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  1. Here we go.. with the first entrance for highland african country of Kenya..

    the logo symbolises a big letter N , the initial of capital city

    patterend in a quadratic square with the 3 main colours of the national flag 

    the diagonal lines refere also to the coat of arms on the kenyan tricolore

    this symmetric-concept gives an anfrican-art-taste to the logo itself

    using a very modern font to indicate a fast evoluating technological/cyber world AND 

    forming cleverly the word AIR with the 2nd + 3rd + 4th letters of the capital name

    this last includes/contains a capital on the east-african-highlands about 1.700 m above sealevel

    this is also the level whereby the most medals in history are won by kenyan atlethes at long distance running

    with all this precious information makes the country a proud host on african soil.. 

    the little extention (drawn as fhe same font-letter-"O") in the right-upper corner.. encompasses the intention to reach high, higher, highest..

    the Kenyan highlands are inviting the olympic passion in the land of the proud and succesfull long-distance-runners ..



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  2. i found 2 occasions (in 8 years) whereby the turkish president erdoğan & ioc president bach met eachother:

    1// they met in istanbul at the dolmabahçe imperial palace at 12.04.2014

    2// they met in doha wc fifa opening match reception/stadium at 20.11.2022 




    source-1: BAŞBAKAN ERDOĞAN, BAKAN KILIÇ VE IOC BAŞKANI BACH'I KABUL ETTİ (akifcagataykilic.com.tr)




    source-2: Cumhurbaşkanı Erdoğan, Katar'da 2022 FIFA Dünya Kupası'nın açılışı dolayısıyla verilen resepsiyona katıldı - Anadolu Ajansı (aa.com.tr)

  3. 19 hours ago, fusilli said:

    ^^If Ruhr doesn't take off and Far East goes "just for playing", the Mid-Way is right there.. more than ever.

    wel said.. good correlation..

    this time istanbul has to count with so much details then ever.. in respons to my feeling..

  4. Phryge | Phrygia ^_^;)

    >> in/direct new information from turkish soil

    source: Phrygians - Wikipedia

    The Phrygians (Greek: Φρύγες, Phruges or Phryges) were an ancient Indo-European speaking people, who inhabited central-western Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) in antiquity. They were related to the Greeks.[1]

    Ancient Greek authors used "Phrygian" as an umbrella term to describe a vast ethno-cultural complex located mainly in the central areas of Anatolia rather than a name of a single "tribe" or "people", and its ethno-linguistic homogeneity is debatable.[2] Phrygians were initially dwelling in the southern Balkans – according to Herodotus – under the name of Bryges (Briges), changing it to Phryges after their final migration to Anatolia, via the Hellespont. However, the Balkan origins of the Phrygians are debated by modern scholars.[3][4]

    Phrygia developed an advanced Bronze Age culture. The earliest traditions of Greek music are in part connected to Phrygian music, transmitted through the Greek colonies in Anatolia, especially the Phrygian mode, which was considered to be the warlike mode in ancient Greek music. Phrygian Midas, the king of the "golden touch", was tutored in music by Orpheus himself, according to the myth. Another musical invention that came from Phrygia was the aulos, a reed instrument with two pipes.

    In classical Greek iconography Paris, a Trojan, is represented as non-Greek by his Phrygian cap, which was also worn by Mithras and survived into modern imagery as the "Liberty cap" of the American and French revolutionaries.

    Phrygians spoke the Phrygian language, a member of the Indo-European linguistic family. Modern consensus regards Greek as its closest relative







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  5. On 11/14/2022 at 9:38 PM, Sir Rols said:

    One thing struck me - these mascots DO have a purpose beyond being just plushies. They actually could be worn, and I expect we may see them on spectators’ heads come games time. In which case, they may be a bit more visible than the average stuffed toy. 

    do you remember the vuvuzela at the world cup 2010 in south africa? it was a fad/rage/trend gone wrong with a lot of hatred for that instrument.. i hope that the same doesnt happen with this red-cock/comb-thing all red-coloured stands at the sports venues.. 

    2024 is nothing elss than 2 things.. 1// the logo referee to the french revolution 2// the mascot musnt be an animal thus to break this trend and do solething innovative.. (in this context was izzy mich more approchable as a character.. it just doesn make sense as yoh get the answer 'is not an animal' but the first impression as a cock-comb is directly linked with an animal.. so at the end we have a product here, but i think (have the feeling)  that there will be also blue version of this when medal ceremonies are held.. at rio it was so simple and beautiful to reach out the curving-logo as a bibelot so much organic-and-modest.. (seen apart from vinicous)

    paris 2024 goes about the SO MUCH NEEDED french-pride after a brexit and decreasing german-politics on the european continent.. 'centenaire en français' regering to 1924.. the symbolism doesnt stop but is also produces a lot arrogantism, sorry as the french arrogance can be.

    finally the one/only good thing of this mascot is maybe that it looks like a HEART when you look upside down.. so they can make a decent link; that the olympians are in the heart of the olympics AND in de heart of paris as it will be the most inclusion-olympics of the new millenium



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  6. Another organization but this time in the athletics branch.. ;) (beneath via google translation) 

    At the European Athletics Association Executive Board meeting held in Warsaw, Poland, it was decided to organize the 2024 European Cross Country Championships in Antalya on 10 December 2024.




  7. today at 06.11.2022.. the 44th ISTANBUL MARATHON is held & finished..



    Dozens of elite runners will participate in the 44th Istanbul Marathon, the world's only intercontinental race, set to take place on Sunday.

    The race will have four categories -- 42.2-kilometer (26.2-mile) marathon, 42-km (26 mile) roller skate run,15-km (9.3-mi) run, and 8-km (4.9-mi) FunRun.

    A total of 60,000 athletes, including 56 elite runners, will take part in the marathon starting from Istanbul's Asian side and ending in the European part.

    Marius Kimutai, Samuel Kiplimo, Tadesse Kemechachu, and Robert Kipkemboi are among the favorites to win the men's category. Sechale Dalase and Melesech Tsegaye are highlights of the women's race.


    Marathon to begin at 0600GMT

    The 42.2-km marathon will begin in the Asian part of Istanbul at 9 a.m. local time (0600GMT) near the July 15 Martyrs' Bridge and conclude in Sultanahmet Square.

    The participants will cross the bridge giving a spectacular view of the Bosporus, and tour many historical sites, including the Sultanahmet Camii (Blue Mosque) and Ayasofya (Hagia Sophia).


    Best results

    Kenyan athlete Daniel Kipkore Kibet won the 41st edition of the Marathon in 2019, breaking the 42-kilometer (26-mile) track record with 2 hours, 9 minutes, and 44 seconds.

    In the women's category, Ruth Chepngetich from Kenya finished the 42-km (26-mile) run in 2 hours, 18 minutes, and 35 seconds breaking the marathon's records.

    The name of the marathon, which kicked off as the Asia-Europe Run, was later changed to the Intercontinental Eurasia Marathon.

    In 2013, the name of the marathon was changed to Istanbul Marathon in order to promote the city and bring its name to the forefront.


    source >> 44th Istanbul Marathon to be held Sunday (aa.com.tr)

  8. turkiye has booked another sports organization for next year

    the 10th individual european championships

    artistic gymnastics 2023 in ANTALYA - 11-16 april


    source-1 >> European Gymnastics (@UEGymnastics) / Twitter


    The European Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics Individual Championships[1] are an artistic gymnastics championships for male and female gymnasts from European countries organised by the European Union of Gymnastics. It was first held in 2005 and has been held biennially since then in odd-numbered years. These championships occur in years between the European Men's Artistic Gymnastics Championships and the European Women's Artistic Gymnastics Championships, which have been held in even-numbered years since 1990.

    source-2 >> European Men's and Women's Artistic Gymnastics Individual Championships - Wikipedia


  9. The live video above from TRT-Avaz contains as a unique video whole the opening ceremony from >> 1.20.00 till 2.27.00 

    in the last spectacular part contains the games-generic-music sung by turkuc-artist WITH mages from whole the Turkic-World and beyond from >> 2.20.00 till 2.24.00


    There are participating; +100 countries +3000 sporters +40 branches

    >> location-click >> Social Media Page (qrco.de)


    • Preserving the cultural and historical heritage and diversity of peoples from around the world in the era of globalization;
    • Developing the world ethnosport movement;
    • Popularizing, developing and promoting
      ethnosports at the world level, including traditional games and competitions from around the world;
    • Support for the scientific and methodological foundation of the ethnosport movement, including ethnosports, traditional games, and traditional competitions;
    • Strengthening and further developing interfaith and intercultural dialogue, understanding, friendship, harmony, and cooperation between the people of the world, and demonstrating the cultural diversity of the world.

    Special attention at the World Nomad Games is paid to ecology. The official mascot of the World Nomad Games is the snow leopard. The organizers of the Games hope to bring extra attention to the plight of the snow leopard and to save the habitat of this unique animal.




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