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  1. ADF | Antalya Diplomatic Forum

    The logo of the ADF is inspired by the antique amphitheather of TERMESSOS

    Termessos - Wikipedia


    Recoding Diplomacy

    Heads of State and Government, Ministers, policy makers, diplomats, business leaders, academics, think-tankers and representatives of the youth and media will meet again at the second Antalya Diplomacy Forum to be held under the auspices of H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, President of the Republic of Türkiye, on 11-13 March 2022.

    The participants will address a wide range of topics in international relations under the overarching theme of “Recoding Diplomacy”.

    Diplomacy is indeed transforming. Its language and methods are changing. Competition, discord and even conflict are constants in international affairs and affect humanity with changing dynamic. New fluctuations in global affairs coupled by the Covid-19 pandemic have exacerbated the need for transformation. Shifts in the relationship between state and the individual as well as technological innovation require attention.

    Humanity needs robust diplomacy to resolve tensions, manage change, facilitate adaptation and promote cooperation. For this, diplomacy must stay innovative, efficient, and effective. In turn, it requires composite efforts towards re-evaluation, reaffirmation and restoration, in other words, a recoding.

    The recoding of diplomacy also encompasses finding effective ways to communicate national interests with renewed language, insight and impact, while making extensive use of rapidly changing and innovative digital capabilities. Reaching out to a younger generation is among the top priorities.

    The multiple ways governments have addressed this evolving phenomenon of inevitable change has been shaped by their exposure and experience in dealing with local, regional and global challenges. Keeping diplomacy fit for purpose requires it to be attentive and adaptive to the demands of the day.

    The Antalya Diplomacy Forum will continue to serve as a platform for an interactive and multi-stakeholder discussion on key aspects of recoding diplomacy at these times of change.


    website: ADF – Antalya Diplomasi Forumu (antalyadf.org)

  2. best friends; @FYI @Rob. @StefanMUC @munichfan you all are precious users on this forum for me.. i totally have respect for your opinions BUT there are a lot yours sentences wherby i do not agree with.. but i admire/admit the anglosaxon-upperhand of thinking because they tell 9 negative points and 1 correct reality as rob did for example.. wheras the german way of thinking is totally based on discrimination, they even dont quote 1 correct reality.. everything of all the negativism about türkiye's press-freedom in german-british-french-press-thinking is based falsehood-information about systematically manipulated news in western media.. and of course the ORIENTALİZM view towards the east for millenia.. this debate is confirmd by intelligencia in whole the world..


    Rob says-1: And your accusation of "Orientalism" when presented with this fact sounds ..? >> its not an acusation it is a fact!

    Rob says-2: Erdo is an anti-secular ? >> thats right! a (practising) muslim/christian/jew is anti-secular.. but yes, THE STATE is SECULAR!

    Rob says-3: Respect is earned and lost? >> there isnt lost anything because the respect was never there!




    this becomes my perception when there is quoted/fabricated/sucked/imagined false-personal information of the thumb.. for about most of the users speak about the fourniture-umbrella-word whereby they cant properly place the sub-categories as chair, table, closet.. lets have a look:



    munishfan says-1: Why waste time, money and energy on a race that's hopeless from the very beginning? > isnt this applicable for each country? discrimination!

    munishfan says-2: as long as the current regime is in charge in Turkey? >> explained above that it has nothing to do with regimes! its all about FA desicions!

    stefanMUC says-1: Turkey is also basically bankrupt thanks to Erdogan? >> this is a lie and the perception discriminates/prejudice  (in the istanbul thread)

    stefanMUC says-2: Let‘s see how many of his projects will really be done - and by which time? >> this is lie too & and also discriminates/prejudice (in the istanbul thread)

    stefanMUC says-3: Don‘t expect a rational argument .. >> all my answers/explenation contain rational argument >> all these cumulative-false statements got answers!


    why do west-european citizens and the anglosaxon world have a biassed/prejudiced view againts the east/turkey/istanbul (in these cases/threads) why isnt there 1 single constructive AND reasonable argument about the potential of that eastern cities/countries perfectly can organize international organizations?

    it would have made sense if you said that: türkiye has build a lot, they have the excitement to do well BUT the british/italian lobbies of those football federations are stronger, they will make it tough for the turkish football federation.. HAS the the turkish FA the guts to compete with those lobbies in stead of the conscious withdrawal? this would have been the acceptable comment against my posts.. in this i will also go for celtic-4 in 2028 (but doubt for italy in 2032)


    ON THE OTHER HAND - Nobody says something about the reality on the 40.000 turkish-citizen lives lost by bombs, guns, rokets by terrorists-attacks of FETO, PKK, YPG, YPD & ISIS in 40 years, türkiye is a country who has to live each day to combat terrorism that is established by the anglosaxon-world supported by west-europe.. replace britain and germany with iraq and syria.. and you will know by then what i mean.. a little bit of empathy to understand a country better in its effort agains terrorism..


    BUT everybody begins tweezing about the humanrights and press-freedom of türkiye WHEN CORNERED with reality.. this is not ethical because in almost every country we have at least 1 person in jail about the press-freedom.. NOT TO SPEAK ABOUT the smashing-down of social-media-freedom laws in France & Germany who already allready had the euros and the worls-cups then.




    OK lets have look about the press freedom of whole the world:

    - russia and china were worst in pressfreedom and human rights & had their olympics and worldcups

    - poland-ukraine are also in a difficult freedom-category dispite that they got euro-cup 2012

    - also greece-bulgaria-serbia-romania collored dark-yellow about press-freedom BUT have ambitions to host a euro

    - actually it is all FINALY about the mony and lobby that gives the chance to host (cfr QATAR 2022 world-cup)


    Rob says-1:  authoritarian dinosaur with more journalists in jail than any other world leader? >> thats a lie.. world-list here: Rangliste der Pressefreiheit – Wikipedia

    Rob says-1: Enough respect for you? >> no.. this is not the manipulated respect we are looking for.. for no any country..

    Rob says-3: but he's very clearly become dangerously authoritarian in the past decade >> this is a lie too, WHİCH DANGER is here imagined! so repeptitive..

    munichfan-1: a dude who's putting journalists and ordinary people to jail just for having the wrong opinion? >> they dont have wrong opinion BUT terrorists-relations! 

    munichfan-2: You‘re replying to someone who called Erdo?

    >> in antalya theres is a german colony, they have alarmed that turkish stand-up actors have insulted merkel in their program.. finally they came in front of the court/justice.. and they have been prosecuted.. we dont tolerate blasphemy/insult to no one, nor to world leaders.. freedom of speech is not unlimited.. we see that this have a also a reflection in the new social-media laws in western-europe.. so erdoğan is nobodies roommate RESPECT please!

    Rob says-4: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Böhmermann_affair  = the same example as the german colony in Antalya


    source-1: List of arrested journalists in Turkey - Wikipedia

    sourcd-2: Journalismus: Deutschland fällt bei Pressefreiheit auf Rang 17 - WELT

    source-3: Tüm Tutuklu Gazeteciler Takip Listesi - Google Spreadsheets

    source-4: Türkiye’de Basın ve İfade Özgürlüğü - 265 - Expression Interrupted >> in total 109 press-people in 2021

    source-5: İki ayda 109 gazeteci yargılandı: “Gazeteciler nefes alamıyor” – Sendika.Org



    prosecuted press-people with their motion of handeling and NOT of wrong opinions

    (knowing in backmind that the numbers are high because terrorist-organşzations in the neighbouring region)


    SOURCE-6: İki ayda 109 gazeteci yargılandı: “Gazeteciler nefes alamıyor” – Sendika.Org

    7% = blasphemy/insults towards turkish president erdogan

    3% = blasphemy/insults towards public officials

    3% = targeting people involved in counter-terrorism

    3% = printing dangerous/statements of terrorist organisations

    38% = TERRORIST ORGANIZATION MEMBERSHIP (pkk-ypg-ypd-isis-feto)

    26% = making terrorist propaganda

    20% = other .. like rob mentioned >> https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/campaigns/2017/02/free-turkey-media/ ????

    On 3 July 2020, four Amnesty International activists were convicted by the Turkish court for "assisting a terrorist organization". The human rights group denies all the charges and said that every allegation against its members has been "comprehensively exposed as a baseless slur."


    = amnesty international is corrupt by itself and produces SUBJECTIVE literature in favor of terrorists groups.. the turkish army captured about 3000 west-european terrorists and send them back to their country of origin, like britain france belgium germany netherlands usa russia ukraine greece .. but those countries did nothing to prosecute them.. justice didnt work in west-europe so all those 3000 came back tk syria to serve İSİS and YPG.. SOME OF THEM WERE activists of AMNESTY but fighted together with the terrorists. AND ALL with photo/video evidences by the turkish army.. these documents were transferrred relevant to the countries in charge about those terrorists.. a lot of them (assosiations, journalists, senators, deputees) transported in secrecy terrorists in their vehicles from syria into turkish grounds. >> AND THESE ARE CALLEC ORDINARY PEOPLE.. everybody who is guilty about those actions will be treated the same as everybody.. Law is made for everybody in each cou try



    fyi says-1: Tulsi Gabbard doesn't think that Erdogran is a "very visionary leader", either. Instead calling him a "radical Islamist megalomanic"> thats her stupid opinion

    fyi says-2: that shortened clip of Tulsi Gabbard that you posted over in the other thread >> i posted that video because to learn/understand why it was so fastly translated in differend languages and was journeying with sponsorship on twitter. as you noticed i didnt wrote something positive or negative and didnt comment BUT wrote that it went fast in different languages on social media.. thanx to your follow-up i learned that it was on FAUX channel and that she made that statement towards the BİDEN administration.. i hadnt the time to thank you for your contribution that you brought clearence on that shortened-video.. in this frame, my post was totally NOT a manipulation 

    fyi says-3: that she.. accused Turkey a year-&-a-half ago of "encouraging & inciting the conflict between Armenia & Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh" >> türkiye did not encouraged nothing.. only sold drones to azerbaijan as it did in ukraine.. armenian army did genocide in Hodjali source: Khojaly massacre - Wikipedia and invaded Nagorno-Karabakh as Russia does/did on crimea, donbass and other places in ukraine.. thats what i mention with orientalism.. helping ukraine is good BUT helping azerbajan is bad.. this hypocrisy.. even it is you saying that by manipulating me with Tulsi Gabbards statements.. that women doesnt intrests me, because you clarified a lot in the other tread.. in each country you have a lot of contradictions between political party's.. thats normal.. thats the ultimate democracy in the states isnt it?!

    rob says-5: I'm not saying he doesn't get some things right (I'm sure the world is glad of the drones he's sending to Ukraine atm) >> this showz that brittish way of thinking is superior to that of the usa-side of the anglo-saxon world.. also soft and gentle/subtile in terms of technical-politic view.. my most beloved british politician is BEN WALLACE minister of defence.. he is the only person in europe who sees the reallty about the turkish defence industry that protects the european borders in every level.. he is on point to get turkish-drones as well.. usa is pragmatic but the british are gentle-decessive.. so is my perception about rob.. i have had my good portion of british culture in my education here in flemish-schools.. ;) 


    @SportLightning says: Maybe Istanbul could do 2036 Olympics and then the whole country for Euro 2040 four years seperatly >> erdoğan is dead by then.. i wont live either at that date close the the half of the millenium era.. who knows.. 


    i hope i didnt forgot anyhing what i had in my opinion to answer you all pragmatic and politly.. thanx folx.. good to have you here.. we have to work together for a better world.. as erdoğan says: "the world is bigger than 5" and "A FAİRER WORLD İS POSSİBLE"


    kind regards, fatih

  3. 13 minutes ago, SportLightning said:

    If Turkey is awarded the Euro 2036 and 2036 Olympic and Paralympic Game to Istanbul it would be the first time the country would host both events the same year.

    Thats forbidden.. a cumulation of international organizations in thesame year is forbidden by rules of those committees..

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  4. 17 minutes ago, munichfan said:

    And he did not fail to deliver.?????

    Last time I checked Belgium and Germany were free countries where people are allowed to form and express their own opinions.

    Nobody here is having to show respect to a dude who's putting journalists and ordinary people to jail just for having the wrong opinion, burning his economy to ashes because he thinks he can outsmart the laws of economics, repressing minorities in his country and even invading his neighbours to continue repressing said minorities beyond his borders.

    @munichfan what you wrote is a LARGLY FALSEHOOD.. because of the manipulation in western media


    - Nobody here is having to show respect to a dude >> this is disgracefull.. Everybody who says this have to look in the mirror!!


    - who's putting journalists and ordinary people to jail just for having the wrong opinion >> which journalists & which ordinary people & which wrong opinion.. you have to gşve names of those people who you assume.. you have to write also the opinions of those people for what they being tried for.. you cant escape just like that.. give details and look together.. you will see its a falsehood.. 

    - burning his economy to ashes because he thinks he can outsmart the laws of economics >> he doesnt think he can outsmart the laws of economics.. what he did was to lower the intrest instead of the adoption of decrease the intrest in a out-put-period of covid19.. this is ALSO EXACT the same what LAGARD did as pesident with the euro at the ECB european central bank in FRANKFURT.. look firstly what happens with intrest AND inflation in highest in german history has ruined a lot of poor germans.. in germany there are about 2,5 million children who came in a malnourished-degree because of the inflation whereas this never happened in turkey under erdoğans presşdentship

    - repressing minorities in his country >> he never repressed mşnorities in his country, he levelled-up all the minorities in his country and gave all the lands back that was stolen about 80 years from them (i can give you official sources with thankfullness to him because they got everything back) by the opposition-party before the time he governed, he gave command to restore all the churches in his country from all mşnorities, in his presidentship our kurdish brothers got the most widen rights, they can go to court in their own language, they got kurdish tv, newspapers, radios, schools, double named villages, kurdiology-faculties at universities, we even had kurdish pesident and ministers, etc... we never had so much democracy and freedom of speech on turkish soil.. not to speak about who and which journalists are in jail in western europe (because they were country traitors - betrayal of the nation in every country is been punished even in france, germany or usa) 

    - and even invading his neighbours to continue repressing said minorities beyond his borders >> THİS İS THE MOST SERIOUS FALSEHOOD.. turkey did not INVADE its neighbours.. THE TURKISH AND SYRIAN governments have signed in the '80s the ADANA-CONSENSUS.. that turkey gave the right to combat terrorists on syrian grounds.. this consensus is also internatonally recognised.. SO THİS STATEMENT İS ALSO ROTTEN.. over 2000 turkish people and soldiers near  killed by rakets and bombs that came from syrian side from PKK YPG YPD İSİS.. the 5th article of the NATO never been used.. the greatest hypocrisy that türkiye did see from its allies.. now they do all help ukraine which even isnt a nato coutry


    so please.. do some research before you call somebody DUDE.. thats unnoble and unappropriate


    look carefully to this video >> FROM MİNUTE 8.00.. >> for 30 seconds only

    erdoğan pledges for a SAFE CORRİDOR FOR THE REFUGEES to rescue them.. at the UNITED NATIONS



    all this problem is caused by the usa & especially the french-concrete-enterprise LAFARGE who gave concrete to the terroristz to built tunnels underground.. 

    before we talk about human rights in türkiye the western countries schould stop to INVADE the middle-east.. TÜRKİYE will protect its borders so that the country is a safe transit-country of gas-pipelines to europe .. they will need it in times of cutting russian gas nowadays. so mutual respect for a country that helps europe a lot on a lot of fields.. from refugees to hydrocharbon fuel.. now west-europe will undergo the same torture of waves of refugees with the ucraines as we had with syrians..



  5. SECONDLY you can learn a lot about creative thinking: the main goal of this to 'postpone prejudice' about things and persons.. because what i learned from my west-european education is that "dialogue = respect" AND VİCE VERSA "respect = dialogue".. the very good thing about forums is that you can measure the degree of respect of users in what they answer you back vşa posting and commenting. 

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST all my comments contain a reasonable portion of RATIONAL ARGUMENT.. i highly recommend you as a forum-user/friend to take distance from such a hostile tongue/language.. AND YES İNDEED erdoğan is a very visionary (if not the most visionary leader) on the planet at the moment. by 2028-2030 he will probably die OR wil take distance from politics because of old age by then. So please be some constructive.. turkish citizens dont say MERKO for merkel or SHO for SHOLTZ.. a minimum respect is required.. 

    - he gave the chance for ukrainian citizens to escape via humanitary corridors in five seriously bombed cities after communication with putin

    - he doesnt throw away the heavy chains with russia because istanbul airport is the only closest escape-airport from europeans who are still in russia nowadays

    - he gave command to save over 500 bastard-babies from christian-ezidi-women who were raped by isis.. these babies are carried in turkish hospitals

    - he gave instruction to build over 100.000 briquet-houses in north-syria so that those refugees dont die in cold wintertimes

    - turkey is housing more than 7 million refugees caused by west-european and usa proxy-war & 28 western-countries do support the terrorists pkk, ypg, ypd, isis etc..

    - he gave start to build hospitals in sudan somali niger myanmar moritania congo angola tjad etcetera

    - he helped over 90 countries with free medical equipment in difficult corona-crises

    - he donated over 50 million (still in progress) turcovac-vaccins to combat corona for whole of africa

    - he gave commend to built the new olympic stadium in dakar for the yog in 2026.. before the ukraine war he officially opened the 50.000 seater stadium date 22.02.2022

    >> source: Senegal Stadı, Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan'ın katıldığı törenle açıldı (aa.com.tr)

    - he is the first leader in turkey to start a sports-council to develop all of sports in turkey & gains worldwide each year over 10.000 medals at every range of age

    - in his presidentship there has been built about 50.000 new sportvenues and sportscourts from cities to the smallest village on turkish soil near the iranian border

    - in his presidentship there has been build over 25 stadiums 5000 km of freeways/autobahn, 4000 km speedrail, 36.000 km double ways, 256 dams, 3rd highest dam in the world, 5 suspension bridges, 700 km of tunnels, 1000 km of roadbridges, 5.000.000 public housing estates, 400.000 new schools, 7th sattelite, our own automobil TOGG will ride on the streets, national frigate and submarine.. from the top 10 megaconstructions on the planet 7 were on turkish soil in the last deccade

    - after losing from japan for the 2020 sog in buenos aires/argentina at 7/9/2013 he said that they must work harder to be prepared for a future olympics and that all the mony would be spent for athletes .. 

    - thanx to his leadership we repulsed for the first time the the 6th coup in turkish history made by feto and the gülenist-terorists




  6. 16 hours ago, StefanMUC said:

    You‘re replying to someone who called Erdo a „very visionary leader“ in the Istanbul 2036 thread.

    Don‘t expect a rational argument to be greeted with open arms.

    my dear friend @StefanMUC here we are again..

    FIRSTLY you do not have te right to call erdoğan as ERDO.. he is not your room-mate neither your care-bear.. you have to show some respect !! we are tired of this oriental/ism (point of view from western-europe) that contains disrepectness and disgrace.

    SECONDLY you c

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  7. 13 hours ago, munichfan said:

    It does sound like a rational approach to me. There is simply no way a Turkish bid could be chosen over the deal the most powerful federations have sealed for 2028, 30 and 32. Why waste time, money and energy on a race that's hopeless from the very beginning? The more often they come in and fail, the more they make a fool of themselves. It seems way more reasonable to stand at the sidelines and wait for a good opportunity to strike.

    And honestly, as long as the current regime is in charge in Turkey, the only good opportunity could be if no other bid emerges.

    best @munichfan first of all the current regime in türkiye is a presidential-regime (in a secular republic since 1923)

    from 1923 till 1947 > 24 years > 1 party regime 

    from 1948 till 1917 > 69 years > parliamentary regime >> erdoğan was prime minister from 2002 till 2014 elected with 52%

    from 1918 till 2022 > 4-5 years > presidential regime >> erdoğan was president from 2014 & reelected in 2018 with 53% till now 


    now the contrast-question for you is;

    1// which regime does türkiye need to have a good opportunity with other emerging bids?? (because with each candidancy mutiple countries will be candidate)

    2// AND in wich thinking does your statement make sense?? Wich regime would be in charge to make a goal in organising the euros

    3// eg: china is a 1 party capitalist-communism regime & got 2 olympics // russia is a dual-presidential-parliamentary system and got fifa-cup and olympics



    the most powerful federations have sealed for 2028, 30 and 32. >> this statement is so repetitive and so false/manipulative.. 

    4// how do you calculate/mesure THE MOST POWERFULL federations?? is the mony OR the state of the art venues in place

    5// is the irish, northern irish or welsh foıtball federation powerfull enough?

    6// is the italian federation facing financial problems to upgrade/refurbish/renovate old stadiums on its soil? How powerfull is italy, also for some in GB!!

    7// in turkey there is beem built about 25 newly state of the art stadiums with the newest technology & required fifa-standards

    8// if you would say powerfull by LOBBYİNG i can agree with that because turkey is stolen twice its chances in 2016 & 2024 by french and german lobbies

    9// yes you are right; my thoughts in your way analogic-thinking > why would the british, italian waste mony time and energy they already hosted a lot, isnt it.. For them its never hopeless but for türkiye it is always hopeless in a hypocritical way of thinking seen from western-europe because we have everything in place from transportatiın till accomodation.. the country doesnt have to waste mony because everything is in place.. Actually it is hopeless for italy because they must spend a lot of mony to level up their stafiums.. and celtic-4 has the handicap of sea transportation and less accomodation possibilities to catch up when the teams decrease from 24 to 32

    (a fifa world cup in spain/portugal is acceptable, thats another category of candidancy)

    i dont meant it bad about your statement BUT as i see; the (STRONG in public support) turkish federation eagers its own organization and says actually to the uefa: in stead of being candidate in a list of emerging hosts, the uefa have to consider to give to the turkish fa because everything is in place AND the fa guarantees as BONUS FREE transpprtation for ticketholders till the end of the euros.. than i have a serious question towards the FA.. is this the good/better strategy or not? This is the real point about the evental withdrawal/dropping out İN STEAD OF a very dry "strongest federations and why spend mony/time/energy-thing" 

    AND it does TOTALLY NOTHİNG to do with the 'REGİME-in-charge statement'.. Because it is the FA that has a right-policy.. and thats the problem of whole this case.

  8. 5 hours ago, Rob. said:

    Probably a knock out on effect. UK/Ireland drops the 2030 bid when it realises it's a hopeless cause, gets promised 2028, so Turkey drops out from that. Just as there was no longer any point UK/Ireland pursuing 2030, there's probably no more point in Turkey pursuing 2028.

    best rob.. i found a sort of answer about the dropping-thing of the turkish fa..

    "Ahead of the March 23 deadline for registering an intention to bid they appear to be the only runners, after the Turkish FA made clear to UEFA that they would only bid for the tournament if they were unopposed and Russia were ruled out following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine".

    source: It's coming home! Euro 2028 is set to be held in the UK and Ireland | Daily Mail Online

    but still the sentence sounds very odd .. i hope that in a few days the turkish fa comes with a decent answer on this dropping-out/withdrawal-thing..

  9. “Temporary rules addressing the exceptional situation deriving from the war in Ukraine”.

    The following decisions have been taken:

    Concerning the situation in Ukraine, in order to provide players and coaches with the opportunity to work and receive a salary, and to protect Ukrainian clubs, unless the parties to the relevant contract explicitly agree otherwise, all employment contracts of foreign players and coaches with clubs affiliated to the Ukrainian Association of Football (UAF) will be deemed automatically suspended until the end of the season in Ukraine (30 June 2022), without the need for any action from the parties to this effect.

    In order to facilitate the departure of foreign players and coaches from Russia, in the event that clubs affiliated to the Football Union of Russia (FUR) do not reach a mutual agreement with their respective foreign players and coaches before or on 10 March 2022 and unless otherwise agreed in writing, the foreign players and coaches will have the right to unilaterally suspend their employment contracts with the FUR-affiliated clubs in question until the end of the season in Russia (30 June 2022).

    The suspension of a contract as per the paragraphs above will mean that players and coaches will be considered “out of contract” until 30 June 2022 and will therefore be at liberty to sign a contract with another club without facing consequences of any kind. Additional flexibility Furthermore, in order to provide flexibility to players whose registration was with the UAF or the FUR and who have left or may be intending to leave the territory of Ukraine or Russia as a consequence of the war in Ukraine, foreign players whose previous registration was with the UAF or the FUR will be allowed to be registered even if the registration period is closed at the association of the club with which they conclude a new contract. In order for this exception to be applicable and to protect the integrity of competitions, the registration with the new club needs to occur before or on 7 April 2022. To further protect the integrity of competitions, clubs are entitled to register a maximum of two players who have benefited from the exception.

    source: FIFA adopts temporary employment and registration rules to address several issues in relation to war in Ukraine



  10. 4 hours ago, Rob. said:

    Yep, looks very much like it's all set for UK/Ireland 2028, Spain/Portugal 2030, Italy 2032.

    i have die research on turkish written media for about 2 days, to find information on the eventually withdrawal from TFF turkish football federation from the euro-2028 organization. but couldnt find anything. 


    On 3/6/2022 at 1:36 PM, Brekkie Boy said:

    The UK tabloids now thinking the UK/ROI bid has won by default with Russia kicked out and Turkey set to withdraw.



    in this article the sun says: turkey dropped out.. 1// in this case this is not a volunteeringly withdrawal.. 2// what means "dropped out' by whom ?? :wacko:

  11. i made a composition of all the uefa euro logos from 1960 till 2028, and have added an eventually 2028 Turkish organization logo

    in total of 18 logos: 9 with the old logo-template &  9 modern versions.. england has set the new era of logos with the standardization of the trophy from 2016



  12. On 3/4/2022 at 7:35 AM, StefanMUC said:

    Turkey is also basically bankrupt thanks to Erdogan.

    Let‘s see how many of his projects will really be done - and by which time.

    best @StefanMUC, i thought that the germans were always pro-active in a way of producing 'thinking' and actually this is something precious in european terms. but you  you tied up the end of the rope/your sentence to erdoğan. this sound a bit hostile and isnt appropiate in this thread, (whereby i did my best to give this thread an active turn after what FYI said, to get out of the vicious circle)..  not to mention that turkey ISNT bankrupt AT ALL! your sentence is just a shout of the manipulation of west-european media.. erdoğan is a very visionary leader whereby he only said to decrease/lower the intrest in stead of the normal adoption of the rise of theintrest.. AND this is ALSO said by LAGARDE  - current president of ECB european central bank in Frankfurt - in an uncertain exit-period of covid-19. 

    i can use the same logica and say that germany is BASICALLY bankrupt thanks to merkel before she finished her bundeskanzlerin-ship.. because of the fact she did not run the economic-ressesion in a good NOT to speak about the very high inflation in german history.. it turned into a flop.. whereas erdoğan did it better with its own turkish-ecomomy criteria. This inflation will certainly will have an impact on every international sports organization in germany.. 

    to close the case: i mean that this way of commenting to have written 'something' to comment, is not appropiate. BESIDES.. what do you want to provoke with your second sentence: "Let‘s see how many of his projects will really be done - and by which time". >> this way of saying just don't work.. erdoğan has ALREADY realized all his projects şn the last 10-15 years.. As i have shared the youtube video of the ISTANBUL GRAND AIRPORT for example.. he said that all the projects after 2020 will be extras/bonus as these will be realized step by step.. in this case after my explenation your 2 dispetious sentences has been rotten.. so please dont comment everythşng in the extension of erdoğan, but more in the frame of; can Turkey/Türkiye realise a well organised olympics (as for the olympic legacy) on istanbul-soil yes or no.. istanbul has certainly the capacity of organşsşng big events.. UNLESS istanbul gets forward with the robuust (speed/rail) infrastructure worx, wich will be acclomplshed şn the 2030 vision of the bicontinental city.. wich also have been the main obstacle at each applicancy/candidancy.. 

    DID YOU HAVE CLICKED ON THE MAP-LINK that i shared here with all the forum-users, before you mentioned erdoğan ?? ±1000 km in 2035



    Please, im only asking everybody on this forum to be pro-active to grade-up the way of olympic-intellect-thinking to a higher level then just to etiquet a name of a president that made a country bankrupt. 1rst thats not true , 2nd this just dont work out as a comment on istanbuls capacity to deliver something special for the olympic history.. we have the one and only bicontinental-city in the world.. and to invigorate that narration istanbul had her own cross-continental marathon & swim-comoetition.. istanbul is definitly a city of sports and centers all the venues of the football, basketball, volleyball leages, the istanbul-open, the F1, etc.. with 16 million people it is a vibrant sports-city that will leave a legacy for the balcans-anatolia-middle-east world and generations to come.. please let us be sportsmenwise.. danke..

    best regards, fatih

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