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  1. Hi I have some spare tickets that I cant use, selling at cost price. Can you email me mybills1@live.com.au if you have any interest. GA009D x 2 £115 each Mens GA final VO026D x 2 £35 each (quater final) TK006D x 2 £35 each (final) WL022D x 2 £24 each WP007B x 1 £60
  2. Hi Hobart, what makes you think its just football? I stupidly didnt take part in CoSport R1 , R2 was pretty disapppointing but picked up some TT and BD. Are you coming over for the games then?
  3. I agree wish i had gone in on the international sales early, instead of just getting some scraps. Still I think i got gymnastics and diving from Italy, got spare Mens Bronze basketball if anyone wants to swap something for that
  4. Na, I tried but failed. I spent too long looking at what was available then the site crashed, I should have just picked on thing and fired the order off
  5. HI sorry its not in english. http://t.co/3CZIFuH. It doenst seem to be working at the moment though. I was a bit late to hear about it most of the stuff was gone yesterday by the time I got wind of it. The fact it was not english probably made me miss out on the best stuff as i spent ages learning how to use the site.
  6. I managed to get 4 tickets to Gold Womans Basketball, Bronze Mens Basketball and Fensing Final on Iceland last night. (no one has offically confirmed we will be allowed them tho). It came up and you had to just go for it there and then, I was a bit late, missed the really really good stuff, there was swimming, diving, athletics finals. As it was such a hurry to book them I over booked and will probably have two tickets for one of the basketball sessions to sell on if its allowed. My friend wont pay for both as was buying for him as well.
  7. Hi, I have stumbled across this forum while trying to find some information about getting Olympic tickets. My girlfriend and I did badly in the UK draw, only got one Basketball session after applying for 36 sessions between us. As she missed out completely we were able to enter the 2nd chance first come first serve and managed to get one Athletics session, was luckly, put down 3 but only got one. So now we have one session on the 6th Morning (athletics) and Basketball on the 8th evening. Wanted to try and plug that gap with something so have just started getting into this Overseas seller stu
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