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  1. I don't recall seeing any in Beijing (doesn't mean it wasn't there.) But there was a ton of Olmyic Museum stuff in Vancouver. What frustrates me is the lack of official merchandice for the individual country's olympic teams. You see a ton of stuff from the host country, US and Canada. A little bit of stuff for Russia, GB, France, etc. But nothing from the vast majority of countries... many of whom I assume could use extra cash.
  2. >> It's also worth noting that many in England are opposed to a Team GB aswell As an outsider, I was wondering about that. I would seem the English have as much to lose as the other home nations, if not more so. Again, as an outsider, it has always seemed a bit odd that the home nations compete seperatly. But it's understandable due to tradition, etc. Once you have a "Team GB" competing in a major international event, it becomes really hard to justify the home nation teams.
  3. Don't go knocking FIFA people. It's the one thing keeping the IOC from being the most corrupt orgainization on Earth.
  4. >> president of greek national olympic comittee Spyros Capralos, said that Istanbul is also "their" candidate city for 2020 race. Is that a surprise? Forgive me for not being up on Turkish/Greek relations, but I thought you guys didn't like each other and there was still a ton of conflict between the two countries. Or are things better these days?
  5. Is he corrupt? Self-important? Indiffernt to the negative consequences of the IOC demands on a host country?? Shouldn't we at least wait to see how the London games come off before awarding him Gold Orders?
  6. Most Olympic sports fall into that category. One nice thing about swimming is that it's "first across the line wins".
  7. I don't begin to try and understand the world of British media... but have been spending a decent amount of time tracking Olympic news. Best I can tell, those newpapers with pictures of nekid women have mostly negative coverage; those without the nekid womer are more positive. Not sure why that is. In any case, BY FAR the biggest complaint is that people didn't get enough/any tickets. Think about it.
  8. There are always more tickets. Cosport will have another round at some point. You will probably have access to the buyer-to-buyer sales network LOCOG will set up. Worst case, there will be scalpers. As far as accomidations, post tourists haven't even begun to find places to stay. If you want to go, choose to go and make it happen.
  9. Speaking from a purely selfish standpoint: North Korea has nuclear weapons, a huge army and a paranoid madman for a ruler. I would be much happier as an Olympic tourist if there were an active participant in the games, rather than them being bitter, angry boycotters.
  10. Two observations from prior Olympics: - There are always more tickets later. Demand seems extremly high for London 2012, so I expect fewer tickets to come up than usual. But there will be something - You want to balance seeing events in person with enjoying the host city and Olympic experience. When in doubt, get fewer tickets rather than more.
  11. >> Where the hell would Chicago have had surfing? Lake Michigan??? I think you'll be surprised what a Google of "Surfing Chicago" turns up
  12. Where's the vote for "no new sports." IOC will probably add stuff just because they like to add stuff... but I don't see anything on the horizon that is worthy. Maybe some sort of MMA, but I don't see how you get an Olympic sport out of that. Unless you combine all the current grapling sports into one category >> Football also needs sorting - it's no surprise it's struggled most to sell tickets for 2012 with it being a minor event, of no interest to either Olympic fans or football fans, in big stadia It's struggled to sell tickets because they got greedy and put the matches in large statiums. Interesting to contrast the Olympic venues with the generally smaller venues Germany is using for the Women's World Cup. Even if every match doesn't sell out, it's still going to sell, what, 1/4 of all tickets for the games? Had they used smaller venues, they might be sold old already. Don't expect big tweaks to football.. it generates a ton of money for the Olympics with almost no cost.
  13. I'm no expert, but I have no security worries about Sochi. It will be locked down tight to deal with terrorist risk... and it's not like the Georgian governement will be launching an attack. Corruption, red-tape, visa-hell and outright hotsility to foreign tourists might keep me away from Sochi. But not security risks. PyeongChang may have a mad-mad controlling nuclear missles 100 miles away (talk about a security ris!.) But at least they seem to want us.
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