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  1. Dallas had the Cotton Bowl, which would be prefect. If i had to guess, not only could a Canadian bid beat a US one, it would beat a US one, all others things being equal.
  2. London promised a legacy of a 25,000 seat Athletics stadium. While the IOC may have to accept one of these temporary adaptations, I still think they would strongly prefer a legacy.
  3. Hampden park is only losing 6,000 seats to add a track from the Commonwealth games. It has a pitch of 115x75, the exact same size that fits in modern NFL stadiums (Gillette for instance.) If they can make a great Athletics Stadium out of Hampden, I'm not convinced they couldn't do it with the Linc
  4. 1st in the "Not bought with massive bribes" category.
  5. Kingston 2032 anyone? You are overthinking this. Of top 20-30 factor that IOC voters will weigh, this won't make the list.
  6. The challenge isn't to come up with a short catchy slogan. It's to believe in the slogan and incorporate it everywhere through your plans. One of things I saw in London was much all the Olympic people believed in this stuff. It wasn't just a generic slogan. The were passionate about it... it permeated everything they did and how they want to be judged. Keep in mind that London 2012 wasn't just about Inspiring a Generation. It was about fundamentally transforming East London. Again, the more you talk to Olympic people, you see they really care and believe in this stuff. It's not just lip servi
  7. Things change. Styles and preference shift back and forth. I expect the overwhelming success of London 2012 is going to nudge IOC member attitudes - maybe a little, maybe a lot - away from "let's go someplace brand new" and towards, "let's go someplace amazing that we know will have great games." Before London, maybe those memories of LA 1984 got people thinking, "Didn't we just have games in LA." Now there might be a bit more, "Yeah, LA was great, let's do that again." Forgive me for not completely spelling out my point... let me try again for you. My small town just added 2,500 housing u
  8. I live in a small college town. We are adding 2,500 units. Happens all the time in cities across the US.
  9. I believe that every major American city can solve for the stadium and village issue. Some better than others.. but in the end, everyone can come through. We spend way to much time speculating on veneus and ignore all the touchy-feely stuff that the IOC members live for. It's not "Can this city host?" Lots of cities can host. It's "Why should this city host?" What will this city do for the Olympics, and what will the Olympics do for the city? And when we do talk about venues, I think we have it backwards. Advantage doesn't go to the city with all the venues in place. Advantage goes to the cit
  10. Which is why Rio is holding their Olympics in Winter.
  11. HEY! A chunck of my tax dollars when to Salt Lake 2002. I want credit for that. "Without question, we simply could not host Games in Salt Lake if it were not for the enormous spending and services of the federal government," Mitt Romeny, 2001 Congressional Testimony Roughly $342 in direct federal spending on Salt Lake, with another $1.1b in indirect. Not to mention all the state and local spending.
  12. I don't presume to know the ins and outs of every RSA city... but back in the bidding for 2004, somebody thought Cape Town was the best candidate. They had reasons. It might still be the best candidate, it might not be. But it certainly has to be in the conversation. You can't just say it's Durban by default.
  13. As a general rule, you should assume that any post about Tulsa from anyone on this board is at least slightly tounge-in-cheek.
  14. The President of the IOC said publically to an audience of a billion or so people that the games were most exceptional and well done.
  15. Give me street vendors over mega-crowded Megastores with 45 minutes queues to get inside.
  16. To misquote a famous Phillidenphian... I mean listen, we're sitting here talking about pre-season, not a real game, not a ... I know it's important, I honestly do but we're talking about pre-season
  17. Just my opinion, but file this under "hell no"
  18. Encouraging people to bid = easy Actually relaxing rigid requirements to make it possible = hard
  19. Rio isn't in the same time zone as any US city.
  20. I'm convinced the important question for a US 2024 bid isn't how or where, but why. Any of the major cities can come up with a list of venues... build them, reuse them, whatever. We are good at that. The tough question is why. Why does NYC (or Chicago, Dallas, whatever) want to host? It can't just be, "We are a great city and will host a great games." Will the games transform a city? Inspire a generation? Open new frontiers? Being about world peace?
  21. They can't forgive if forgiveness hasn't been asked. And there is no way for "Denver" to ask forgiveness.
  22. Seattle has no geographical or transportation problems that prvent it from hosting the Olympics.
  23. Few more American cities... average August daily high: LA - 84 (and dry) Chicago - 82 Seattle - 76 San Fracisco - 68 oh, and what the heck: Tulsa - 93
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