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  1. 15 minutes ago, FYI said:

    Yeah, but is the answer here "partnering" with a city that's 335 miles away, though? I see that creating other logistical problems for the sake of solving the stadium issue in this case. Plus, the way baron makes it sound, though, is that summer Games are too big for Toronto now, which I don't see at all. I mean, see Brisbane.

    But considering this is the Istanbul thread, which someone else was asking what they have to show or offer, & now it's drifting into this, perhaps this should go over in another thread.

    thanx @FYI

    istanbul improved a lot on the infrastructure-side.. But istanbul needs and is eager for her own summer olympics.. BRIEFLY:

    1// a totally new (IGA) istanbul grand airport, if not in the top 3 of the world with in total 6 runways cfr dax-beijjng) // source: Istanbul Airport - Wikipedia whereby th metro from/to the city center & the new airport will be operational (normally) within the year. 


    2// i know that @baron-pierreIV (miles) (after i bought his ceremonies book) went to istanbul and read his findings.. what i remember was that he said the city was to vast and the density of population was higher of that of the metro/rapid infrastructure could handle.. and he was right (at that time) about those two issues.


    3// meanwhile to overbridge those issues a lot has been built (and solved): an expand of the istanbul-underground will increase from 300 km in 2021 to 900 km in 2030 

    * source/text-1: Istanbul Metro - Wikipedia * source/map-2: https://www.metro.istanbul/YolcuHizmetleri/AgHaritalari


    4// the segunda-bosphorus will transfer the density/populated area and will also decrease the heavy-mega-shipping-traffic on the bosphorus, because the turkish olympic committee organises the annual cross-continental-swimming-race (and meanwhile the 34th has been swom and about 57-63 country delegates do participate each year)..

    official-source/swimming-race: Samsung Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race (olimpiyatkomitesi.org.tr)

    official-website/segunda-bosphorus: Boğaz nefes alacak, Türkiye kazanacak | Kanal İstanbul (kanalistanbul.gov.tr) 

    by 2036 the canal will become fully operating so there will be certainity to enjoy all the outside-watersports on the posphorus waters; i.e. triatlon, surfing, etc..




    tomorrow i will add the second-quick-resume.. especially the eventually masterplan how the immense croud and athletes can be transfered rapidly from the eventually asian-side opening ceremony to the olympic-village on the european side.. i must sleep.. its now 23:55 here in the benelux region.. work tomorrow ^_^

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  2. i think that this war is not going to and before autumn.. 

    in stead of hibernate.. its going to be summernate..

    i think after whole the world-sport-structures are suspending russian participation in all sports; that there will be created a new paralel sport-infrastructure with russia-china-dualism at the head of it.. there will be certainly countries that will shuffle into the que of new era of olympics and world championships organization, with their own world football cup etc..

    its a crazy thinking, but this suspending-chain on the globe can/will create polarization-of-sports organization with its own football league.. im not believing this, but its only loudly thinking what im doing.. Maybe it will be totally not organizable.

  3. 1 hour ago, Sir Rols said:

    The EBU don’t know how to read to room

    Eurovision 2022: Russia can still compete despite Ukraine invasion

    I was gonna say that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Russia get null points - but I assume Belarus and Russia will trade each other their precious top votes.

    Belarus isnt competing/participating in 2022 nor did in 2021 and nor wil do the following year in 2023.

    > wikipedia says as follows

    On 28 May 2021, six days after the 2021 final, the EBU voted to suspend BTRC's membership. BTRC was given two weeks to respond before the suspension comes into effect on 11 June, but there was no public response. The broadcaster was expelled from the EBU on 1 July, therefore losing the rights to broadcast and participate in the contest. It was subsequently stated that the expulsion would last for three years, however Belarus would have to re-apply for membership after it expires.

    source: Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest - Wikipedia

  4. Dakar 2026

    4th Youth Olympic Games




    It was originally planned to be held in Dakar, Senegal for 18 days from 22 October to 9 November 2022, becoming the first IOC event to be held in Africa and the first in a Muslim-majority country. However, on 15 July 2020, the IOC and Senegal agreed to postpone the games to 2026 due to the operational and economical consequences of the postponement of the 2020 Summer Olympics to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Originally scheduled to be held in 2022, on 9 December 2014 at the 127th IOC Session it was decided to move the organisation of the YOG to a non-Olympic year, starting with the 4th Summer Youth Olympic Games, to be postponed from 2022 to 2023. Subsequently, the IOC reverted to a 2022 date, and announced in February 2018 that they would be recommending that the event be held in Africa. The 132nd IOC Session confirmed the change of date back to 2022 on 7 February 2018. The host was announced at the 133rd IOC Session in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the 2018 edition. However, in July 2020, the postponement of what would have been the 2022 Summer Youth Olympics to 2026 was confirmed.


    source: 2026 Summer Youth Olympics - Wikipedia

    executive summary of 14 pages: Dakar 2022-Edition-Plan-ENG-Executive-summary.pdf (olympic.org)

    dakar 2022 presentation file of 22 pages: Voodoo Powerpoint (olympic.org)

  5. 2 minutes ago, Sir Rols said:

    I don’t think it’s such a big deal where anything was posted. It was more a case of pointing out that encouraging others to double post was a bit overkill.

    if you want a closing ceremony verdict thread you can just start one - no need to wait for someone else to do it. But do you really need one if people have already posted detailed and scored critiques in the existing threads? The ceremony fans know where to find them and likely already read them.

    of course there is no need (anymore).. that chance is missed or thats actually the problem/case..

    i avtually dont open threads so easily because i thought i would do it wrong when i wouldve start a duplicate thread.. i really thougt that ikarus would do that spontaniously as he did for the oc AND as yoshi for the logo-comps-thread.. i thought that there is/was a spontanious division of tasks under the regular users.. and i thought that the verdict-tread of olympşan2004 was the closşng-verdict-thread. i wanted to be polite to wait for the regular users and not to spoil there intention of starting a specific thread (in this case) the closing/overall

    i read all of them too and enjoyed it, but they were divided into several threads.

     you are a wise-man rols.. good the have you down-under.. ^_^

  6. 14 minutes ago, Sir Rols said:


    I wouldn’t stress too much about it. I interpreted it as more a mild request. 

    The “verdict” thread in the general section is a long time tradition of this forum at the ending of a games, and is usually intended as a general summing up of the total games from ceremonies to sports to atmosphere to how member’s national teams went. 

    The ceremonies threads are self explanatory. And there are many members such as the ones you mentioned who are far more focussed on the ceremonies than the other aspects of the games. That’s fine, that’s their thing.

    Now, it’s fine to discuss the ceremonies in the general verdict thread, but there’s really no need to double post a verdict on the ceremonies themselves there if they’ve already had their detailed say in the ceremonies thread. Those people more focussed on ceremonies know exactly where to look for ceremonies comments (and probably know each other and follow each other’s posts already). Generally double/repeat postings of anything are considered a bit impolite.

    Again, it’s not like any major “rules” were broken. It’s more a matter of etiquette.   

    1// rols, i understand you completely..

    2// but do you understand me completely?

    in your response you dont give any confirmation on none of the parts on my view, you dont have to, but; 

    i explicitly explained that there isnt an intention (on behalf of mine side) about the encouriging double posting

    first i appologized second i explained the miscalculation.. so finally theres no act of impolitness

    3// there are too many verdict-threads on the ceremonies-sub-forum can be structuraly arranged by closing directly the live chat after the ending of a ceremony. i dont think that (especially the) users (i mentioned) are aware of the fact that they are a few verdict-threads because of the fact that whole the attention on the live-chat is increasingly higher and their text can be read by more users, while everything doesnt come compact together when a verdict-thread is started far lately after the live chat. this shortcomşng can be solved easly

    i appreciate your mildly interferance, but im not in accordance on that part of your statement. im stressing rightly/with a solid reason.. you say its a trafidition, regular forum-users would be knowing that detail, but other not-regular users just dont know. explanation via your own market is understandable.. but being mutual/vice-versa will be appreciated too

    warmly regards, fatih

  7. 11 hours ago, Olympian2004 said:

    @fatixxx, I am not creating a fuss just because I point out what the actual focus of the "verdict" thread is. If PikyoK wants to give an overall assessment on the Games, the "verdict" thread is the right place for that. But please don't encourage other users to create double posts in threads that are not really fitting for the topics that those users address in their posts. 

    best olimpian2004,

    i came late from work and had a lot of time to think about the issue youve cited. i have been especially been thinking about your both/same requests: "not to encourage other users to create dubble posts' & "please avoid double posts". i think you deserve some sort of response, because you want to run the thread youve started in a decent way. 

    you have used words that came close over as a sort of slander/defamation eg: that i would have encouraged users to post double posts and that i would avoid this. firstly this is/was not acceptable in my view as a direct reflex, and thats also why my response-sentence came unappropiate over too. and i want to appologize myself in this context.  you could have used more soft words or could have pm (private messaged) me. but ok, i will pay attention to it.

    All that said, im not opposed to bring a more technical explanation of what we inadvertenly dont see about the ceremonies-threads at gamesbids-forums. So here is a suggestion that we can start talking about a structural problem:


    EACH olympic-city forum exists about 3 MAİN sub-forums, RESPECTIVELY;

    1// sports/events discussion

    2// ceremonies discussion >> with ALL the ceremonies VERDICT threads

    3// tickets travel accomodation

    4// and the sub-forum itself (with variable threads) >> with ALSO other VERDICT threads


    LETS continue to reason;

    2// ceremonies discussion >> contents 

    Beijing 2022 Ceremonies 

    Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony Verdict 

    Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Live Chat 

    Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony Live Chat >> with inclusion of closing ceremony verdict

    4// the subforum threads >> contents 

    Beijing 2022 - Your verdict  >> with inclusion of closing ceremony verdict (of some users)

    Beijing 2022 - your midway verdict


    As you can see, this is not as simple as just opening a new thread. we (not in person but in general) are opening a "can of worms" here and im not sure how we can/should deal with it.

    * you said to me AS you see it from your perspective; "please don't encourage other users to create double posts in threads that are not really fitting for the topics that those users address in their posts

    * what i suggested was AS i saw from my perspective was: that pikyok wrote his opinion at the 'closing ceremony live-chat' and wanted that he added/pasted that at the closing ceremony verdict thread. after that user ikarus opened the 'opening ceremony verdict' .. you were the second user who started the closing ceremony verdict. So that all the verdicts came/compact together in one thread.

    But pikyok wrote the correct-sentence by saying: 'My verdict on the closing ceremony and a comment on the games' as you can read, the heaviest-verdict part was on the closing ceremony an not on the general-part of the games. as the chilean user nacholymoic and brazilian user guilga wrote their verdict long-text on the live-chat thread in stead of on the verdict-thread. all these verdict-threads creating actually confetti/manipulation and does not give agood structural feeling. 


    nevertheless, we can see it is/was a miscommunication/miscalcullation from my side as i saw your thread AS the closing ceremony verdict as it wasnt.. youve started a general verdict thread about whole the games. it would have been better to put an eddition word in the title of your thread: eg: your general verdict AS in the same analogy of the your midway verdict thread. SO everybody would have assumed that this thread is opened directly after the closing ceremony. Correlational seen it does make sense. Actually i have thought that ikarus would start the cc-verdict as he did with the oc-verdict. i was coping with this-miscaculation about these threads/stress for about the second weekof the games.

    hence, i think sometimes better that we can/have to be more structural (also towards the international readers of this forum) and that we deal with the can before we add more worms. is it that we fail to settle things better and fail to attend each other with miscalculated-help messages  in stead of addressing directly with hard/slander-ish sentences. finally.. why would i encourage other users with something unnusual, isnt it. 


    if not i would like to hear some comment from everyone else here as well, please.. maybe better at the general discussion forum. because i still have stress/problems when switching and clicking between threats. wouldnt it be better to close dirdctly the live-chat-thread DIRECTLY when a ceremony ends, so that everyone could be signboard to the verdict threads. all precious comments become like confetti and devides everything over 3-4 threats. we loose/need really a structure to conformt our rush to read comments directly after ceremonies/live-chats/ending of the games.

    best regards, ..fatih

  8. 9 minutes ago, Olympian2004 said:

    The topic you have linked is for a general verdict on the entire Beijing 2022 Games, not, as @PikyoK did, for a verdict only on the closing ceremony. Please avoid double posts, thank you.

    Best @Olympian2004 ..

    is that your problem?

    besides pikyok gave a point on his verdict,

    it would be not more than normal, as he did, copied and pasted only the link of his post

    and this enriched the thread..

    thats all, why your fuss about it..

    games bids has enough space for that

    thank you.. ^_^ 

  9. 21 hours ago, Guilga said:

    Ok. Let´s go by parts.

    best @Guilga 

    i want to thank you warmly for this technical good and rich comprehensively sum/text about your view of the closing ceremony.

    i read your opinion almost with 2 or 3 breaths..

    i find it very instructive the views of other/different users over the globe. 

    especially the views of latin-american users gives me a lot of new ideas about your perception versus what we feel in western-europe

    the wall-text about the opening ceremony-view of user @Nacholympic from chile inspired me also, both performances impressed me

    obrigado / muchos gracias and best regards. fatih. ^_^

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  10. 5 hours ago, PikyoK said:

    My thoughts of the Closing Ceremony of Beijing 2022


    After three consecutive Asian Olympics, I enjoyed watching the three games of PyeongChang 2018, Tokyo 2020, and Beijing 2022 in a comfortable timezone and enjoyed watching the cultures of Korea, Japan, and China come alive at those games. I will miss the Olympics in Asia and can't wait for them to return already. However, I'm really looking forward to go west to Europe for the next European Olympics of Paris 2024 and Milano Cortina 2026. Europe...bring it on!!!

    MY VERDICT - 7/10

    And on that note, I say Xie Xie, Zai Jien Beijing, Zai Jien Zhongguo, e ci vediamo a Milano Cortina, in Italia!

    In the meantime...Rendez-vous à Paris! 

    best pikyok,

    a lot of thanks for your good/comprehensively text/message

    maybe you eventually want to copy/paste to the other appropiate thread (as welk)

    (maybe you havent inadvertently seen the other thread)


  11. 1 minute ago, fatixxx said:


    3// what i will remember is: the valieva-issue + finlands icehokey gold + the 3rd time shiffin-drama +

    the night-live-events ski-jumping and cross country + the arials & snowbord (fun to watch) + the total medal clash between NORWAY vs ROC 

    a lot of drama-sequences at short-track..  + state of the art venues + the undertitle-graphics


    correction >> a lot of drama-sequences at short-track.. + DRAMAS AT SPEEDSKATİNG TOO

  12. beijing indeed did its job dignified..

    everthing went in a good planning..

    everything went technical properly..


    1// what i missed was: the chinese ceremony romantism and missed chances for a decent cauldron.

    if not theyve could copy 2008 cauldron but then in icy-blue + i miss the cheering public at the seats at the background 

    2// beijing 2022 gave us the savior games AND 3 games in asia without in count a continent rotation..

    this 3 respectively games in an time-span of 5 years was too much too boring.. enough asian..

    3// what i will remember is: the valieva-issue + finlands icehokey gold + the 3rd time shiffin-drama +

    the night-live-events ski-jumping and cross country + the arials & snowbord (fun to watch) + the total medal clash between NORWAY vs ROC 

    a lot of drama-sequences at short-track..  + state of the art venues + the undertitle-graphics


    4// didnt watch OR better said, couldnt watch none sequence from the glidings and nor curling in the belovde ice-cube

    5// our two precious belgian medals .. 1 gold & 1 bronze


    My verdict/points; 75,3/100 

  13. 2 hours ago, fatixxx said:

    italy has sought for a idea to combine the city-cluster of milan with the mountain-cluster of cortina

    by the following motto: DUALITY, TOGETHER via composed lines of city-map and mountain-topography lines

    not only on the gigantic led-screen BUT ALSO

    these map-topography PATTERNS were transfered on the suits of the two male-female dancers too

    dunno also why they opted for the motto duality as olympics are in general 1 passion, 1 love, 1 etc...

    i think in general that the videos spread troughout whole the ceremony were the only adhesive element 

    that cherrished up the ceremony şn its total.. 


    aonother final question is: wich was the better hand-over-video;

    1// paris 2024 from tokyo 2020 +1

    2// OR milano-cortina 2026 from beyjing 2022

    bye bye beijing ^_^

    [i want eventually quote my own message]

    the promotional-beauty promo-video of italy was more established on the 'second-level-administration element'

    namely the provinces of: LOMARDİA (the city cluster) & VENETO (the mountain cluster)

    but still thinking about the weak motto; DUALİTY, TOGETHER

    maybe it would have been better into: TOGETHER @ Bİ-LOCATİON GAMES


    this would have been more concrete towards the wider public

  14. 7 minutes ago, StefanMUC said:

    Breslau is actually Wroclaw/Poland.

    Lviv in German is Lemberg.

    The fact that this is being brought up now is to show defiance in times of great threat. I guess nobody in Ukrainian politics really believes this would stand a chance.

    danke stefan.. lemberg is indeed the right name in german..

    this flower is for you, thanks for the straighten up @)--)-----

    (so is danzig for gdansk)

    (so is magdeburg for maribor)

  15. ukraine will opt close to the city of lviv (breslau in german)

    thats also the mountain-region where poland and/or slovakia benefit from

    the carpathians ars a totally new  region still in evolution as real wintersport destination 

    for generations to come in eastern europe..

    maybe there can be saught a double/triple country organization

    to play for safe in that region though with russian-agression impact

  16. the graphics on the gargantuan led-screen impresses  very much..

    but as at the opening ceremony the closing was also arid & sapless..

    is this the taste of the digital and AI (artificial intelligemce) era of sport ceremonies?

    we all have a sort of homesickness to the old ceremonies with less teccnological support

    dunno how to feel.. but 1 thing for sure.. the graphics and venues were/looked superb (on tv)

    italy has sought for a idea to combine the city-cluster of milan with the mountain-cluster of cortina

    by the following motto: DUALITY, TOGETHER via composed lines of city-map and mountain-topography lines

    not only on the gigantic led-screen BUT ALSO

    these map-topography lines were transfered on the suits of the two male-female dancers too

    dunno also why they opted for the motto duality as olympics are in general 1 passion, 1 love, 1 etc...

    i think in general that the videos spread troughout whole the ceremony were the only adhesive element 

    that cherrished up the ceremony şn its total.. 


    aonother final question is: wich was the better hand-over-video;

    1// paris 2024 from tokyo 2020 +1

    2// OR milano-cortina from beyjing 2022

    bye bye beijing ^_^

  17. 3 minutes ago, AustralianFan said:

    Hi Fatih

    I agree with you.

    I don’t believe that the premium membership is in itself shallow, but when you have a priveliged few who have premium membership to have benefits but do not give the same benefits to regular members, then instantly they have created an exclusive group or club.

    Regular members cannot edit their own posts, as you said :)

    Premium members can edit their own posts.

    Premium members have a bigger inbox.

    Regular members are restricted to 3 messages only.

    I agree to with your statement that:  “minor improvements will make us users feel more valuable”.


    i can live with 3-messages only in my message-box.. after reading i delete it immediatly..

    but feel from time time a handicap not to be able to correct a word/sentence/letter..

    but as rols said.. if it tottaly goes wrong we have the possibility to post a correction.. 

    with minor faults we are still u derstandable.. australian-fan.. we all heard your good-question..

    give it now the time.. we have expression/saying in turkish.. "water finally will find its riverbed"

    im going to sleep its 22:40 in belgium right now.. have to work tomorrow-early.. bye ^_^

  18. gamezbids is democratic enough imho, but i think that the word-using is not appropiate.. 

    closed-enclave where all the secret hush-hush wink-wink intellegence occures is a little bit unnoble wording

    10 years ago a was on the bench of being premium member and at that time GBmoderator was so polite to answer my question

    but with the loose of istanbul on tokyo back in 2013 buenos aires i lost my excitement back then..

    but want to share my toughts on this issue..

    1// as gamesbids-platform is democratic enough.. who can attach a poll on top of this thread with 4-5-6 options when this threads get mature enough

    2// i surely would want an option to edit my messaging when i wrote somethşng wrong (because of the switch of language of keyboard for example)

    this unableity causss a problem that shifts-forward into a new message to indicate the wrongness or to add a few sentences more..

    this unableity gives me from time to time a little stress, not being able to edit your own mesagges gives an handicap feeling.. 

    minor improvements will make us users feel more valuable.. the question/title on top of this thread is not wrong but the secrecy/shallow view is not correct.

    best regards, fatih

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  19. i've just read the "eteri tutberidze and her girls" article and i have a few points to write down:

    - tutberidze is obviously from georgian roots in straf of russian origin

    - after reading the article its like that she is a cruel patroness

    - i understand that each grammage counts in the game but girls-bodies in puberty times are causing difficulties

    - its high likely that tutberidze (& her team) have reached an ultimate and maybe an extreme template/formula to create unique winners/champions with all its cinsequences for the general health if sporters/olympians.

    - the russians/chinese will cerrainly have other if not more cruel methods to reach gold

    - the west world is working more with scientific methods with less pain for the general health of their sportsmen/olympians (thats what i think)

    - when i was younger i watched the russian couple klimova-ponoramenko ice-dance back in 94 in albertville and wished wich will be next romantic-russian-names at the europeans/worlds/olympics.. i thought always that there was a figure skating machine in russia that produces gold medalists.. but now im 42 and think tottaly otherwise about whole this issue.. These girls/boys are not robots.. human beeings who have pain when it comes to unsuccesfull results because of those cruel methode in their childhood.

    - afterall figure skating is a wonderfull sport.. but maybe there would been settled an age-norm for girls especially so they would be saved in their puber-years. So they jump triples in junior-games and then quadruples after their puber-years so they will have a healthy-bidy overpass to the senior games..

    - But as with speedskating and cross-country, biathlon etc.. it takes every breath of body-cell because of the thin air when you are sporting through your classment to reach the final.. wintersport is something tottaly else then summer sports


    thanx for the reading, fatih

  20. we are so happy, because we (as turkiye) reached our very first best place in winter olympic history.. (yet/still to win a medal at a wog) 6th place at 1000 m in de B Final.. Furkan Akar is 19.. normally he got 7th place but after the YC (yellow card from the chinese hungarian) he climbed 1 place.. it was also nice that the ISU speed skating federation named him in its tweet..


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