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  1. One of the most disgusting posts I've ever seen. You are sick; get help.
  2. That explains why they didn't logo Iran... and possibly SA, But Mexico?? Anyway, I could waste hours looking at those flag. First two questions that pop out: 1) What's the order? Alphabetical in (French?). Close in English, but far from exact. Eyeballing the "I's" we have Indonesia, India, Iran, Ireland, Iraq, Iceland, Israel, ???, Italy 2) What's between Israel and Italy.
  3. Note, if any of you do speak to the press about CoSport, could you try and mention two things 1) First, that CoSport's latest problems aren't isolated incidents. They have always provide terrible service. They simply don't have the means to manage the ticket sales they've been given responsible to manage. 2) Their "illegal" market-ups.. I'm stunned at the number of press reports that have talked about CoSport breaking the rules by marking up sponsor tickets by 20%. They aren't marking them up 20%. They are marking them up by 40%+, just like CoSport has marked up all tickets more than 20%.
  4. While I don't know of a way to get tickets to Olympic park itself, you should be able to get into the official Lives sites... one in Hyde Park and one in Victoria Park.
  5. CoSport's corruption is and has been obvious to anyone for years. They blatantly violate the maximum allowable markup. Nobody cares. I'll be shocked if anyone cares about this. How is it any different from the rest of CoSport's practices?
  6. Everything CoSport does is just as "bad" as any ticket scandal. But they kick some money back to the OC's, so when they do it, it's allowed. Total BS.Right now the IOC is supposidly reviewing how tickets are sold due to these scandals (they are worried about the bad scandals of coruse, not the legal onces they sanction.) If they care a bit about honestly and integrity, they solution is very simple. Have the host committe sell *all* tickets. Anyone think they will do that? Or do you think they will find ways to try and limit the corruption that doesn't kick back to them, while preserving CoSpor
  7. I completely agree. But, unfortunately, it's still the IOC picking the host city. And the IOC members what all the expensive glamor. So how do we get to a cheaper games? 1) Does RSA put up a very competent bid that cuts out the glamor? Do they throw down the gauntlet and tell the IOC to put up or shut up? You want the games in Africa.. Here’s a plan to bring the games in Africa. Either accept the plan, or cut the crap about new frontiers, etc. 2) Does a country put up grand plan, get the games, the cut *way* back? 3) Do we run out of cities willing to spend the big bucks to host? 4) Does
  8. I bet the Russian have some *very* cool toys up there.I love the idea. But I'm sure there are some pooh-poohers out there who would have a problem with using military weapons in the opening ceremony.
  9. In the split Olympics era, the last 5 SOC hosts are from countries with no real possibility of bidding for a WOG. Before that, the SOC were awared to the US - which also bid for the WOG 2 years later, and Spain - which bid for the WOG 6 years later. Doesn't like biddign for a WOG keeps you from getting a SOG. And we know bidding for a SOG doesn't prevent a country from getting a WOG. Is there a chance bidding for a WOG would cause some harm to a SOG bid? Maybe. But you don't abandon the chance of getting a WOG on an unproven theory that trying would somehow harm a SOG bid.
  10. How'd that work out again? Of coure it is. What you say - and mean! - is that you want both 2024 and 2026.
  11. I might have messed this up... but a quick count of new countries hositng by decade: 50's 4 (out of 4!) 60's 3 70's 1 80's 3 90's 1 00's 1 10's 1 Not sure if I'm seeing a new found committment to new frontiers.
  12. True. Oslo would never be given the right to host the Olympics only 4 years after a European Alpine German city.
  13. I think you got it right the second time. USOG wasn't all that interested in bidding for 2022 because they don't have a city with a good change of winning. Had nothing to do with 2024. Of course, that's going to be the big problem with 2024 as well. Will there be an interested US city that can win? Outside of LA, I don't see it.
  14. I wasn't just looking at Atlanta and Salt Lake. I was looking at 80 years of history.What makes you think something has changed in the past few years? Have any of the IOC members come out and said that wouldn't vote for a SOC in a country that had a recent WOG? +1
  15. To be picky, Asia is a big place. While East Asia is out, I don't think Kazakhstan is out due to geography. I do think the IOC members will want to go to a familiar comfortable place like Munich or Oslo after '14, '16 and '18... *especially* if Istanbul wins 2020.
  16. Waltzing Mathilda as an upbeat power anthem? File under "Things you have to be Australian to understand". Anyway, reminds me of one of the better closing cermony moments of all time:
  17. Psst... A 5 second glance at a chronological list of host cities would dispel your theory that having a WOG in one place "blocks" future SOG (and vice versa.) The notion of not wanting a WOG because it would prevent a SOG is, IMO, crazy.
  18. Does no one remember that Madrid crushed both New York and Chicago?
  19. For what it's worth, Foxborough doesn't even count as a suburb of Boston... it's actually closer to Providence, RI than Boston. And it has some of the worst transportation options of any NFL stadium... one rinky-dink road that become a 2-hour parking lot on game day. When the IOC decides to encourage people to come 6-hours early and tailgait before Athletics events, it might be an option. But for now, I don't even see it working as an out-of-town football venue (maybe that's what killed NY2012).
  20. What exactly are you basing that on?? Again, don't confuse Denver with Boulder. Again, what the heck are you basing this on. Seattle already has two massive stadiums downtown with extensive mass transportation links. Sheesh. Have you ever been to Seattle (or Denver for that matter). Seattle has extensive mass transit systems.
  21. Why would DC create security nightmare? Or more to the point, why would security in DC big a bigger nightmare than any other city? I actually think security is one of the good things DC has going for it, since they already have tougher security infrastructure in place than other cities.
  22. Washington DC is in the terrible position of not controlling it's own local government. It's essentially a fiefdom of Congress, which has many anti-city, anti-Olympics, anti-spending folks. Gonna make it very hard, if not impossible to host. LA's summer weather is cooler and much drier than Washington.
  23. Seattle has all the stuff you think Denver has, plus strong ties to other countries that Denver doesn't. Oh, and it never turned down an Olympics. While I completely agree Seattle has no chance, it's lightyears ahead of Denver. Side note re: "green." Building a Olympic Stadium a city doesn't need? Not green. Recycling an old Olympics Stadium? Green.
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