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  1. I was candidate at the GamesBids Fantasy competition for the SOG 2020-2024 or was it 2028. But in the year of 2010 I was not able do go till the end of the comp because I went to Oslo for the Eurovision Song contest as a journalist-writer for an Turkish eurovision website. But this was my Logo design for the fantasty comp; .. not so good .. but fresh enough I think. - If you look carfully .. you will see the topographic form of the two continents that from Istanbul 'the clothes of the derwish'. - The 2 strings in the middle of the clothes forms the 2 existing bridges over the bosphorus - When whirling the Olympic Flame is born and is reaching high when one hand in the air is asking for forgiveness/pureness and from the other hand towards the ground, all the sins and faults are falling .. - The fresh bleu whirling background symbolises the sea and universal values of humanity.
  2. senden bir ricam var.

    foruma parasal olarak üye olmayan sari renkli uyeler 'sen ve ben mesela; her gün 1 adat + puan verebiliyoruz. Ara sira birbirimize arti puan verelim. Ben sana bugüne kadar 3 adet verdim. buna forumda reputation points diyorlar. bu sayede biraz üyelik alaninda ivmemiz artsin.

    hayirli sahurlar dilerim

    selam ve dua ile


  3. ali .. sana özel mesaj yazmak istyorum ama yazamiyorum. maksimum 3 mesaj alabiliyor her üyenin posta kutusu.. seninkisi dolu. silebilir misin bir iki tane .. sana mesaj yollayamiyorum !!

  4. ali post kutun dolmus .. silebilr misin? sana özel mesaj yollamak istiyroum.

  5. ali

    tekrar merhaba, uzun zaman oldu görüsmeyeli

    nasilsi iyi misin? uzun yillardan beri üyeyiz su foruma ve nihayetinde ayni anglosaksonlar gibi bizim de tartisabilegimiz ciddi adayligimiz var artik bu kulvarda degil mi?

    eskiden çokça yazmak foruma katki yapmak içimden gelmiyordu. ama bu son istanbul adayligi rahatlatti hakikaten

    1. DannyelBrazil


      Good lucky Turkey and fatixxx. With no South African bid, I'll be rooting for Istanbul.

    2. fatixxx


      Obrigado Dannyel. "Rooting for Istanbul". This sounds very good in the ears ;)

    3. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      "Rooting" for Istanbul has a totally different meaning in Aussie slang!

  6. ISTANBUL in the 2020 Race .. official anouncement today at 13.00 CET

  7. TRABZON 2011 - EURO SUMMER YOG LIVE ==> http://www.trabzon2011.org/CanliYayin/0/index.html (watch the finals live)

  8. miley

    I saw your over-assertive messages at the usoc topic.

    your support for reno is exciting for me tough as I don't know reno. I learn each day something new, a new city are a new olympic thing ..

    You are wise. I htink that you are democratic enough not to attack with big letters. Be peacefull with the board as you are since 2004.

    Love you

  9. 2011 TRABZON - European Summer YOG begins NOW // http://www.trt.net.tr/tvcanli/canli.aspx?kanal=TV1 LIVE STREAM

  10. 11th EYOF Trabzon 2011 - European Summer YOG @ http://www.trabzon2011.org TODAY OPENING CEREMONY!! 19.00 CET

  11. 11th EYOF Trabzon 2011 - European Summer YOG @ http://www.trabzon2011.org TOMORROW OPENING CEREMONY!!

  12. Firstly .. my appologies for my rough behaviour Secondly .. Your previous comment was not cristal clear. As I underlined in your comment now, you could have wrote this sentence in your previous comment. So it came over like the Turkish Autorities are stupid that they don't even know that the Turkish NOC must send the letter to the IOC. You had also the opportunity to ask me via PM about this fact and I could have translated you the furthermore detailed text in that article/or another article that I have momently in my archive. It was just my intention to give information on the fact that the official candidancy is coming soon and so we have another city on the list from cities who made already their candidancy Madrid, Rome .. etc.. That was whole the frame to indicate that Istanbul will officially bid. Of course I appreciate every good/bad comment here. But it came over like there was somewhere a stupidity .. what is impossible from a city that have four consequtive bids in a row. regards fatih
  13. Memorabilia !! Do you think that the Turkish autorothies are stupid!! Is that what you understood of the source. Ofcourse will the Turkish NOC sent the letter to the IOC. But the announcement in Turkey will be announced officially by the NOC and Prime Minister together. This stands out .. we have to read it in the right way; The government is going to back seriously every signle step of this candidancy. You have always suspicious side when it comes to Turkey. You were even unhappy when the Med-games of 2013 were taken from Greece. Please don't provocate !!
  14. 11th EYOF Trabzon 2011 - European Summer YOG @ http://www.trabzon2011.org

  15. At the end of this month the Turkish Prime Minsiter Erdogan is going to announce officially the (applicant)candidancy of Istanbul for the 2020 Olympic Games. He is going to send also the official letter to the IOC with the official support of the Turkish government. Başbakan Recep Tayyip Erdoğan'ın, İstanbul'un 2020 Olimpiyatları'na adaylığını ay sonuna kadar bizzat açıklayacağı ve hükümetin desteğini belirten yazının IOC'ye gönderilecek başvurunun içinde yer alacağı belirtildi. Source: http://www.sabah.com.tr/SabahSpor/Diger/2011/07/19/2020-adayligini-erdogan-cikliyacak
  16. Congratulation to everyone who are making the GB competitions a succesfull reality. Let us continue these comps and it will be a legend for the world of 'from olympic fans to olympic fans' .. thanx guys ;)

  17. DURBAN 2020 fantasy logo posted .. Hope you like it ;)

  18. Rob, I want to thank you for the speed-delivery-links. It helped me a lot for a personal research and for sourcing a new topic at the Turkish website where I am sub-admin of. Greetings to Britain.


  19. hi rob,

    I was again curious about the fact that you (I think it was you) wrote somewhere here on GB an internetlink where we can see 360° the works at the Olympic park in London.

    I can't find that link .. can you help me with this ..




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