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  1. Average daily high temperatures for August: Dallas: 96 Washington DC: 87 Philly: 85 NYC: 83
  2. Good grief. You have one (1!) crack from the president about bus drivers getting lost. That's it! Why do you have a psychological need to turn that into "spectacularly bad"? Ridiculous. The IOC president didn't say the Atlanta games were spectacularly bad. He said they were well done and exceptional.
  3. Described by who? Did they give example? Was transportation an "unmitigated mess"? A few lost bus drivers? That's what you've got? Kinda like the bus drivers who got lost in London. Sheesh. Really? A third world country? Do tell.. please give examples of this third world state of technology. They are supposed to be... what, thrown in jail? I've been to a bunch of Olympics.... all host cities still have street vendors. Really... a flea market? And even if folks were sellling their junk in downtown Atlanta, who cares? How does that make the Atlanta games such a disaster? You just
  4. There was no link. Site please of IOC members saying that even a badly prepared Athens would have been much better than Atlanta.
  5. 1) What did they experience in Atlanta that was so horrible? 2) How are you privy to the thoughts of most IOC members?
  6. Another person saying Atlanta was over-commercial, but can't say why. I'm sure you can google up more if you try. Heck, I'm sure you can google up people saying unkind things about every Olympics. If you really have a buring desire to bash Atlanta, let's hear some specifics of why you didn't like the games... not detailless quotes from random people on the internet.
  7. So there were massive problems with Atlanta, but the only two you can actually mention we're that the logo was arrogant, and there were some glitches with the software when people checked in? How the hell is a logo arrogant? What is it about an Olympic posting board that brings out the negative badgers??
  8. America isn't broke; we are vastly wealthy. We just aren't willing to spend money on certain things. It's unclear if we are willing to spend/invest money hosting an Olympic games.
  9. Dude.. are there two different people posting under your name? First you throw out these outragious bomb-thrower attacks, then you try and step back and sound almost reasonable. Which is it? Personally, I don't give a flying fish what the corrupt IOC members think. But if you want to go by them, Samaranch said the Atlanta games were excellent and well done. Nobody here thinks the games were the best ever... but if you want to come up with speciic reasons why *you* think they weren't well done, let's here them. Hopefully from the sane you, not the bombthrower you.
  10. Um, you may want to read what you just wrote.
  11. Everyone says that. But I wonder if we went back and looked at Atlanta '96 through today's eyes, would some of that "blatant commerciaiazion" look almost quant compared to what we see today. Any issues in Atlanta with Athletes tweeting shout-outs to their corporate sponsors? Did ACOC rip ATM's out of venues, or ban the sale of unapprovied french fries? The argument that the Atlanta games were bad needs to be more than "people think the games were bad." Why where they bad? Especially if you are going to use Athens as a point of comparison.
  12. Things change, including IOC requirments. No guarantees, but you can't say "never" either way. Besides, the question wasn't "What city is most likely to host," is was "What city should host." I heard this argument over and over before London 2012. London might not have "needed" the games. But the games will surely help London. and London put on a great games.
  13. Who should bid for 2024? Nobody... Just not a good enough story anywhere. Next US SOG will be in LA, and 2024 is a bit too soon. Next US host city? Boston, 2026 perhaps.
  14. Isn't skijoring one of those fake Scandinavian words that Ikea makes up?
  15. Wow... at first I thought you just proved everybody's else point. Chicago has a bunch of tall building, a river, a park, etc... just like every other big city in the world. Wonderful place, but nothing that screams "Chicago." But then the picture of Buckingham Fountain. Everybody knows that... well, everybody that ever watched Married with Children. /sarcasm
  16. I do not think that word means what you think it means.
  17. The main BBC coverage was pretty much like every other national coverage - a non-stop diet of that country's athletes. If anything the main BBC coverage was even narrower than most, as it focused almost exclusively on events where Team GB had a shot at medals. I watched the Olympics in London.. had no idea who Gabby Douglas was (Michael Phelps was the one non-Brit I saw any real coverage of) My wife watched in the US, had never heard of Jess Ennis. I also spent some time watching the Swiss coverage of the games... don't think they every showed either.
  18. Fill in the blanks (take a wild ass guess)... Number of times IOC members have taken personal vacations in the following: NYC: LA: Chicago:
  19. I think great games in London will do a lot of help future French bids (as much as that might pain some to admit.) There are good reasons why certain cities are the most popular desitinations for international tourism, and others are night. The next three games will be held in cities that aren't top tourism destinations. If the IOC notices something lacking in those games that London delivered, they may start to realize a games in Paris is a whole lot more appealing than Azerbaijan, or lean towards a WOC in the French Alps over one in Kazakhstan.
  20. Agree... plenlty of sports already, and there's nothing that really needs to get in. No new sports for now. I might relent if there is a compelling case for something truely different... sport climbing maybe. But for gosh sakes not another team put-the-ball-in-the-net game.
  21. Many nights will have one event with both a final and victory ceremony. While there isn't one today, tomorrow the W 400m h has both; last night both the M 400m h had both, as did the W shot put.
  22. I came back from London with little hope for a US summer games anytime soon (and only slim hopes for a WOG). All the host cities seem to have both passion and plans. They haven't just agreed to host; they really, really want to host. And they all honestly seem to believe in their visions of using the Olympics to transform their city/county. The IOC loves that. They are going to want to hear *why* somebody wants the Olympics. It's got to be more than, "well, you really should host a games in the US since we provide so much of the money." In order to host, we need somebody with a grand vision
  23. Stories like Liu's remind us that sports stories don't always play out according to script. Make Jess Ennis all that more special. She made it look easy, but so many things could have gone wrong, or some kid could have emerged our of nowhere.
  24. Random question of the day... As an American, I feel comfortable admitting that some national anthems may be very meaningful and patriotic, but are pretty much un-singable... I'm at the rowing on Friday, sitting by some very enthusiastic Kiwi's. They sang (er, made noise) loudly and proudly, but my gosh what a mess. Is your anthem really that un-singable, or was this just a byproduct of the large amounts of alcohol they seemed to have consumed.
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