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  1. the very first rectangular stadium of the beloved city of IstanbuI & the country representing the asian side of the bosphorus/city with its 47.834 capacity revamped and homeground of the canary bird .. the canaries just the same colours of the ukranian flag ..
  2. Here we have an interesting drone video about this magnificent TT ARENA - "Homeground of Galatasaray" this stadium in istanbul eagers to play A SEMİ FİNAL of the euros.. total capacity of 52.652
  3. Euro 2028 key dates 23 March 2022: Uefa deadline to submit applications 30 March 2022: Requirements are made available to bidders 5 April 2022: UEFA announces the bidders 12 April 2023: Final bid dossier submission deadline September 2023: Hosts are appointed source: Euro 2028 bids: Which countries are competing with the UK-Ireland bid and when Uefa will announce the host (msn.com)
  4. here we have a time-lapse video of the revamped/rebuild stadium of the beşiktaş football club we call it "THE PEARL OF THE BOSPHORUS" .. new capacity = 42.590 H
  5. 4th brief information: a scale-list of the top 50 stadiums in türkiye (i worked 2 days to create this list >> its a brief summary of the up-to-date stadium-presence/capacity) the next 5 categories are: NEW | REVAMPED | REBUILD | REFURBISHED | DEMOLISHED you can follow by colored stripes which DEMOLISHED stadium matches/corresponds to which NEW stadium >> CLICK TO the image TO ENLARGE <<
  6. @StefanMUC in the last 2 weeks i had plenty of time to do soms research/findings/analysis about your comment-behaviour to be certain if you are consistent are not in your way of thinking and/or if you are hypocrite or not? As i gave you already answers here at this link >> 2028 Euros - Page 2 - Other International Games / Bids - GamesBids.com Forums 1// first of all I regretfully condemn you, because you dont show respect to my democratically elected president.. Erdoğan is not your roommate!! you throw mud on my president and then you step aside.. thats unnoble of you.. i read a lot of your comments regarding german issues.. for you own country you write with precaution .. but about issues about turkey you play resolute the hypocrisy.. you are not let alone a LİAR but you are consistent writing manipulation!! 2// you are in contradiction with yourself: people who do hate a certain person wont use an shortened name of that person to be ironic/cynic.. this shows the one and only thing of your personality: you are systematically discriminating in your own wishfull pro-negative way the most senior leader in the world.. in the last 2 weeks +/- 30 world leaders came to türkiye to speak with erdoğan.. the last was your own leader, German Chancelor SCHOLZ >> https://foto.haberler.com/haber/2022/03/14/almanya-basbakani-olaf-scholz-ilk-kez-turkiye-de-14796072_4313_amp.jpg .. - did you ever think why they coming in a row to ERDOĞAN?? - what is the global strategy of those leaders with ERDOĞAN?? - why do they need the help of ERDOĞAN, especially why is Germany calling for turkish help!! - why do they believe (especially germany) that there wont be a solution without support/help/aid/backing of ERDOĞAN?? - why do all those leaders (especially SCHOLZ) think that ERDOĞANS PRESİDENTSHİP is one the only guarantees for Germany's future!! 3// you are lacking a lot of analytic-thinking >> your sentences are your own wishfull theory that goes nowhere, lets have a look what your formula is; - "I think if anything has shown us in the last few years" >> can you tell the gamesbids-forums community WHAT İS THE "if anything"?? - "being „game ready“ cannot be the only reason to award international sports events" >> but at the end it did.. turkey got those international sports events!! - "being „game ready“ cannot be the only reason" >> which/what are the other reasons seen from your point of view?? be a real man and explain, dont hide!! - "As long as Erdo is there, Turkey is simply a no go" >> what if ERDOĞAN isnt there, would turkiye get those international sports events?? MEANWHİLE turkiye GOT those international (as i mentioned above in the list) when ERDOĞAN was/is in charge with his team in his own PRESİDENTSHİP.. with or without ERDOĞAN turkiye will get those - "As long as Erdo is there, Turkey is simply a no go" >> ERDOĞAN (and his team) is the only guarantee to realize those international sports events.. Because HE IS A VİSİONARY and REVOLUTIONARY LEADER.. He plays a dessecive role for the security of europe.. and MOST of the germans/europeans know that.. 4// you are JUST A MARGINAL )of those MARGINAL GROUPS) who brings in a persistent way my country & president in discredit.. STOP WITH THAT.. you tell consistenly lies with your fabricated theories, you are creating slanders towards my country/president.. 5// so as from now i wont answer you anymore because WITH YOUR 2 DISPETIOUS SENTENCES YOU ARE SIMPLY A NO GO
  7. 3rd brief information: Other International hosting 6 stadiums out of the 27 cities had the honour of hosting each 1 or 2 opening ceremonies - 1 deaflympics / Samsun 2017 - 1 gymnasiad / Trabzon 2016 - 1 blacksea games / Trabzon 2005 - 1 islamic solidarity games / Konya 2022 - 2 mediterranean games / Izmir 1971 & Mersin 2013 - 2 universiades winter+summer / Erzurum 2011 & Izmir 2005 - 2 eyof's winter+summer (european youth olympic festival) / Erzurum 2017 & Trabzon 2011 - 1 ibsa world blind games 2011 / antalya 2011 > source: IBSA World Games - Wikipedia Organization of International Amputee Football on Turkish grounds - the city of antalya has organised/hosted ONCE amputee football > World Championships in 2007 > source: Amputee football - Wikipedia - the city of istanbul has organised/hosted TWİCE amputee football > at the TFF-HQ > European Championships in in 2008 + 2017 > source: Turkey national amputee football team - Wikipedia
  8. 2nd brief information: the status about the stadiums in the last 10 years - 33 stadiums are NEW-BUİLD (in total in 27 cities, 3 in istanbul, 2 in Ankara, 1 in İzmir) - 03 stadiums are RE-BUILD (at the same location, 2 in Izmir 1 in Istanbul) - 02 stadiums are RE-VAMPED (1 in Istanbul & 1 in Ankara) - 02 stadiums will be RE-VAMPED (both in Istanbul) - 09 stadiums are RE-FURBISHED (in total in 5 cities) - 09 stadiums are DE-MOLISHED (in 8 cities) - 07 of those 9 DE-MOLISHED stadiums (are NEW-BUILD at other locations) - those 7 are INCLUDED (in the list of 33 NEW-BUILD stadiums) - turkey has build 1 stadium (50.000 sester) outside its borders in Dakar/Senegal (for YOG 2026) > Dakar 2026 - 4th Youth Olympic Games - Bids for the Youth Olympic Games - GamesBids.com Forums 3 stadiums out of the 11 in istanbul have hosted each an UEFA-Final - Atatürk Olympic Stadium > 2005 UEFA champions league final (temporary stadium of FC Galatasaray) - Şükrü Saraç Stadium > 2009 UEFA cup final (stadium of FC Fenerbahçe) - Vodafone Park Stadium > 2019 UEFA super cup (stadium of FC Beşiktaş) - Atatürk Olympic Stadium > will host UEFA champions league final AGAIN in 2023 - those 3 Football Clubs are the 3 biggest in Istanbul and in the whole country
  9. 1rst brief information about TOP 50 stadiums in TUR - 1 stadium with 75.000+ capacıty - 3 stadiums with 50.000+ capacity - 5 stadiums with 40.000+ capacity - 8 stadıums between 30.000 - 40.000 capacity - 11 stadiums between 20.000 - 30.000 capacity - 8 stadiums between 15.000 - 20.000 capacity - 4 stadiums between 10.000 - 15.000 capacity - 5 stadiums between 5.000 - 10.000 capacity - 4 stadiums between 3.000 - 5.000 capacity = 49 stadiums with total of ± 1.225.000 capacity
  10. The newly build AND/OR revamped stadims in turkey.. here a glimpse of 18 stadia of turkish super league.. on of the fastest growing leagues in europe..
  11. last but not least.. the uefa-euro debate will go parallel with that of the istanbul-bidding for an eventually olympic-games in the future.. this debate is ongoing on the other thread.. istanbul can be the follow-up of respectively AS Brazil 2014 world-cup & Rio olympics 2016.. >> EURO 2032 - Istanbul 2036 - EURO 2040 .. (maybe or perhaps or not at all)
  12. for those who are interested: 1// at this link you can read which progress have been made on behalf of infrastructure/stadiums etc.. 2// at this link you can read about the press-freedom issue (nevertheless with/out the delicate terrorist-ties of the press) in türkiye that i have tried to explain with numbers/facts.. of course are these issues dibatable.. in a pro-active way.. already thanx to everyone.. lets make this debate in a positive way (when nexücessary)
  13. UEFA EURO TÜRKİYE 20?? which year will be the lucky year best forum-friends, im proud to present you this thread with an enthousiasm after that; yesterday, 13.03.2022 the greek prime minister mitsotakis came to istanbul on invitation of erdoğan.. the photo beneath is taken from the official guesthouse "the-vahdettin-villa" with the bosphorus on the background.. this remembered me the first ever bid from türkiye in 2008 to co-host with greece back then.. the turkish national team came third in 2008 (with the co-hosting of AUT-SWI).. the best placement ever at an euro tournament. As the other thread of "2028 Euros" is actually a preliminary thread, when the date of 23.03.2022 comes closer to an end about the allocation of the 2028 euro (& and maybe a double allocation of the 2032 euro) hosting.. in this thread we can continue to discuss the further course of the eventually turkish FA bids & candidature/s for after 2028 with the aim to organize the european football championships on turkish soil.. >> source-1: UEFA Euro 2028 - Wikipedia >> source-2: UEFA Euro 2032 - Wikipedia Meanwhile i made a time-span & grid of the 3 official logos produced at that time out of the 5 consecutive bids. Türkiye has build up a euro-hosting-bid-history with each time elevating the quality of the bids simultaniously with the needed infrastructure of transport/stadiums etc.. in 2030 there will be built about between 12.000 and 13.000 km of high speed rails to increase the infrastructure in host everything in the near future and of course this infrastructure/stadium-legacy will be enourmous for generations to come..
  14. official opening @ 20.02.2022 President Erdoğan and other guest heads of state were invited to the stadium to make the inauguration/opening of the newly build olympic stadium in dakar/senegal.. build by the turkish enterprise TABANLIOĞLU .. erdogan chatted with some football players on the way to the field, then made a pass with the senegalese president SALL and other heads of state in the midfield. // TA_ Tabanlıoğlu Architects | Architecture | Mimarlık (tabanlioglu.com) source: Senegal Stadı, Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan'ın katıldığı törenle açıldı (aa.com.tr)
  15. actually you have a point i agree with.. but the german users do not greet a decent/reasonable discussion with open arms.. they throw mud on my president and then they step aside.. do you you accept this as discussion.. do you think that germany will/can/meet human rights guarantees in 2024.. each year more than 4x a dozen times muslims/mosques and refugees are been attacked in germany year after year.. and each time the perpetrators (by living-cells of neo-nazis and extreme-right-situations) are not persecuted OR the trials are been fallen down.. in turkey we dont have extremists like in western-europe.. this human-rights & press-freedom issues are used as a trump by the other candidates/lobbies to steal each time türkiye's chances.. this became a large tradition/establishment in the uefa each four years.. 1// we dont forget the discrimination of the frenchmam platini uefa president for the euro 2016 2// & the human-rights-hypocrisy of the present uefa president the slovene aleksander ceferin for the euro 2024 (not to speak about their own prime minister janez jansa) >> .. thats the truth
  16. the diplomatic forum finds its location at the NEST CONVENTION CENTER in the center of GOLF AREA with about 50.000 bed potantial in 5***** star 50 hotels in the close vicinity.. this is the turkish riviera equivalent of sharm-el-sheikh in egypt at the coasts of the red-sea.. website: https://www.nestconventioncenter.com/EN/
  17. Here i have found a professional-map video about the olimpic village and the cluster plan of oran 2022.. its worth to see it..
  18. JM ORAN 2022 19th Mediterranean Games 25 June 2022 >> 5 July 2022 oran = wahran in arabic pronounciation and means "2 lions" two lions The Moorish Andalusian traders who founded Algeria's major port city around AD 937, originally named it Wahran, which translates as "two lions" - hence the presence of two lion statues outside the city hall on Place du 1er Novembre, Oran's main square. website: We are waiting for you ! | Mediterranean Games Oran 2022 source: 2022 Mediterranean Games - Wikipedia
  19. i participated with this logo for the 15th Annual Gamesbids Olympic Logo Competition.. and wanted to share HERE under the "istanbul 2036" thread.. via the link beneath for those who are interested can admire the other prescious fantasy logos of other users that have participated.. Little information about the fantasy logo: Direct vision: a whirling dervish designed with simple lines in red referred to the overall turkish (flag) colour & 2 black stripes forming the belt of the dervish symbolising the 2 bridges over the bosphorus. Second vision: these simple lines stylished as the contoures of the two continents forming the city-map of istanbul whereby the used font-shapes of the digits 3 & 6 forming respectively the european/asian side of the bicontinental city. Third vision: The papyrus-font creates the perfect style of the first & last letter of the city-name that shapes the bosphorus bridge, namely the letter 'i' and the letter 'L'.. also forming the Roman "II' that also indicates the bi-continental consciousness
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