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  1. i want to bring an view from an other angle, normally we are aware of the fact that joint-bids are applied/practiced at different sport-branches.. the biggest/largest one in the foıtball-world.. i.e. respectively WC // EC (ie: 2002 korea-japan // 2008 aut-swi), countries with the same cultural-neighbouring backround etcetera.. 

    the combination GRE-EGY-KSA is the most odd one with no common cultural and/or religious background nor directly neighbourship, only neighbouring via the mediterrenean and the redsea.. the only richness would be that it will be a TRİ-CONTİNENTAL cup.. 

    - the saudis have the only negative side that qatar 2022 mess-up whole the middle-east region with climate and rotation issue

    - the egyptians have organised several african cups, but with the fifa go with a dictator like sisi in sea who did a coup on the democratic chosen president morsi

    - the greeks are in economic-disaster till 2060

    - if there will be 10 stadiums, than greece can deliver 2 decent ones in athens and tessaloniki, with egypt an saudia each 4 stadiums

    - there will also wont be a balanced division between those 3 counries

    - and last but not least; greece is in this triple combination to get the euro-votes and hot-mony from the saudi's after bin-salman went to greece a few months ago

    - maybe all this triple energy is been created to boost-up the futuristic city of NEOM in saudi-arabia.. 



    qua concept; this trilogy/hatrick between those 3 countries same fake imho.. not natural and fake-forced to take advantages via the football-market



    CITATE: At first glance, a potential bid by Saudi Arabia and Egypt, two of the world's worst human rights violators, together with Greece, to host the 2030 World Cup sounds like an invitation to a perfect public relations fiasco. That is undoubtedly true if one looks at Qatar three months before its World Cup kicks off in November. Coverage of the Qatar World Cup in independent media remains harshly critical of the Gulf state’s final preparations for the tournament and migrant worker and human rights record, despite significant legal and material reforms.

  2. after a succesfull 34th istanbul intercontinental swimming race > the next race begıns today:



    About 800 triathletes will participate in Istanbul Oral B Bogazici Triathlon Race, which will be organised first time by the Turkish Triathlon Federation under the auspices of the Youth and Sports Ministry and with the support of Beykoz Municipality.

    Lots of other sponsors will be ready at the organisation to contribute races that are expected to be one of the turning points in the triathlon branch.

    1// official website > https://www.istanbultriathlon.com

    2// turkish triathlon federation website > Türkiye Triatlon Federasyonu

    3// other traditional triathlon organisations in whole Turkiye > Türkiye Triatlon Federasyonu - YouTube







  3. İznik 2021 

    4th World Nomad Games

    29 september 2022 >> 2 october 2022




    (latin name of the city = Nicaea)

    (the ever first doctrine-adoption of christian belief and creed of christianşty)

    Nicene Creed - Wikipedia


    World Nomad Games are an international sport competition dedicated to ethnic sports practiced in Central Asia. The first three World Nomad Games were held in Cholpon-AtaKyrgyzstan. The fourth games will be held in IznikTurkey between September 29th and October 2nd 2022

    wikipedia-source: World Nomad Games - Wikipedia


    The logo consists of a circle, which represents our universe, and a horse, as the main symbol of nomads, plus a rider – a solar person. Inside the head of the central figure is a cross, which divides the space into the four parts. This is a universal symbol of heavenly blessings.

    Why a solar person? Because the sun is a symbol of cleanliness and equality for us, it shines on everyone equally. It’s shown in ancient petroglyphs at Caimaluu-Tash. The Kyrgyz, as representatives of nomadic culture, have held themselves in high moral respect, as we’ve always held ourselves above national and religious divides. The author of the logo is designer Mairamkul Asanaliev.

    official-website: Home - WNG 2022 (worldnomadgames2022.com)

    official-youtube: 4. Dünya Göçebe Oyunları 2022 - YouTube

    official-twitter: 4. Dünya Göçebe Oyunları (@gocebe22) / Twitter

    official-linktree: gocebe22 | Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok | Linktree


    the video is a promotional from the 2018 nomad games - thus from the general nomad-games youtube channel



  4. is it possible that the ioc goes resolute for an intern wog-decision like:


    europe 2030 / alps 2030 / scandinavia 2030

    denmark gets curling,

    norway all the slaloms and glidings

    sweden all the ice-branches and nordic

    finland all the freestyles, moguls and stuf + biathlon


    milano-cortina 2026 >> southern-alps

    innsbruck-garmisch 2030 >> northern-alos

    OR simply named as

    ALPS 2030 (austria-swiss-germany; coz germany has 4 slidings and famous kandahar-downhill) 


    >> would this be feasable or a decent solution to save the 2030 games?

    >> would such a decession spoil the targeted-dialoge next may in india/bombay sorry, rather mumbai?

  5. 52 minutes ago, AustralianFan said:

    @fatixxx easy there.  take a deep breath ….

    People with all abilities are welcome here and we need to be supportive of each other and not make incorrect assumptions about others.



    best australian,

    i think that i am supportively enough

    but this is an ilness

    not 1 time not 10 times not 100 times

    it is the same motive over and over again

    im (i am sure many users too) sick of it.. it has to stop somewhere!


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  6. 31 minutes ago, SportLightning said:

    Barcelona 2030 could use Sarajevo.




    STOP with your silly sentences

    STOP with quoting me

    STOP writing groundlessly in every thread

    you only want to increase your posting-number

    and thats why you post everywhere 1 sentence whereby we/other-users cant examine your real thinking-ability in sport

    STOP WITH THAT.. stop with your reckkess/wastefull comments.. ENOUGH = ENOUGH

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  7. its like an insane circumstance: the sauds, qatari even the emirates are in rivalry to organise an olympic games..

    they know very good that they bumb out of the list because the time frame 15/7 - 31/8 doesnt fits in their over-heat time-frame

    they are rely on their mony.. maybe they can do a shot all thogether a YOG-ME-2030 (me = middle east) 

    but the only muslim country who deserves the sog is definitly istanbul (even with/or/not as a wildcard)

    because its the only democratic muslim (secular) state in whole the region with a decent (in wide & depth)

    sports-tradition since ottoman empire even before those states were born

    and last but not least the time-frame fits well.. 

    with the (in the TOP 5 in the world) IGA (istanbul grand airport) + secunda bosphorus canal + about 1000 km of underground metro +

    5 (2 under-sea & 3 above sea) bosphorus-crossings and 2 future crossings (1 speed-metro undersea + 1 speed-air-rail above-sea)

    and 2 criticle venue investment to go (for natatorium and velodrome) & upgrade/furbish/revamp/expand (some ore finishes) for about 40 venues

    istanbul can leave a first-league olympics where almost everything is new/fresh because the city is in the turning-bend of her life-time

    and getting shape with her mega-constructions and planning its bright future.. the city is not buildilg for an eventual olympics,

    but is building as the city emerges for an general finalizing of her infrastucture and urban quarters/spaces till 2030..

    our first candidacy was in 1993 for the 2000 olympics.. we are 2 generations further,

    and turkiye is to eager to organise an eventual sog with over 88% public support.. 

    post legacy use is a priority in whole the world but with a population of 20 million (now 16) will be no problem..

    the world will be in happiness with an oriental-flavoured european city - the bicontinental games - with a lot of proffessionalism as in anglo-saxon countries



  8. i want to appologise, the uefa draw from yesterday is NOT organised as i aforementioned, 

    BUT is was organised at the ICC - ISTANBUL CONGRESS CENTER.. (see video from minute 1.30)

    Istanbul Congress Center is an international congress and event destination, boasting world-class technological infrastructure, experienced staff, and a high-quality service it offers to visitors. Spanning an area of 120.000m2 on a total of eight floors, Istanbul Congress Center hosts social, cultural and professional events of all kinds, including but not limited to national and international congresses, conferences, symposiums, corporate meetings, fairs, exhibitions, concerts, musicals, and theater and movie premieres.

    source-photos > Book Conference Room in Istanbul Congress Center Turkey - Mice Industry






  9. On 3/17/2022 at 4:32 AM, fatixxx said:



    TODAY >> Champions League group stage draw for the 22/23 season was made istanbul

    Location >> yahya kemal beyatlı conference center - Yahya Kemal Beyatlı Gösteri Merkezi Koltukları - Panelkon Proje




    official source-1:  

    draw for the 2022/23 UEFA Champions League group stage was made in Istanbul, Türkiye on Thursday.


    official source-2:

    2023 UEFA Champions League final: Istanbul | UEFA Champions League | UEFA.com

    The 2022/23 UEFA Champions League season will conclude at Istanbul's Atatürk Olympic Stadium on 10 June 2023. Built to support Türkiye's bid to stage the 2008 Olympic Games, the venue opened in 2002 and is home to the Turkish national team. Situated in the Başakşehir area of the city, west of the Bosphorus, it boasts a seated capacity of over 75,000.






    On 8/24/2022 at 2:59 AM, AustralianFan said:

    “The bobsleigh renovation of the existing Pista Eugenio Monti track in Cortina d'Ampezzo is expected to cost at least €85 million (£72 million/$84 million).”

    “Earlier this month, Cortina d'Ampezzo councillor Roberta de Zanna made an informal offer to Austrian authorities for 1976 Winter Olympics host Innsbruck to hold sliding events.”

    i made also a map in the other thread..

    at this link > https://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/33771-barcelona-2030-understanding-the-bid-with-expansion-ao-inclusion-of-an-eventual-sarajevo-legacy-cluster/?do=findComment&comment=557582

    i tried to indicate all the sliding tracks in whole the alps region.. but what australian fan shared is effective..

    the innsbrück/igls sliding track make sense, because its close qua distance.. at the map that Aus-Fan shared, we see also that the biathlon venue location is very very close (maybe just next) to the austrian border.. its clickable on the MC 2026 website organisation map..

    note: at the link i just shared above, for those who are interested can find a world-list of gliding tracks.





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  11. On 8/20/2022 at 11:04 PM, iceman530 said:

    That and Turkey needs to take the wheel from Erdogan about interest controls otherwise the Lira is going to start looking like 25-50 TL to the dollar in short order

    thats not quite right.. and actually this sort of sentences are more manipulation then something else..

    what erdoğan does is decrease-interest after the covid-recession to give breath space for the national economy..

    just between autumn 2022  newyear 2023 the T-lira is going to stabilize  around 8-10 dollars, and at that time we will debate something else because the yearly economic growth will be around 6%.. the economic plan of erdoğan will give its fruits after couple of months AND a lot of world-economists are given him right in this model..

    for example: Nobel Prize Winner Joseph Stiglitz

    source: Stiglitz Says Rate Hikes That Are Too Steep May Worsen Inflation - Bloomberg

  12. best miles, im not defensive, nor offensive.. why are you breaking my enthousiasm :(

    posting material in turkish has 2 positive sides;

    1// there are a lot of turkish people who are surfing in the istanbul threads, they can click on it

    2// also for non-turkish users/people who are interested can view the map-visualistions and can copy paste sentences to translate pages to have an idea whats written in the text.. im doing that often with non-english pdf's for example.. its never a loose, it gives a nice inter-active way of connection with this forum.. im respecting your suggestion, but look it brighter..

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  13. On 8/22/2022 at 12:40 AM, yoshi said:

    Is it fair to say though that although the athletics stadium is clearly a big problem to have, it's the only major infrastructure problem RR faces? 

    i think that the athletics stadium is a very creativd-difficult-element, but the germans can create something very special and can work on creative ideas..  for example the 2022 world-cup stadium in eugene/usa (more then a month ago).. how an university stadium is revamped into a vey interesting-green stadium.. also in terms of lighted-transparant-engineering

    i had the opportunity to look at the RRC 2032 bidbook, (or rather catalogue) and they are saying that whole thd region counts more then 500.000 students, that means that there are more then a lot of universities whereby they could observe whats possible in that area.. in that case they could choose the best university-stadium for revamp and legacy.. 

    could we named it as the eugene-model yes or no?

    note: the letter C in RRC sounds weird to me, because the rhein-rhur-(gebiet) is not a city but more a gradations that creates an agglomeration with a lot of green spaces.. i live in belgian-limbourgh and im almost 10-20 times in a year visiting this region, where i have friends and using more (the state of the art) düsseldorf airport frequently, btw went to all the 3 main airports, and its a region where the infrastructure is fluent on all levels.

    imho the naming would fit as example  "RR 2032" - "Rhein-Rhur 2032" (without the using of the word 'city')


  14. 15 minutes ago, baron-pierreIV said:

    Fatixx, ever heard of the saying: The road to hell is paved with good intentions?  I hope the Canal -- whose repercussions on the environment are untested -- will turn out to be OK.  But if it is an environmental disaster, then how can Trukey or the IOC sanction a silly, frou-frou event where the environment has gone all wrong.  Fatixx, no need to get all screwed up.  I know you're Turkish and you take great pride in that -- but this is merely a discussion board.  No need to drill down to all those details above.  

    ok, i'll promise you not to drill all details in some cases like this one,

    but it wont be a disaster, because all the needed scientific research on all levels are done and on the otherside all the simulation models are tested. this phase has taken about more then 10 years now.. if will be a sort of (even better than) suez or panama canal..

    for those who are interested in all the environmental/scientific research i will leave here an official link:

    official-website; https://www.kanalistanbul.gov.tr/

    official-environmental-report: KANALISTANBULNIHAICEDRAPORU.pdf (pdf counts 1623 pages)



  15. On 8/20/2022 at 5:25 PM, baron-pierreIV said:

    They better finish their Istanbul Canal first and see how that works out before talking 2036 Olympic Games.  And also hope that everything in the Crimea will be settled by 2030 at the very latest.  

    @baron-pierreIV, i'm wondering sometimes your way of thinking, but 2 things you say:

    Crimea issue > i'm ok with that for 50%.. how hard it can be that this issue will spoil an eventually ist/bid?

    Canal issue > i'm totally not ok with that.. this issue is totally an off-sayt issue.

    1// your question about the canal is wrong-settled: ".. and see how it works"

    2// all of the 5 previous consecutive bids were planned without the canal-issue / for 2020 ist came 2nd / closest chance

    3// it will bring nothing else than advantages to the city thus also to every sort of sports event

    4// all the shipping/freight-traffic will just replace from the bosphorus to the canal (secunda posphorus)

    5// in this case the bosphorus will become a srraight for water-sports & leisure..

    6// the building of the canal will save the cith center & both inner-coastlines of the city for eventual disasters too

    >> i dont see your point of view about the "how it will work" > just not applicable coz it doenst bring any disadvantages

    >> only if i cant read your brighter view on this, i would be more than happy if you brought light in your statement ;)


  16. 29 minutes ago, StefanMUC said:

    Could have ended the sentence right after the name.

    @StefanMUC you are a racist!

    Stop intimidate my leader erdoğan

    Stop writing hate towards my democratically chosen turkish president

    i dont do that with you bundeskanzler.. loosing face in front of german justice nowadays!!

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