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  1. I can say a Toronto 2024 bid is imminent. The decision to kill the bid in 2014 will be overturned.

    Rob Ford was the main reason why the bid was killed, his negativity rubbed off on a majority of the Executive committee members. With John Tory in the mayor seat, the change in atmosphere and perception is a total 180. I can say there are city councillors that were against a bid last year who now have changed their stance on this matter.

    The bid has big name support behind it. Preliminary plans have always been in place. Stadium and Athlete's village will still be in the Portlands.

  2. Well at least Rome is still on after Munich dropped out. Looks like 2024 is gonna have slim pickings just like the last two bidding cycles (I'm referring to 2018-2020)

    Yes, I'm begining to believe the field for 2024 won't be that deep. I highly doubt Berlin is seriously in for 2024 now after what happened with Munich. And well with Rome, the economic crisis isn't improving but getting worse. Can we really expect Rome to put in a bid for 2024 after they pulled their 2020 bid for these exact reasons?

  3. What a ridiculous travel time between Stockholm and Are. This is really going to hinder the bid. Hmmm, it will be a tough sell but at the same time Sweden is long overdue for a Winter Olympics. This could be a sentiment shared by many IOC members that could help Stockholm.

    Got some side info here: Calgary was ready to submit a bid for 2022. COC rejected them, not interested in bidding for 2022.

  4. We're really talking about venue names? :huh: Seriously!?!

    I've recently have been in contact with authoritative figures, sporting community, etc. at a general lunch last week. Not going into detail as it is still very early but what I can say is the City of Toronto is quite confident and this thread will be very active by years end. It's already active but you know what I mean.

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  5. No

    FYI, I notice you've been an avid American Olympic follower so you would probably guess this better than let's say me or any other member outside the USA. Do you honestly think Chicago or NYC will come forward with a bid or will they ultimately pass? Is Chicago really over the Olympics?

  6. I see that it has begun. You'll be seeing more media reports throughout the next couple months.

    Exclusive: Toronto 2015 could lead to Olympic bid if conditions are right predicts Crooks

    January 30 - Charmaine Crooks, Canada's five-time Olympian and a former International Olympic Committee (IOC) member, believes that a successful Toronto 2015 Pan and Parapan American Games could facilitate a bid from the city for the Olympics and Paralympics but stressed the whole country would need be behind it.

    The 50-year-old Jamaican-born former 400 metre runner, who won a silver medal in the 4x400m relay at the Los Angeles 1984 Olympics, is now a Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) Executive Board member while she is also President and founder of NGU Consultants, the sports marketing, management and corporate consulting company working on Toronto 2015.

    Toronto has twice bid to host the Summer Olympics Games - the first coming in 1996 when they finished third behind Atlanta and the second in 2008 when they were runners-up behind Beijing.

    Many experts believe a successful Pan and Parapan American Games in the city could finally lead to a winning bid for Toronto in 2024 or 2028, as happened for Rio de Janeiro following the 2007 Pan American Games, but Crooks said that a successful bid would require the full support of Canada.

    "I think in terms of a Toronto or Canada bid, we have to think very strategically and we have to be very focused," Crooks told insidethegames here.

    "A bid would have to have the full consultation of the Canadian Olympic Committee of course and also have the support of all different levels of Government so that it was a unified national priority.

    "We also have to look at the geopolitical climate at the time when we bid and ask ourselves if it was a good time to bid if we wanted success.

    "They are all real considerations in a bid – the economy, legacy, timing and the capacity to be able to deliver that.

    "So if all those things line up, and if they line up with a good economic story and a good legacy story, then I think it is important to support bids in the future for Canada going forwards because it does have spin off benefits across the country.

    "The excitement from the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games has given us an appetite to do more because we have seen the impact that it can have and also seen that it helps develop sport for a nation, which is something I am very passionate about.

    "But it is a very competitive landscape bidding for major sport projects around the world so you have to do it properly."

    Crooks also believes that Toronto 2015 are well on track to stage a great Pan and Parapan American Games and predicted it will be another great chapter in Canada's sporting history following Vancouver 2010.

    "We are fortunate in Canada that we hosted one of the best Winter [Olympic] Games to date in Vancouver 2010 in terms of our legacy building and how we told a true Canadian legacy story," said Crooks, a director on the Vancouver 2010 Organising Committee.

    "That story now continues onto Toronto 2015 where will get to showcase that again.

    "It really is a road to Rio 2016 for a lot of us and also a road from Vancouver that shows that we in Canada believe bridging Summer and Winter Games.

    "I think the Pan Am Games can bring the same benefits as the Olympics and Paralympics in terms of tourism, economic development and in creating new role models.

    "Hosting a sporting event in a country showcases so much more than just athletes; it showcases an entire country and illustrates what that country can achieve."

    Another thing I wanted to note is Toronto will have a newly expanded and revitalized convention centre built by 2024. Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) has been listed to be a host venue for the Olympics so this would be very noteworthy. Oxford is investing $3 Billion plus into this while the Sands, who will build up the entertainment portion of this, will invest another $2 Billion plus.

    Fully funded by the private sector, Oxford Place would be one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in North America. The plan includes: a revitalized and expanded convention centre; significant new retail, office and residential space; 4,000 new sub grade parking stalls; and an integrated casino and hotel complex. The casino itself would comprise less than 10% of the project and would be funded, built and operated by the casino operator selected by the Province. A new 5.5 acre urban park connecting the core to the waterfront is contemplated over the existing rail corridor.

    I really like this project. It will transform this part of downtown and will change Toronto's skyline big time. It's a great idea to develop downtown parkland and over old railland. The expansion of the convention centre is needed.

  7. And thats the crux of it. The current backlog of capable cities with sentimentalities attached to them is big. Toronto would no doubt be shortlisted - but I don't think it'll get the "frontrunner" label it had in 2008. This time, it has the potential to face a very serious Paris, Istanbul/Tokyo, Rome, Durban, New York/Chicago. It really is a huge list. If the 1976 Olympics had been in Melbourne and it were Sydney going for 2024, I wouldn't like its chances.

    Toronto didn't have a "front runner label" for 2008. Beijing had it all the way through.

    There's many different possible scenarios that could play out. Without bidding, the city would not even have a chance. If it bids, it will be shortlisted giving it a chance. It's not like an impossible feat but it would be a uphill battle. I also believe the city wouldn't allow this to go forward unless it believed it had a fighting chance to win it. This would be the 3rd attempt.

  8. It wasn't enough in 2008, against Beijing. Why will be be enough in 2024 or 2028 against the potential likes of an African city, Paris, Chicago/NYC, Tokyo - all of which carry weight behind them that are comparable to what Beijing had in 2008.

    Furthermore, Toronto has the 2010 to deal with, which it didn't have when it was bidding for 2008.

    That's one thing that Toronto's bidding team would need to work hard on. Coming up with a compelling argument as to why the city should be awarded the games besides it probably having the best bid out of the bunch of candidates which in reality will probably be true. After all, the majority of votes is based on political b.s.. I will agree that will be difficult for the bid team to work on. I never did say Toronto would win 2024. I'm here as a supporter. The city has publicly made its intentions known that they're pursuing a bid for 2024. This is fact. Hence, why I'm here to discuss that. Maybe there is an ignorance toward Durban. I'm just being real, that's all and you guys definitely are informing me of things about the city that I didn't know..so yeah, it is ignorance. I still don't think Durban will be the far away favourite just because its Africa. Going to a new frontier so soon after Rio and potentially Istanbul seems very iffy to me. That view of mine won't change.

  9. Actually, plenty have answered your question. You're just refusing to accept the answers that have been given.

    I'm talking about the city's significance on the world stage? Who's looking out for Durban? I never hear about this city unless its discussed about here on these boards.

  10. Is it a "top priority" for ANY city?

    Well with all the socio-economic problems in Africa, you'd think spending it on an Olympics would be the last thing on the list. And that's not even close to scrapping the bottom of the barrel with Africa.

  11. It's nice to read the pro's some of you've listed in Durban's defense such as the stadium being compatible for T&F, sport facilities, and the climate. But what else does it offer? Is spending billions on an Olympics a top priority for an African city?

    No one has really answered my previous question. I should rephrase it. What significance does Durban have in the world now?

  12. Most of the Durban/South African critics here seem to always be from the Toronto sphere. While Durban by itself may not be as "exciting" a city as a Paris, New York or Tokyo, a vote for it would largely be a continental one, much like Rio. Or like PyeongChang, where it was seen as a new expansion for the WInter Olympics.

    I'm sure the first African Olympics would be voted on the premise of capability, sustainability & finally bringing the Olympics to the African continent, rather than about over-extendedness & glamor of such big Olympic parties that we've recently seen with some past hosts. Blalantly dismissing Durban is what is "ridiculous". Even the French NOC recognizes that would be a mistake.

    My question is why Durban? What world significance does this city have besides being a tourist spot for the beach? I already know people will say, it's because they have a brand new stadium in place. Shouldn't South Africa choose one its more well recognized cities (Johannesburg/Cape Town) to host Africa's first Olympics? Just sayin'

  13. Except it has the weight of history behind it, and sentimentality. This is something that Toronto, despite all its graces, scores zero in. That "bored" feeling some people talk about in relation to Tokyo 2020 is the same feeling I'd have towards Toronto 2024. Even though Toronto has not hosted itself, there is just such a sense of "been there/done that" for me. Like Tokyo, this is not a direct jab at the city itself (which IMO is one of North America's best), but where I see it fitting in within the narrative I see for the Olympic movements first half of the 21st century. I'd like to see a big American city be the next NA host, followed by South Africa, Paris and Tokyo.

    I'd disagree with you labeling Toronto as "boring". I feel as if some people's mentalities are stuck back in 2000. Lot's has changed and more will change in the near future. The city is quite vibrant and has an ever growing arts and cultural scene. The growth within its downtown Metropolis has been undeniably outstanding, a massive amount of new developments are under construction and are in the planning stages, various areas such as the redevelopment of the waterfront, brand new tourist attractions, hotels, condominiums, art gallery, sporting facilities, high end retail, and run down industrial areas being transformed into new sophisticated communities. Toronto would offer a unique waterfront based plan just like its 2008 bid, probably more compact this time around. Public Infrastructure has been improved since its last bid in 2001. Transportation links have been created between potential venue cluster sites, although there will be more transportation links to be constructed to better the ever growing population of Toronto's downtown core. There are more sporting venues that will be constructed and already in place for the bid thanks to its hosting of the 2015 PAG plus the hosting experience, planning, logistics,etc. There are way more positives than negatives this time around for the potential of Toronto's bid.

    And addressing your Durban comment, what history? Are you referring to Apartheid for the country as a whole?

    Yes but I don't see Durban winning on its first try. Granted they have a very compelling story. I think they should bid regardless until they win.

    Almost all cities that win go through two, three bids before winning. I don't think you can say been there/done that for Toronto as opposed to Tokyo who has hosted before. Like all Olympic bids Toronto's has a weakness of not having a great narrative. However if they can push the redevelopment of the Portlands which has been empty for the last few decades like London did with its Olympic Park I think it could be enough coupled with the most compact venue plan in history.

    You also forgot another weakness with its past bids. It's international relations with influential figures in the sporting worlds and IOC weren't that great. The city made sure this time around that it has built those relationships and continues to grow on them before they could realistically see themselves getting those extra votes that they normally would not have gotten in the past.

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