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  1. gamezbids is democratic enough imho, but i think that the word-using is not appropiate.. closed-enclave where all the secret hush-hush wink-wink intellegence occures is a little bit unnoble wording 10 years ago a was on the bench of being premium member and at that time GBmoderator was so polite to answer my question but with the loose of istanbul on tokyo back in 2013 buenos aires i lost my excitement back then.. but want to share my toughts on this issue.. 1// as gamesbids-platform is democratic enough.. who can attach a poll on top of this thread with 4-5-6 options when this threads get mature enough 2// i surely would want an option to edit my messaging when i wrote somethşng wrong (because of the switch of language of keyboard for example) this unableity causss a problem that shifts-forward into a new message to indicate the wrongness or to add a few sentences more.. this unableity gives me from time to time a little stress, not being able to edit your own mesagges gives an handicap feeling.. minor improvements will make us users feel more valuable.. the question/title on top of this thread is not wrong but the secrecy/shallow view is not correct. best regards, fatih
  2. i've just read the "eteri tutberidze and her girls" article and i have a few points to write down: - tutberidze is obviously from georgian roots in straf of russian origin - after reading the article its like that she is a cruel patroness - i understand that each grammage counts in the game but girls-bodies in puberty times are causing difficulties - its high likely that tutberidze (& her team) have reached an ultimate and maybe an extreme template/formula to create unique winners/champions with all its cinsequences for the general health if sporters/olympians. - the russians/chinese will cerrainly have other if not more cruel methods to reach gold - the west world is working more with scientific methods with less pain for the general health of their sportsmen/olympians (thats what i think) - when i was younger i watched the russian couple klimova-ponoramenko ice-dance back in 94 in albertville and wished wich will be next romantic-russian-names at the europeans/worlds/olympics.. i thought always that there was a figure skating machine in russia that produces gold medalists.. but now im 42 and think tottaly otherwise about whole this issue.. These girls/boys are not robots.. human beeings who have pain when it comes to unsuccesfull results because of those cruel methode in their childhood. - afterall figure skating is a wonderfull sport.. but maybe there would been settled an age-norm for girls especially so they would be saved in their puber-years. So they jump triples in junior-games and then quadruples after their puber-years so they will have a healthy-bidy overpass to the senior games.. - But as with speedskating and cross-country, biathlon etc.. it takes every breath of body-cell because of the thin air when you are sporting through your classment to reach the final.. wintersport is something tottaly else then summer sports thanx for the reading, fatih
  3. its a pitty for kalieva from kazan.. pitty she will miss the medal sequence.. i think they will go for B sample and other possibilities/till the utter end by the ROC delegation.. she is a beuatiful skateress in this new deccenia.. really pitty..
  4. we are so happy, because we (as turkiye) reached our very first best place in winter olympic history.. (yet/still to win a medal at a wog) 6th place at 1000 m in de B Final.. Furkan Akar is 19.. normally he got 7th place but after the YC (yellow card from the chinese hungarian) he climbed 1 place.. it was also nice that the ISU speed skating federation named him in its tweet..
  5. nice and in well comprehensive english from a latin american point of view.. i loved your way of feedback @Nacholympic .. maybe it would be better if you copy/paste you feedback on the other thread AND give you points/verdict on it.. would be a rich text as how we users experience it over the globe.. as the second opening ceremony in covid-times after TOKYO 2020 +1
  6. it is a very good to open such a thread for out personal verdicts.. thanx @Ikarus360 for the idea.. because of the lack of time i'll copy the link of the other thread where i wrote yesterday my opinion.. but wanted to attach one last sentence about the "imagine" thing.. in the time of out belgian-rogge there were applicant-file-system with a lot of questionnairies.. i dont know if it is still the same in the boring-bach-talks-system, BUT if the ioc-thick-necks want 'imagine' till the end of days then they have to settle this as a oblige-point/article in the candidancy.. otherwise they have to take their hands of this beautifull song because the value of this song erases each four if not two years.. the world gets bored of it JUST like de vavazula-thing at the world-cup in SA my verdict/points for beijing 2022 >> (as i feel it) 5,71/10 >> (they missed a lot of audio-visual creative chances to level-up to the first league of open.cer) my verdict/oints for tokyo 2020 +1 >> (as i telt was) 6,11/10 >> (in it own conjuncture because of the very first corona-og, the simplicity was better imho)
  7. i came late from work and had the possibility to watch the opening ceremony late in the night via eurosport's youtube channel.. i have to admit that the chinese use in a high level AI-technology, BUT: meanwhile everything on the gigantic led screens were flowing fluently, in overall i found the opening in a whole very week in sence of climax and romantizm & the cohesion of the parts were not so reasonable.. for example the overlap with dandelion part was good but so repetitive, and using the tiny country-flakes into an enourmous flake was also absolete/outdated in a field with hi-tech.. on the otherside i was reflecting for mounths how it could be IF the imperial-columns (as at the 2008 opening, but then in) with icy-blue colours would raise out of the ground.. this for the needed climax and historical-imperial-romantism in the birds-nest, especially with a sequence of two seconds images from 2008 for the unique link as a bi-olympic organisation-city.. AND OF COURSE would this be perfectly implemented with this hi-tech stuf in form of holograms AS it was possible in 2004 athens with the spiraling GENETIC-formation.. thus imperial-columns in holograms whereby the skaters would ran between them to form the triple-slogan-theme higher/faste/stronger.. and in the final that those columns-holograms would sink slowly with more icy-patterns into the led-screen.. with this soberty it looked like the skaters were forming the woven applicant baku-2020 logo.. in my view the art director has choosen the safest option in stead of the unsafest option.. meanwhile we all know that you can create lots more with simpl/icity.. but at the end of the story i think that the chinese policy of creating this opening ceremony wasnt warmly welcomed afterall if you see the final-production.. they finished in a laughable/ridicoulous way for mutual boycot to the diplomatic world.. this is what i feel/felt after whole this opening.. this manner diplolatic-boycot wouldnt be the new era of the olympic-ceremonies nor opening nor closing.. the shadow of this unrespectable political attitude spoils this what this magical have to be, it forms a big shadow for the whole two weeks to come in back/mind.. a big chance IF not a beautiful chance is missed out.. this musnt have been the lightning outcome of the olympic flame.. a tiny olympic couldron succumbs under a gigantic diplomatic-boycot-snowflake.. the worst one in olympic history whereby there is space for ultimate-creativity.. (im not happy with this hi-tech opening in minor)
  8. As a belgian-turkish citizen i'm so happy with each of the 10 devoted logos for istanbul.. there is presented so much creativity and a major-range of the use of the red coulour.. i wish that the best & (if not the most) beloved logo wins this gb-comp. "tüm dostlara teşekkür ederim, 2036'nın olimpiyat aşkı istanbul'un olsun"
  9. best friends, 2 days ago (21.01.22) the olympic-app has been updated, i just subscribed to the updated app. i (did the same with) subscribed at the app for tokyo2020, but noticed that you have to refresh/confirm again i did that via my email whereby i got a password to finalize the subscribing. the app opens with 'bing dwen dwen' the panda mascot
  10. Little information: Direct vision: a whirling dervish designed with simple lines in red referred to the overall turkish (flag) colour & 2 black stripes forming the belt of the dervish symbolising the 2 bridges over the bosphorus. Second vision: these simple lines stylished as the contoures of the two continents forming the city-map of istanbul whereby the used font-shapes of the digits 3 & 6 forming respectively the european/asian side of the bicontinental city. Third vision: The papyrus-font creates the perfect style of the first & last letter of the city-name that shapes the bosphorus bridge, namely the letter 'i' and the letter 'L'.. also forming the Roman "II' that also indicates the bi-continental consciousness note: i drew this logo somehere after 2005 and before 2010, due to lack of time i revamped it.
  11. hello folx,

    the last time i wrote was in december 2011 close to 2012..

    now im back after 9-10 years almost a deccenia..

    not specifically for this logo competition.. i returned back actually for one thing..

    istanbul 2036.. if not turkey has (we have) a-brisbane-story to tell

    i hope that the olympic flag handover will be between bri2032 & ist2036

    a brisbane-story with a lot of 'proud & sad"-legacy 

    the keyword is "the canbas" gymnastics-movement..

    im now 43 years old.. missed a lot but still loving olympic logo-competitions

    abd last but not least olympic opening/closing ceremonies ;)

    best regards, fatih

  12. ist2036 // we have a brisbane-story to tell

  13. hello folx, can i also submit something.. when does this compeyition ends.. the last time i wrote was in december 2011 close to 2012.. now im back after 9-10 years almost a deccenia.. not specifically for this logo competition.. i returned back actually for one thing.. istanbul 2036.. if not turkey has (we have) a-brisbane-story to tell i hope that the olympic flag handover will be between brisbane 2032 a brisbane story with a lot of 'proud & sad"-legacy the keyword is "the canbas" gymnastics-movement.. im now 43 years old.. missed a lot but still loving olympic logo-competitions abd last but not least olympic opening/closing ceremonies
  14. This is not a logo .. it is a composition of a lot of things.. It doesn't stand out as a logo .. But the WC 2014 Logo stands out as a logo as '1 whole'-perception.. This is not ugly, nor it is handsome.. this is cheap and mediocre!! for a country like spain.. Look .. this is what I had designed when Turkey was also candidate for the euro2016 I draw this for a competition that I've had run a few years ago on a/another Turkish forum for a fantasy competition.. don't want to say that it is good or superb .. but it is handsome and stands out as a '1-whole-logo' perception.. source: http://wowturkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=91830 update: ooops .. for a country like france i meant..
  15. i love you miles.. :'((

  16. Before I say definitly goodbye .. forgot to whish gamesbids and you guys the best for 2012. For every member individually .. I love U. http://www.obtampons.ca/apology entter here your name and just watch.. Baron I love you.. especially you. And forget about the chances for Istanbul 2020. Spread Love around and beyond. Because in 2012 we will need more love than anything else. Bye foorgood !!

    1. baron-pierreIV


      You too, Fatixx!! Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2012 for you & yours!!

  17. Guys, hereby I want to say goodby. lost my enthousiasm for gamesbids forums. I want to appologize for those whom I have broken/hurted hearts. Thanks for all of you to be here for the good and the bad days. And expecially thanx to 3 special persons, Rol for your intelligence, CAF for your friendship and Baron/Miley for your Olympic knowledge and your precious book. Will remember you at each Olympic Games bye. Love you all!! & Daniel succes with Rio and you Logo designs. fatih.

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    2. deawebo


      hope read you again. Good luck with Istanbul's bid. :)

    3. emre


      nereye yaf? :/

    4. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      I hope it's Au revoir rather than goodbye - counting on you to be here when the 2020 bids get down to business!

  18. Did received today the book "Secrets of the Olympic Ceremonies" of aka BaronPierre & specially autographed .. Superb .. the book didn't dissapointed me.. very spontanious and colourfull. Excited to read it tonight after a couple hours of sleep.. just came from work !!

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    2. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      Did you get Baron's uncensored, uncut adults-only version?

    3. afiqnadzir


      how much the price?

      sound interesting

    4. baron-pierreIV


      afiq, email me at razor323@gmail.com

  19. Int ..

    this here was the best message on the sentence that qatarson wrote .. I gave a + rep point.

    thank you for your perfect answer .. couldn't been better.



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    Istanbul 2020 - SubForum - Invitation

  23. Baron, do you think that it is really getting boring. I believe in your experience. But pliz. Give me the opportunity/support to do something that I wanted to do my whole life. I promis you not to overload everything in 1 week or in 1 month. My case is the bring every 3-5 days or every week something new. If you can give me some tiny information to be not boring, plizz say it to me. will be happy.

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