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  1. I think one goal of an Olympic font sould be staying off lists like: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1665318/the-8-worst-fonts-in-the-world
  2. Um, when 1 in 4 people do not have a job, building stuff and hosting a lot of tourists is exactly what you want to do. Spanish *banks* are having trouble. Central bankers in France and Germany are willing to help out the Spanish banks because the Spanish banks owe a lot of money to French and German banks. I'm completely baffeled by the suggestion that the IOC shouldn't put the Olympics in Spain because stupid bankers in France and Germany were dumb enough to give money to stupic bankers in Spain.
  3. That was top of my wish list for London. A category A came up on Cosport several months ago. Threw it in my cart and spent an agonizing 20 minutes deciding what to do. Eventually I rationalized that (1) I've been pretty thrifty with this trip so far and (2) if Jessica Ennis can pull it off, it'll be a truly magical night. Sucked it up and bought it. Let's hope she comes through! Mo Farah is running the 10k that night to, so a couple chances for British gold. Cosport (USA) just sent out an email saying (1) they have tickets and (2) tickets will be mailed late June / early July. Tickets w
  4. I'm not blaming the IOC. I'm not blaming the other sponsors. I'm blaming VISA. They are making my life harder. Worse, they are paying big bucks to make my life harder. It's totally idiotic.Putting the Olympics on NBC and not ABC doesn't make my life harder. Allowing Samsung to put the Olympic logos on their stuff but not Sony doesn't make my life harder. Not letting me use my VISA makes my life harder. It makes me hate VISA. That's exactly the opposite result from what you want sponsoring VISA. Let MasterCard take the sponsorship. Better still, let American Express take it. AE sponsors all so
  5. The world is rapidly figuring out that austarity measures in Europe were horrible blunders. They greatly added to the misrey of people in the country, and did nothing to help with debt problems.The conventional wisdom is not going to that countries shouldn't be building stuff. That thinking was a disaster. More and more people are going to be thinking that building stuff is exactly what countries like Spain should be doing.
  6. Sorry my friend, buy you can't have it both ways. If few billion euros is a drop in the bucket, then you can't argue that it would be irresponsible to give the Olympics to Spain because it will wreck their economy.It is a drop in the bucket. The Olypics aren't going to make or break the economy. The choice should be decided based on plan, history, venues, where the IOC-spouses want to vacation, etc.... all the normal reasons.
  7. London was receiving roughly 560 GBP from the IOC, and 450 GBP in direct sponsorship.Madrid would be looking at 1 - 1.5 EUR in "free money".
  8. Which part mystifies you oh green one? They part about Spain having an unemployement problem? The part about putting people back to wrok being a good thing? Or the part about putting people back to work with other people's money being a really good thing? You might no agree, but I would think you could at least understand it. As for the previouis posts, if the IOC worried about the people who felt that the Olympics were a financial disaster for the host country, they wouldn't them anywhere. Yet they do.
  9. Spain's bigger problem is that too many people are out of work! Putting people to work building things, improving infrastructure, etc. isn't a waste of money, it's exactly what Spain should be doing. And if you can get McDonalds and NBC to foot the bill for most of that work.... it's the best thing ever.
  10. The issues isn't whether or not "many" people view the Olympics that way. It's whether the IOC members do. And I'm pretty sure they don't.
  11. It's only bad PR if you belive that hosting the Olympics is bad for the economy. There are those that believe that having coca-cola and NBC spend $1billion on infrastructure would be good for Spain's economy.Now there is no easy answer as to whether hosting is ultimately good or bad for an economy. But the important question is whether the IOC members think it is good or bad. And I suspect they think it's good. Do you really think the IOC is going to say, "We didn't give the Olympics to Spain because we didn't want to harm their economy?"
  12. Whether true or not, the perception is the IOC ruled out Doha because of October. I don't see how they could accept a bid for an October 2024 games.
  13. OK, let's look at it from VISA standpoint.... why did they pay mucho buckaroos to be an Olympic sponsor? Did they do it because they could force Olympic patrons to use VISA, thereby increasing their business by 0.001%? Or did they do it because they want positive brand imaging? This isn't positive brand imaging!
  14. Somebody needs to explain to Visa that you become an Olympic sponsor to get people to feel all warm and fuzzy about your company. This <crap> just pissed people off.
  15. I'm no expert, but isn't a golf course just about the easiest possible venue to replace? Something happens to your whitewater venue, you've got trouble. Something happens to your golf course? Not so much.
  16. Forgive me if this has been discussed already, but to what extent to people think the "home nations" will be highlighted in the ceremony? Renent ceremonies have celebrated the components within a country... and they could do great stuff with Scottland, Wales, maybe even throw in Jersey etc. But I could also see them wanting to avoid the whole issue and we get ceremonies without even a single utterance of "England." So no "this blessed plot...."
  17. Yes, it is confirmed that there will be more tickets up for sale. Details of how it will be run are still being worked out. Looks like they want to use Ticketmaster. I would expect at least a few opening ceremony tickets will be in that last batch. They will probably be in the most expensive categories, and demand will be *much* greater than supply. You'll need a lot of luck to get them. If you are shut out and really do want tickets, the "legal touts" (Thomas Cook) may have some very expensive pagages that include opening ceremony tickets. Plus, no matter what officilas claim, there will be
  18. I'm almost certain this will be the only time I ever say this in this forum, but Wow, I love those pictures. London in the snow. Very cool. PS - It didn't take 20 years to turn around public opinion on the Eiffel Tower. In fact, the notion that it was hated at first is largely a myth. It was the snooty arts community – not the general public - that rejected the early plans, and even they swiftly came around. By this point point in the Eiffel Tower's history (i.e. about 80% complete) is was already a wildly popular symbol of Paris. Stores throughout the city were flooded with every possible so
  19. Given the choice between LOCOG having a super-secret complicated internal master plan that requires changing the category of seat.... and assuming it's just a (what's the right British term) cockup, I'll take the later.
  20. >> Each Athletics event, each Swimming event, each event the seating is different. You may sit in an AA seat one night and a few nights later its a B seat. One of the many goofy things LOCOG is doing that makes no sense. An A seat should be an A seat period. Rowing is a good example of the oddness. The first two medal days they are selling A-E tickets. The last two they are selling AA-D tickets. But the prices seem to be the same. The first two days have A for 150, B for 95, etc. The next two days the AA's are 150, the A's are 95, etc. Gotta believe it's the exact same seats for the sam
  21. Currently, only residents of EU contries can buy tickets from LOCOG.
  22. Well, yeah, that would be more fair. But if they did that, I wouldn't have all my tickets for London. The system crashed like crazy for the announced ticket sales. But since I knew enough from prior years (and reading here) I checked back and got everything I wanted.
  23. Can't tell you how sickening it feels to have a basket full of tickets, 30 minutes left on Cosport's 45 minute timer, and not be able to check out due to their Compaq 386-powered server being unable to process orders.
  24. If not Tickemaster, who? This is the crap we get dealing with Cosport every single time. I'd *love* USOC to dump Cosport for Ticketmaster. While ticketing is always a problem, LOCOG is making things worse by (1) being horrible about commicating things. It's inexcusable. (2) By greatly overreaching with their resale rules. Combine (1) and (2) and you get the ridiculous situatin where LOCOG is simulatiously tryng to tell people that it's OK to sell their tickets to frieds and family and also that doing so is illegal with severe penalties. Booo.
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