond to their claims, Bin Hammam's son Hamad Al Abdulla declined to comment on his behalf. Although the vast majority of the officials did not have a vote, the Sunday Times alleges Bin Hammam's strategy was to win a groundswell of support for the Qatari bid which would then influence the four African Fifa executive committee members who were able to take part in the election. The Sunday Times also alleges that it has documents which prove Bin Hammam paid 305,000 Euros (£250,000) to cover the legal expenses of another former Fifa executive committee member from Oceania, Reynald Temarii. Temarii, from Tahiti, was unable to vote in the contest as he had already been suspended by Fifa after he was caught out by a Sunday Times sting asking bogus American bid officials for money in return for his support. But the paper now alleges that Bin Hammam provided him with financial assistance to allow him to appeal against the Fifa suspension, delaying his removal from the executive committee and blocking his deputy David Chung from voting in the 2022 election. The paper claims that had Chung been allowed to vote he would have supported Qatar's rivals Australia. Instead there was no representative from Oceania allowed to vote, a decision which may have influenced the outcome in Qatar's favour. The paper also makes fresh allegations about the relationship between Bin Hammam and his disgraced Fifa ally Jack Warner, from Trinidad. Although Warner was forced to resign as a Fifa vice-president in 2011, after it was proved he helped Bin Hammam bribe Caribbean football officials in return for their support in his bid to oust the long-standing Fifa president Sepp Blatter, the paper says it has evidence which shows more than $1.6m was paid by Bin Hammam to Warner, including $450,000 in the period before the vote. The new allegations will place Fifa under fresh pressure to re-run the vote for the 2022 World Cup, which was held in conjunction with the vote for the 2018 tournament, in which England were eliminated in the first round with just two votes. Fifa's chief investigator Michael Garcia is already conducting a long-running inquiry into allegations of corruption and wrongdoing during the 2018/22 decisions. He is due to meet senior officials from the Qatar 2022 organising committee in Oman on Monday. But that meeting may now have to be postponed in light of the Sunday Times revelations which have raised important new questions about the link between Bin Hammam and the successful Qatari World Cup campaign. http://www.foxsports.com.au/football/former-fifa-official-accused-of-buying-support-for-qatars-2022-world-cup-bid-says-report/story-e6frf423-1226938817199 A FORMER member of FIFA's executive committee was accused of making payments totalling $5 million to senior football officials in return for support for Qatar's successful bid for the 2022 World Cup. British newspaper The Sunday Times said it has obtained millions of secret documents proving that Mohamed Bin Hammam, a Qatari who used to be FIFA vice president, was lobbying on his country's behalf ahead of the vote in December 2010. Under a front-page headline of “Plot to buy the World Cup,” the newspaper alleged that Bin Hammam made dozens of payments to top football officials in Africa as well as Reynald Temarii and Jack Warner, the former FIFA executive committee members for Oceania and CONCACAF. The allegations come less than two weeks before the start of the World Cup in Brazil and bring fresh scrutiny on the 2010 vote, which awarded football's biggest tournament to the tiny desert state and currently is under investigation by FIFA's independent ethics prosecutor. The Sunday Times said that Bin Hamman declined to respond to the allegations and that members of Qatar's bid committee denied any link to the former FIFA official, saying he played no secret role in their campaign. Qatari organisers did not immediately respond to The Associated Press' request for comment. Bin Hammam, one of the most controversial figures in FIFA's recent history, is no longer a committee member of world football's governing body after being caught up in a corruption scandal surrounding his failed campaign for its presidency in 2011. The Sunday Times is alleging, however, that he exploited his position at the heart of FIFA when he was an executive committee member to help to secure votes from key members of its 24-man ruling committee that helped Qatar win the right to host the World Cup. Qatar defeated bids from the United States, Japan, South Korea and Australia. According to the newspaper, Bin Hammam used 10 slush funds controlled by his private company and cash handouts to make dozens of payments of up to $200,000 into accounts controlled by the presidents of 30 African football associations who influenced how the continent's four executive members would vote. He also allegedly hosted lavish junkets for these African officials at which he handed out almost $400,000 in cash. The newspaper says the documents show that Bin Hammam paid out at least 305,000 euros ($415,000) in legal and private detective fees for Temarii after he was suspended for telling undercover reporters that he had been offered $12 million for his vote. Bin Hammam's help allowed him to appeal the suspension and prevent his planned replacement from voting for Australia in the vote, the Sunday Times claimed. Bin Hammam is also accused of funnelling more than $1.6 million directly into bank accounts controlled by Warner, including $450,000 before the vote. Warner resigned from football duties, including his 28-year membership of FIFA's committee, in June 2011 to avoid investigation in a bribery scandal linked to Bin Hammam's campaign for FIFA president. The Sunday Times also said Bin Hammam paid $800,000 to the Ivory Coast FA, whose executive committee member Jacques Anouma agreed to “push very hard the bid of Qatar,” and signed off on two payments of $400,000 each to the federations of two other voters. If true - give it to America (as the runner up) or if need be re-run the vote. I'm not sure Australia would want to bid again - we only got 1 vote.
  5. It will be a long time before Australia bids to host anything to do with Fifa. We spent $50 million and got 1 vote. Fifa can go jump for all I care.
  6. It's no surprise that it has now come out that Qatar bribed exco members (how many is anyone's guess) - I don't blame them however. The real culprits are Fifa - they voted for a bid that was unsuitable, want to move the tournament and have been shown to be corrupt. They should never have voted for Qatar - any of the other 4 bids would have been acceptable! As it is - they've made their bed and have to lie in it. As for Australia - we should never have bid,
  7. Australia got 1 vote - we will never host a world cup. As for Qatar bribes - nothing may ever be found, but if it smells like a duck etc. I'm enjoying the shite fight Fifa are now having though re:the Winter World Cup. I really do wonder how much the EXCO were paid - what's a few million between friends?
  8. Instanbul for mine. Doha and Dubai - good luck with that.
  9. The U.S has proven to be a very safe pair of hands, and a great host. However for whatever reason there is an anti-u.s stance in the IOC currently. Bid for a summer games for the 2028/2032 games and see what happens. Australia probably won't host another one in my life time (or if they do, not until 2048/2052!) Good luck to the u.s - you will eventually get to host an olympics again.
  10. I would like either Brisbane or Melbourne to host before Perth. As we just hosted in 2000, I wouldn't bother bidding until 2028 or 2032 - even then, it may be too soon. By 2048 we should have a good shot at holding the olympics again.
  11. It's going to be in Qatar - if they took the world cup off them it would create all sorts of issues. I can only hope no players die from dehydration and people don't get arrested for drinking/being gay.
  12. Would be funny if they had trouble attracting bidders for 2026 after the 2022 decision. Fifa can go jump - Australia won't be bidding for another world cup, we're happy enough to make it (hopefully for a 3rd time in a row) and go from there. To only get 1 vote for 2022 showed us that in world football we are either not cared about or minnows when it comes to politicking. I really hope England gets to host one day (they would be an amazing world cup) but don't have high hopes of this happening.
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doping_at_the_Olympic_Games A famous saying is "Don't through stones in glass houses!" From that list the following countries have: Russia 7 Bulgaria 7 United States 6 Hungary 4 Ukraine 3 Sweden 3 Belarus 3 Spain 2 North Korea 2 Germany 2 Uzbekistan 1 United Kingdom 1 Unified 1 Romania 1 Poland 1 Norway 1 Netherlands 1 Mongolia 1 Ireland 1 Greece 1 Finland 1 China 1 Canada 1 Bahrain 1 Armenia 1 I wouldn't be pointing the finger at any other country when mine was 3rd on the list!
  14. We wouldn't want it anyway. If there are any changes, the losing bidders should sue Fifa. Fifa shouldn't change a thing - the bid was for a summer world cup - if Qatar cannot deliver the air conditioned stadiums then too bad - Fifa/Qatar have made their bed - let them lie in it.
  15. I live in Brisbane and can currently say - there is NO way we would get the olympic's in the next 20 years (so 2040 the earliest!) or maybe ever! 1 - Sydney 2000 - this was a great games and will work against us as it's still only 12 years since them! 2 - The fifa world cup bid debacle - after this people won't want us wasting taxpayers funds bidding for international sporting events we have no chance of winning - we should never have bid for the world cup! 3 - The time factor - we are so far away from Europe. 4 - We aren't ready - Brisbane is still too much like a country town (look at what the new governments doing re:gltbq rights!) 5 - Countries haven't hosted/not hosted for a long time - I can think of 10 countries that have either not hosted or not hosted for a while - summer games only! (france/japan/germany/u.s/canada/argentina/south africa/russia/the middle east/mexico!) - if we get lucky and are ready then we should bid! 6 - We don't need them - Brisbane doesn't need to host the olympics - people are happy enough with the Commonwealth games being on the Gold Coast. I would love to see the olympics back, but feel Melbourne would be a better option - they have better public transport, better sporting facilities and are more well known on the world stage. Brisbane is a bit of a backwater!
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