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  1. Thanks to IThomas in SSC Rome 2024 proposed Sailing venue: Cagliari
  2. Budapest Olympics 2024: Majority of Hungarians wants referendum on hosting the games 2015-09-21 | Budapest Olympics Only 46 per cent of Hungarians back Budapest’s bid to host the 2024 Olympics while 51 per cent want to have the opportunity to vote on the matter in a referendum, according to a survey by Ipsos commissioned by the opposition left-liberal Együtt party and published in the daily newspaper Népszabadság. The paper noted that in Ipsos’s February survey, 60 per cent supported the idea of Budapest’s bid. According to another survey, carried out by rival public opinion pollster Nézőpont Intézet in August, 49 per cent backed organising the event while 42% were opposed, the paper added. The latest Ipsos survey with a sample of 1 000 found that besides 41 per cent who opposed hosting the event, 13 per cent were neutral. The Hungarian Olympic Committee is eyeing carefully which bidding city’s population supports its bid the most and the Hungarian committee is also preparing to carry out its own survey, the paper said. Announcing the acceptance of the applications to host the 2024 Olympic Games handed in by Budapest, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Paris and Rome this past Wednesday, Thomas Bach, chairman of the International Olympic Committee, said that the deciding factor in the selection of the host city this year will be not the most adequate infrastructure available but rather which city genuinely wants to host the Olympics, the paper points out. Speaking to Népszabadság earlier, Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy, chairman of BOM – a foundation which campaigns for the Hungarian capital to host the Olympics -, said that it would be “appropriate” for the share of backers to exceed 75 per cent and cited the example of Los Angeles, where 77 per cent of the population is in support of the bid. via hungarymatters.hu and nol.hu Hungary Today
  3. Olympics-Germany able to host 2024 Games and Euro in same year: Bach Reuters 14 hours ago BERLIN, Sept 16 (Reuters) - Germany would have no problems hosting both the 2024 European soccer championships as well as the summer Olympics in the same year, given the country's sports infrastructure and organisational skills, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach said on Wednesday. Hamburg is bidding for the 2024 Olympics while the German football association (DFB) is hoping to land the Euro in the same year, traditionally staged just a few weeks before the summer Games. "I think this can be possible because they are time-wise a couple of weeks apart from each other so they do not influence each other in this respect," Bach said in a conference call. "I also think that nobody has real doubt about the Germans' organisational skills." Hamburg is bidding against Paris, Rome, Los Angeles and Budapest, with the French capital and the U.S. city seen as the early frontrunners in the race to be decided in 2017. Bach, a German himself, said the country already had the necessary stadium infrastructure in place for the Euro, which meant preparations for the continental soccer tournament would not affect Hamburg's plans for the Games, should the German port be selected as the host. The IOC two years ago had warned Turkey to pick one of the two, with Istanbul bidding for the 2020 Olympics and the country campaigning to land the Euro 2020. It had said the strain of staging two large international events so close to each other would not be possible for Turkey. (Reporting by Karolos Grohmann; editing by Sudipto Ganguly) https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/olympics-germany-able-host-2024-games-euro-same-080221229--sow.html
  4. Candidature Process Olympic Games 2024: http://www.olympic.org/Documents/Host_city_elections/Candidature_Process_Olympic_Games_2024.pdf Candidature Questionnaire Olympic Games 2024: http://www.olympic.org/Documents/Host_city_elections/Candidature_Questionnaire_Olympic_Games_2024.pdf Host City Contract Principles: http://www.olympic.org/Documents/Host_city_elections/Host_City_Contract_Principles.pdf Host City Contract Operational Requirements: http://www.olympic.org/Documents/Host_city_elections/Host_City_Contract_Operational_Requirements_September_2015.pdf
  5. Proposed Sailing Venue in Kiel http://www.kiel.de/leben/sport/olympische_segelwettbewerbe/neues_olympiazentrum.php
  6. It will be great if we will see Wales, Iceland, Austria, Northern Ireland and maybe Hungary,Scotland, Norway and Albania in this Uefa Euro.
  7. It is. http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2013/oct/17/china-north-korean-propaganda-paintings http://www.theatlantic.com/china/archive/2013/10/how-north-korean-propaganda-artists-imagine-beijing/280687/
  8. It's official. Congratulations Durban! Commonwealth Games ‏@thecgf 16m16 minutes ago The XXII Commonwealth Games are unanimously awarded to the South African city of Durban #CGFAssembly #Durban2022 Commonwealth Games ‏@thecgf 3m3 minutes ago The host city contract for the XXII Commonwealth Games is signed
  9. Semi Finals Results: South Korea 2-0 Iraq Australia 2-0 UAE Friday 30 January Third Place Match Iraq vs UAE in Newcastle 20:00 Local Time 09:00 GMT/UTC Saturday 31 January The Final Australia vs South Korea in Sydney 20:00 Local Time 09:00 GMT/UTC
  10. Egypt didn't participate at the Winter games since 1984 so there is a little chance that they will be in PyeongChang anyway.
  11. Otkrytie Arena - Spartak Moscow Stadium - will host the confederations Cup and the World Cup.
  12. The IAGOC unveils their plan for opening and closing ceremonies of 2014 AG. Writer Anna You Date 2014-08-29 The Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee (IAGOC) had a press conference at the National Museum of Modern Art in Seoul on August 27 and announced their plan for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 17th Asian Games. Master of Korean films Lim Kwon-Taek is in charge of general production of the ceremonies and famous storyteller Jang Jin, who is also a playwriter, actor and film director, will take a role of artistic director. Executive producer Lim Kwon-Taek and artistic director Jang Jin made a presentation about the directing message and main ideas, participating specialists, and performing artists and “Hallyu” stars. Executive producer Lim remarked, “all the staff for this event is comprised of the best directing team and the best cast. Everyone is working hard to make the opening and closing ceremonies of the Incheon Asian Games, which begins in twenty days, festivals that build harmony and considerations for others.”and hoped that everyone pays close attention and will be able to participate in such a meaningful event. Artistic director Jang explained, “unlike the previous Asian Games and Olympics that focused on flaunting their national power, such as 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, 2012 London Olympics, and 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games won’t simply show off a scale but try to deliver a clear message, “4.5 billion Asians’ dream, Asia as one.” He expressed his conviction that the ceremonies will rouse all participants’ empathy with story-telling performances and unique choreography in harmony with Korean styled ideas and creativity. Jang announced detailed programs and artists for the ceremonies. The opening ceremony will start at 6pm at the Incheon Asiad Main Stadium and it will be composed of welcoming events, which will begin with poet Go Eun’s recitation of “Asiad Song” along with soprano Jo Su-Mi and Incheon Metropolitan Citizens Choir’s song, opening performances, cultural performances, torch lighting, and congratulatory performances. The main part of the opening performance will develop a story composed of four acts, from “Asia long time ago,” “Asia meeting through the sea,” “Asia as family and friends,” and to “Asia as one and future joining with today,” and Hallyu stars Chang Dong-Geon and Kim Soo-Hyun will lead the stories. Chang, a prominent Korean actor, will narrate the first story and Kim, also a famous actor, will appear through a video during the second stage. During the cultural performances of the opening ceremony, five musical stars, such as Ok Joo-Hyun and Michael Lee, will sing and classic artists, like violist Richard Yong-Jae O’Neil and cellist Song Young-Hoon, will follow with their beautiful playing. As part of the cultural performances, Korean traditional classic artist AhnSook-Seon’s “Pansori” will deliver a unique harmony of Korean traditional and classic music. Many K-Pop stars, such as JYJ, EXO, CNBlue, SISTAR, and PSY, will light up the ceremonies, and there are high expectations for Chinese pianist Lang Lang’s collaboration performance with K-Pop stars. In particular, JYJ, the PR ambassadors of the Incheon Asian Games, will sing “Only One”, the theme song of the Incheon Asian Games, as the torch is lit and the congratulatory performances of the opening ceremony will come to a great finale with PSY and other popular stars. During the presentation of the opening and closing ceremonies, the outfits of sign holders received much attention for their uniqueness as well as their beauty. They are designed with the national flowers of 45 participating countries based on “Hanbok,” Korean traditional dress Both the sign holders’ dresses and pickets that they are holding are made of “Hanji,” Korean traditional paper. Incheon 2014
  13. Competition schedule: http://incheon2014ag.org/news/notice/standard/view?menuId=1&bbsId=4682&cnId=7901 Team Sports Competitions schedule: http://incheon2014ag.org/news/notice/standard/view?menuId=1&bbsId=4682&cnId=7864
  14. TOKYO 2020’s “Creating Tomorrow Together” Project Invites Youth to Contribute to the Games 14 Jul. 2014 TOKYO 2020 today presented its new project “Creating Tomorrow Together” to collect ideas from Japan’s younger generation with a view to further refining the existing vision, that was developed during the candidature phase under the tagline Discover Tomorrow. TOKYO 2020 will solicit a wide range of opinions and suggestions regarding the preparations and delivery of a superb Games which aims to promote the Olympic values for new generations. Athens 2004 Olympic hammer-throw champion and TOKYO 2020 Sports Director Koji Murofushi today acted as a guest teacher of fifth grade pupils at an elementary school in Tokyo to explain the Olympic values and to inspire them to look forward to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. “We want to inspire the new generation with the Olympic Spirit,” said Murofushi. “They are the future of our nation; that’s why we want them to be actively involved in our preparations. It is of crucial importance to make young people realise that this is also their Games and they have a key role to play throughout the entire process of our preparations and during the Games themselves. We are looking forward to receiving everybody’s suggestions to help us ensure the success of the 2020 Games.” Children across the whole of Japan will have the opportunity to contribute to the “Creating Tomorrow Together” project. They will write an essay during their summer holidays in which they will describe their dreams for 2020 and the future they want to build for Japan by the time of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. And the quest for ideas is not limited to Japan’s younger generation. TOKYO 2020 is also inviting similar essays and suggestions from a broader section of society and hopes to incorporate many of the ideas received, from both young and old, into its finalised vision for the Games. On 15 July, the organising committee will launch the dedicated website vision.tokyo2020.jp to invite contributions on what kind of Olympic and Paralympic Games the people of Japan would actually like to host. With their wide-ranging ideas and suggestions, people throughout Japan will make a significant contribution to further strengthening TOKYO 2020’s vision to renew and reinforce the Olympic Values for a new generation in 2020. Tokyo 2020
  15. 100 Days to go ..!! Incheon Asiad Main Stadium ( thanks to repin in SSC)
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