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  1. I have some different observations being to 2 games myself. Although more tickets are available later, the sooner you get them the better. A lot of people suddenly remember that they want to attend and it could be even harder to get them. Most of the action is in the olympic park and not in the city. If in doubt get the tickets and sell them later. It's easier to sell than buy.
  2. SportWorld have allocated more tickets for those on the waiting list, so check you account if you were waitlisted. Got 2 more Athletics tickets for the last 2 finals. Already have tickets for 20 of my original 32! Still looking for tickets for Opening, 100m final and Gymanstics & Swimming. If someone has extras, I'd like to swap.
  3. Sorry, not good enough. I've been to one. Worth every penny. Much better than on TV.
  4. Hi, I'm new to this forum, but I'm a veteran at sports traveling. London 2012 will be my 3rd summer Olympics, and I can't wait. In 2004 & 2008 I went to around 25 events, most of them finals. 2012, as you all know, isn't easy, but I already got 19 events from various source - the 2012 lottery, DerTour, SportsWorld & CoSport. I got some nice tickets including closing ceremony, 2 swimming finals, women's tennis final, 2 athletics finals, football final and lots of semis and 1/4s. Though I feel lucky, I'm still not satisfied. I bought 2 tickets for some of these events and I'd like
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