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  1. Bursa 2022 BidBook Online !!

  2. Hereby BURSALIA 2022 presents her wallpaper as background image for the final presentation; http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/8113/bursa2022stadiumwallpap.jpg

  3. BURSA 2022 Bidbook is been overhanded to the IOC at the 156th information session in Canberra/Australia !!

  4. Latest News - BURSA 2022 ; the Ski-Jumping venue will be located at the GRASHOPPER Quarter at the foot of the Olympos Mountain !!

  5. Our Bid for 2022 is; Brave, Up-level, Ravishing, Superb and Astonishing .. BURSA 2022 .. your turquoise winter love is awaiting YOU !!

  6. BURSA 2022 will organize a Mystical Olympic Flame Relay on Anatolian Soil from Oracle to Oracle .. for more information go to the NewsDesk

  7. BURSA 2022 WOG fantasy bid is half Finished .. it will be a GREAT GAMES .. Just Discover our NewsDesk ;)

  8. Russian Rulet with the Qatarian Oil Barons concludes the MaFIFA ..

  9. Morocco did bid 3 times in a row, isn't it .. Morocco is strongly developing transport infrastructure as they have now build one of the biggest ports at the Street of Gibraltar. They have the knowledge and experience to put something forward .. But I have another question .. can the FIFA or is it welwilling to give the WC in a second row to a muslim country .. Nigeria is too dangerous at the moment .. No change in my view though. Best regards fatih civelek
  10. Qatar-up, Heat-up the World Cup .. hehe :))

  11. The Kangaroo stole my heart, Japan with is astonishing technology and Katars's Human Touch .. I can't choose ?!?!

  12. ERZURUM 2011 - 25th Winter Universiade -->> Countdown 60 days to go !!

  13. Bursa 2022 | Inspire Your Turquoise Winter Love @ Modern Games !!

  14. I found this information on wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Winter_Youth_Olympics ==>>Candidate City : Lillehammer / Norway ==>>Former Potential Applicant Cities : Lake Placed / NY Lucerne / Switzerland Zaragoza / Spain Sofia / Bulgaria
  15. The 2 pages brochure about the WOG 2022 GB Comp has been sent to tnmp at 14.47 CET .. Good luck to Bursa and all the friend-cities !!

  16. Winter Universiade 2011 - Erzurum 2011 is the next wintersports orgnization on the World Sports Calendar

  17. the heart transplantation of a family member went very well, he will be healty in a few weeks .. :))

  18. My design came 23rd (belgium) And a friend of mine came 24th (turkey) here are the designs I also made a youtube video to promote my medal design just a year ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCs8nEC70Jk Best regards fatix from Brussels
  19. baron,

    i redraw your aomori 2022 comp logo for incase


    Love you


  20. Gracias for the flag counter kratk ..

    Greetings and Loves from Belgium :)

  21. Guys thanx to you I learned a lot of these commonwealth games.
  22. Livestream on internet goes on with a lot of fireworks .. and the finishing touch was with the official generic music "jeetoh" from AR Rahman .. The music variables were swithced with modern Indian and western music .. I heard also a song of the group BLUE if I'm not wrong. But the closings are such more fun and pleasure NOW meanwhile the livesrtream ended too .. Bollywood-music is in general always bloomin' fantastic .. Bai bai Delhi .. Welcome Glasgow !!
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