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  1. I can say a Toronto 2024 bid is imminent. The decision to kill the bid in 2014 will be overturned. Rob Ford was the main reason why the bid was killed, his negativity rubbed off on a majority of the Executive committee members. With John Tory in the mayor seat, the change in atmosphere and perception is a total 180. I can say there are city councillors that were against a bid last year who now have changed their stance on this matter. The bid has big name support behind it. Preliminary plans have always been in place. Stadium and Athlete's village will still be in the Portlands.
  2. Finally this is available for public viewing!! Based on Toronto's competitor profiles, the city views Paris and an American bid as its strongest competitors over any South African bid.
  3. It would be interesting if an informal polling was done to get an idea how the general public in Italy feel about bidding for the 2024 Olympics.
  4. Not surprised. Berlin is the next to bow out.
  5. Yes, I'm begining to believe the field for 2024 won't be that deep. I highly doubt Berlin is seriously in for 2024 now after what happened with Munich. And well with Rome, the economic crisis isn't improving but getting worse. Can we really expect Rome to put in a bid for 2024 after they pulled their 2020 bid for these exact reasons?
  6. What a ridiculous travel time between Stockholm and Are. This is really going to hinder the bid. Hmmm, it will be a tough sell but at the same time Sweden is long overdue for a Winter Olympics. This could be a sentiment shared by many IOC members that could help Stockholm. Got some side info here: Calgary was ready to submit a bid for 2022. COC rejected them, not interested in bidding for 2022.
  7. The USA would have been hard to beat if they had presented a bid here. Just sayin' The lack of competition is quite sad.
  8. Host city winner Madrid First city voted out Tokyo How many voting rounds to decide the winner 2 Which sport will be added Wrestling Who will be the new IOC president C.K. Wu
  9. Wait until you hear about the preliminary stadium plans. A game changer for Toronto.
  10. I just love seeing all these cranes up
  11. Since Chicago is out, the remaining cities don't look too promising unless NYC throws itself in the ring. I don't think L.A. can sell itself to the international community to get its 3rd Olympics. What about Miami? There's always been something about Miami that's always interested me and it's tropical climate. Of course they're would be obstacles to a Miami Olympics but has there been any word out of that city in pursuing a bid?
  12. Cleared Tulsa is #1 on our main competitor's list. Los Angeles and San Francisco who?
  13. We're really talking about venue names? Seriously!?! I've recently have been in contact with authoritative figures, sporting community, etc. at a general lunch last week. Not going into detail as it is still very early but what I can say is the City of Toronto is quite confident and this thread will be very active by years end. It's already active but you know what I mean.
  14. Forget about Dallas, it's all about Austin!! I just love how the anchor talks as if this is a realistic thing for their city. "An Olympics in Austin, well the USOC might want it so" Best line! http://www.kxan.com/dpp/news/local/austin/Copy_of_austin-considered-for-2024-olympics
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