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  1. Both New York and Chicago got crushed by Madrid. I like Madrid more than most on this board, but even I wouldn't call them exceptional and unique. Why would a US candidate in 2020 be a slam dunk against Madrid? Or against Tokyo which also beat Chicago? Or against Islanbul, which people here think has a better chance in 2020 than either Madrid or Toyko?
  2. Two big problems with the "natural and outdoorsy" idea. First, as mentined, IOC members like places with opulent hotels and luxurious shopping... not places that are natural and outdoorsy. But the bigger problem is that Denvery *isn't* all that natual and outdoorsy. Boulder is natural and outdoorsy. Devern is a big city in on a flat plane. There are so many things wrong with Denver for a SOC candidate, I don't see how mentioning 2024 can help Denver 2022. If anything, it makes them look uncommitted and unserious... two things the IOC hates. At this point, other than for fun, I see no reason
  3. "We believe using the name 'Ravelympics' for a competition that involves an afghan marathon, scarf hockey and sweater triathlon, among others, tends to denigrate the true nature of the Olympic Games. In a sense, it is disrespectful to our country's finest athletes and fails to recognize or appreciate their hard work" That's not protecting your trademark. That's going out of your way - needlessly - to insult people. So far, you are the only person I've seen that has no problem with it. Even the USOC felt there was somthing wrong with their first letter as they tried to issue an appology. Unfor
  4. I'm surprised you are OK with the USOC needlessly insulting people, then making the situation worse with a horrible non-apology. But to each their own I guess. My point isn't that the knitting incident is going to hurt the USOC. Just that iit demonstrates the USOC seems to be lacking some of the skills that are going to be needed to get a bid supported.
  5. The problems wasn't just the IOC keeping their brand. They were jerks about it. They went out of their way to insult knitters. When the knitters pushed back, they issues an incredibly lame "we didn't do anything wrong but here's the appology our mom lawyers made us write" statement that only made the situation worse. <sarcasm> Yeah, these guys are going to be able to drum up public support for the Olympics in the US.
  6. Interestingly, Brisbane is roughly the size of Durban, which is also its country's 3rd largest city. But I don't think the Olmypics are going there either.
  7. Brisbane has something Sydney/Melborne/Auckland can't touch.... a August warm enough to host. No, I can't see Brisbane getting the Olympics in a year where a Tokyo/Paris/etc. puts up a decent bid. But could they complete with the next tier down? Against something like Toronto? Maybe. Could there be a scenario where most of the big players sit out (fearing an African bid that falls apart perhaps) and Brisbane beats all those who do show up? Unlikely, but possible. There are few cities that you can truely rule out from ever hosting. Interestingly, Philly is one you can rule out. I can see it
  8. What bothers me about Kapoor is that he keeps saying things like, "The Eiffel Tower was hated by everybody for 50 years, or something like that. Now it's a mainstay of how we understand Paris. We'll see what happens here." That's just blatantly false. The Eiffel Tower was criticized during the design phase, mostly by artists, many of whose designs were rejected. But the tower was already exceedingly popular before it was completed. Popular form the start with both the general public, and many of the “experts” who had criticized the initial design.
  9. The religion of the ancient Greeks was no different from your religion or the religion of modern Pagans. It was religion. Is what people believe and worshiped. Now if you want to view all religion as mythology invented to explain the universe...
  10. So, if I understand you... putting something in the show from a city where you've met people that have something to do with a pagan god will, literally, bring out Satan to curse the London games. But putting an actual pagan god into the cermony is fine.That's some interesting theology you've got there.
  11. Uh, buddy, did you watch the opening ceremony for the olympics you are such a fan of??
  12. You are never going to please everybody. While the Vancouver games were overwhelmingly popular with Canadians, there were French who complained bitterly about the amount of French language, and Anglos complaining about too much French language. The same will happen with London. I have some Scottish friends who are very pro-Scotlant / anti English. I guarantee they'll be watching and complaining. One interesting question is to what extent these are the London games, and to what extent they are the UK's. It's not that huge a difference for London... which in many ways does represent all of the
  13. Spanish *banks* just got a bail out from other banks. Some bankers in Spain made dumb decisions; their companies lost money. Bankers in other countries are going to loan money to their banker friends in Spain. Doesn't change the fact that there is a fast amount of Wealth in Spain.
  14. OK, change my statement to be there are big differences between a rich country (Spain) and a not-rich country (South Africa)
  15. I might be the hypocrite you are thinking of. I don't know if I've said a South African city shouldn't bid (I might have). I have said that the costs of the games are such that I don't know if South African city will bid. For the record, I'd love to see an Olympics in South Africa. But I'd love to see the IOC change their requirements allowing a much cheaper games before that happens. But it is not hypocritical to argue that economic considerations should not keep the Olympics from Madrid, while also arguing that economic consideration should keep the games from somewhere else unless the s
  16. When did it claim that again? (note - don't confuse "venues" with "everything")
  17. I think one goal of an Olympic font sould be staying off lists like: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1665318/the-8-worst-fonts-in-the-world
  18. Um, when 1 in 4 people do not have a job, building stuff and hosting a lot of tourists is exactly what you want to do. Spanish *banks* are having trouble. Central bankers in France and Germany are willing to help out the Spanish banks because the Spanish banks owe a lot of money to French and German banks. I'm completely baffeled by the suggestion that the IOC shouldn't put the Olympics in Spain because stupid bankers in France and Germany were dumb enough to give money to stupic bankers in Spain.
  19. That was top of my wish list for London. A category A came up on Cosport several months ago. Threw it in my cart and spent an agonizing 20 minutes deciding what to do. Eventually I rationalized that (1) I've been pretty thrifty with this trip so far and (2) if Jessica Ennis can pull it off, it'll be a truly magical night. Sucked it up and bought it. Let's hope she comes through! Mo Farah is running the 10k that night to, so a couple chances for British gold. Cosport (USA) just sent out an email saying (1) they have tickets and (2) tickets will be mailed late June / early July. Tickets w
  20. I'm not blaming the IOC. I'm not blaming the other sponsors. I'm blaming VISA. They are making my life harder. Worse, they are paying big bucks to make my life harder. It's totally idiotic.Putting the Olympics on NBC and not ABC doesn't make my life harder. Allowing Samsung to put the Olympic logos on their stuff but not Sony doesn't make my life harder. Not letting me use my VISA makes my life harder. It makes me hate VISA. That's exactly the opposite result from what you want sponsoring VISA. Let MasterCard take the sponsorship. Better still, let American Express take it. AE sponsors all so
  21. The world is rapidly figuring out that austarity measures in Europe were horrible blunders. They greatly added to the misrey of people in the country, and did nothing to help with debt problems.The conventional wisdom is not going to that countries shouldn't be building stuff. That thinking was a disaster. More and more people are going to be thinking that building stuff is exactly what countries like Spain should be doing.
  22. Sorry my friend, buy you can't have it both ways. If few billion euros is a drop in the bucket, then you can't argue that it would be irresponsible to give the Olympics to Spain because it will wreck their economy.It is a drop in the bucket. The Olypics aren't going to make or break the economy. The choice should be decided based on plan, history, venues, where the IOC-spouses want to vacation, etc.... all the normal reasons.
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