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  1. I really liked the potential with that venue. Hmmm, I wonder if they can overcome that security concern with a 2024 bid or else it will be held in St.Catherines.
  2. I think all events will stay within the Ontario region including Soccer. It will obviously be in Hamilton, Ottawa, Vaughan, 2-3 venues in Toronto (BMO, UofT, and Rogers Centre) I have a question for those that can remember back to 2001. With Toronto's 2008 bid, I know Rowing and Canoeing was supposed to be held at Lake Ontario. I know the IOC brought up security concerns with this. Was this the only criticism with this specific venue?
  3. Are you serious with Vancouver and Calgary? Those cities are very far from Toronto.
  4. One would have to assume that Rogers would be a big partner involved with the stadium and its costs.
  5. Good to hear "Toronto 2024" officials are in London getting the word out and gauging interest.
  6. Expect to hear more rumblings once London 2012 kicks off. Let's say something were to happen like it did with the 2020 bid cycle. Rome was touted as a favourite and they withdrew their bid. Istanbul has a very good chance at winning it now. I'm pretty sure people thought Istanbul was a pipedream even before the application process for 2020 became official? You never know what the future holds. You can throw all the "this country has hosted this "X" amount of games" which I understand where your coming from but once a city gets shortlisted they have an equal chance at winning the games. That's just my pov. Toronto will arguably put forth the best bid once again but obviously that isn't enough to win. That takes place after the shortlisting. Basically what I'm trying to say is Toronto will be a very strong competitor regardless. I wouldn't discount them. I'm starting to think 2024 will be a showdown in the Americas again. I can see Mexico joining in on the fun. I'm thinking these will be the bidders: Toronto Chicago Durban Doha Baku Paris Guadalajara Dubai Losers from 2020 Shortlisted Toronto Chicago Paris Durban Loser from 2020 That is one very stacked up line of contenders. It will be very exciting to watch for sure!
  7. This is a news clip from CTV http://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=718444
  8. Yeah basically. He knows he missed the ball on this one. Thankfully his approval rating just keeps dropping and dropping and I'm sure he won't be re-elected for a 2nd term. I'm not sure if you are aware of the Mayor of Toronto but he's a total douche.
  9. There are rumblings behind closed doors. City officials are deciding either a Toronto 2024 Olympics bid or a 2025 Toronto Expo bid. I'm hearing the Olympics bid has higher prioriity but Councillor Wong-Tam is pressing for Expo. I'm also hearing that Exhibition Place, Ontario Place and the Portlands will under go big re-developement plans for the 2024 Olympic bid. I'm also hearing that Mayor Ford is now regretting his decision to not support a Toronto 2020 Olympic bid for a couple of reasons. One being the lack of competition and also the fact that the City of Toronto will end up in a $90 million Surplus this year when he originally said this city would be in a big deficit when he declined to support the 2020 Olympic bid last year.
  10. Exactly. The city will definitely watch and observe to see who else emerges out from the crowd. Plus, a lot of other factors are riding on the outcome of 2020. I say if either Rome, Madrid or even Istanbul win 2020. It will rule out a European contender (ie.Paris) for 2024 leaving it really to North America or Africa with Asia as a contender as well if Tokyo goes for it again. If Tokyo wins, then Paris looks like a leading candidate once again. What do you think?
  11. Fair enough. Just thought it would be polite to ask. This was a piece from Toronto Star that I've read not too long ago. Another Toronto Olympic bid (this time 2024); maybe third time is the charm? I try to stick to travel on my travel blog (what a concept). But sometimes I can't help delving into other topics for a bit, especially when it's something as global and political and fascinating as the Olympics. I headed up the Star's coverage of Toronto's 1996 bid against Atlanta, et al..., and also our coverage of the 2008 bid against Beijing. Both, as I recall, were losing efforts on Toronto's part. I also covered Vancouver's bid Toronto1996for the 2010 Winter Games, which had a happier ending. It is, therefore, with great interest that I see yet another bid in the making. Bob Richardson, the chief operating officer for the 2008 Toronto bid and an unabashed Olympic junkie, is talking up a bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics. He'll have to get the okay from Mayor Rob Ford, and probably from the province and also from the feds. First up would be the city, without which nothing happens. Mayor Ford's team turned away Richardson's effort to drum up support for a 2020 bid, saying the city's financial situation didn't allow for such things. It's a fair point, but in August Councillor Doug Ford - the mayor's brother and sometimes political spokesman - said he'd be open to a bid at a future date. There was talk of a Quebec City bid for the 2022 Winter Games, which would've put Toronto on ice. But Quebec's mayor ruled out a bid a couple months ago, clearing the decks for a Canadian entry for 2024, at least in theory. There's still a huge need for better amateur sporting facilities in Canada, especially of the summer variety and most notably in our most populous province. The Pan Am Games would help, but the Olympics are a star of a much greater intensity and would, if handled properly from a financial standpoint, bring in that much more. I don't know if the security costs are worth it these days, but if you don't mind a billion dollars or two in federal/provincial/local money for fences and x-ray machines and police overtime it could work. The issue becomes, of course, whether 2024 is winnable. Toronto 1996 bid leader Paul Henderson was right when he said Athens wasn't guaranteed the 1996 Games, notwithstanding it was the 100th anniversary of the birth of the modern Olympics, held in Athens in 1896. He was right, but it was Atlanta that elbowed its way into the winners circle for the 1996 Games. The Toronto folks knew they were up against it for 2008, when they took on the behemoth Beijing bid.IMG_1332 They shot themselves in the foot with Mayor Mel Lastman's talk about cannibals in Africa, but they were never going to win the 2008 Games unless China did something really stupid on the international front. They didn't, and they ran a very good Games, albeit one lacking in soul (see photo of the famous Birds Nest stadium in Beijing). So now we come to 2011. The last Olympics in North America were the largely forgettable 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. The last Summer Games - and the IOC tends to think of their two babies as separate entities - on our continent were the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Here's how the Games have gone since Atlanta: Nagano, Sydney, Salt Lake, Athens, Turin, Beijing. Vancouver. Next: London, Sochi (Russia), Rio de Janeiro and Pyeongchang, South Korea (the 2018 Winter Olympics). Those bidding for the 2020 Summer Games? Doha (Qatar), Rome, Madrid, Istanbul, Tokyo and Baku, Azerbaijan. The short list comes out next May and the vote will be in 2013. None of those cities are in North America, of course. But there’s talk of Denver or Reno-Lake Tahoe for 2022, as well as Munich and Norway (a sentimental favourite given the now-legendary status of the Lillehammer Winter Olympics). The IOC and the United States Olympic Committee still aren’t on the best of terms given disputes over television money and other issues, but there’s at least a possibility of a North American winner. That might scupper a Toronto bid, but, given the vagaries and outright unpredictability at times of the International Olympic Committee, it might not. Either way, 2024 appears at this early stage to be a lot more winnable than the 2008 effort. Is it worth doing? I don’t quite know yet. Is it worth watching? Absolutely. http://thestar.blogs.com/travel/2011/11/another-toronto-olympic-bid-this-time-2024-maybe-third-time-is-the-charm.html
  12. We atleast know this time the city will likely be in this race. What's wrong with this thread? Well I just thought it would be nice to start fresh for the future bid. There is no "?" mark this time around.
  13. A Toronto 2024 bid seems imminent. Is it too early to start a new Toronto 2024 thread?
  14. Aren't the Portlands being developed into a residential waterfront community now? This is where the Olympic Park was to be situated? Correct me if I'm mistaken. And yes I do see a Toronto bid happening for 2024. I still think the city would have been a big threat had it bid for 2020 but I guess waiting another 4 years won't hurt them
  15. I doubt its a colossal issue. A solid bid from Toronto and Chicago (or NYC) added into the mix of this race would be quite exciting. Now that Madrid's bid is official, I wish them good luck. It will be tough for them. I still think it's a bad move on their part. If its Rome vs. Madrid on a final ballot, Rome should prevail. If Madrid wants to have any chance at winning they need to devise some type of strategy to get Rome eliminated from the final ballot.
  16. Is a Denver bid serious? It would be quite intriguing but I'm not sure the IOC will be sold on it for apparent reasons.
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