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  1. Guys, hereby I want to say goodby. lost my enthousiasm for gamesbids forums. I want to appologize for those whom I have broken/hurted hearts. Thanks for all of you to be here for the good and the bad days. And expecially thanx to 3 special persons, Rol for your intelligence, CAF for your friendship and Baron/Miley for your Olympic knowledge and your precious book. Will remember you at each Olympic Games bye. Love you all!! & Daniel succes with Rio and you Logo designs. fatih.

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    2. deawebo


      hope read you again. Good luck with Istanbul's bid. :)

    3. emre


      nereye yaf? :/

    4. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      I hope it's Au revoir rather than goodbye - counting on you to be here when the 2020 bids get down to business!

  2. Did received today the book "Secrets of the Olympic Ceremonies" of aka BaronPierre & specially autographed .. Superb .. the book didn't dissapointed me.. very spontanious and colourfull. Excited to read it tonight after a couple hours of sleep.. just came from work !!

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    2. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      Did you get Baron's uncensored, uncut adults-only version?

    3. afiqnadzir


      how much the price?

      sound interesting

    4. baron-pierreIV


      afiq, email me at razor323@gmail.com

    1. DannyelBrazil


      Good lucky Turkey and fatixxx. With no South African bid, I'll be rooting for Istanbul.

    2. fatixxx


      Obrigado Dannyel. "Rooting for Istanbul". This sounds very good in the ears ;)

    3. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      "Rooting" for Istanbul has a totally different meaning in Aussie slang!

  3. Baku & Doha are IN .. But they SOON will be OUT !!

    1. Soaring


      Doha will no doubt be a candidate. Baku is out, and a chance that Istanbul might join them.

    2. FYI


      When it comes to the fanciful IOC, no one can say "no doubt" about anything when it comes to those capricious, Swiss old ladies.

    3. DannyelBrazil


      The racing will be tough, good luck for the bidders! =]

  4. BURSA 2022 .. awaits your votes .. You can see the Olympic Passion in our Bidbook .. Once you download it you will be excited about this dynamic project .. SUPPORT US !! Vote Bursa2022 !!

    1. paul


      good luck to you fatixxx, i saw the WOW TURKEY site and all your hard work was very evident.

  5. Baron .. I looked as you said, but I don't have that option. :(( maybe I can get that option if get a premium membership

    1. baron-pierreIV


      Ah then...that would be it.

  6. Before I say definitly goodbye .. forgot to whish gamesbids and you guys the best for 2012. For every member individually .. I love U. http://www.obtampons.ca/apology entter here your name and just watch.. Baron I love you.. especially you. And forget about the chances for Istanbul 2020. Spread Love around and beyond. Because in 2012 we will need more love than anything else. Bye foorgood !!

    1. baron-pierreIV


      You too, Fatixx!! Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2012 for you & yours!!

  7. Dear GB Member

    I am asking for your vote to support my Bidbook

    Vote for Bursa 2022

    Give the Winter Olympics a Chance in another continent

    Where new generations will benefit from.


    Best Regards

    fatix from Belgium

    1. fatixxx


      thanx world atlas for the speed delivery (about the michael payne issue)..

      I love you my friend ..



  8. the heart transplantation of a family member went very well, he will be healty in a few weeks .. :))

  9. Winter Universiade 2011 - Erzurum 2011 is the next wintersports orgnization on the World Sports Calendar

  10. The 2 pages brochure about the WOG 2022 GB Comp has been sent to tnmp at 14.47 CET .. Good luck to Bursa and all the friend-cities !!

  11. Bursa 2022 | Inspire Your Turquoise Winter Love @ Modern Games !!

  12. The Kangaroo stole my heart, Japan with is astonishing technology and Katars's Human Touch .. I can't choose ?!?!

  13. ERZURUM 2011 - 25th Winter Universiade -->> Countdown 60 days to go !!

  14. Qatar-up, Heat-up the World Cup .. hehe :))

  15. Russian Rulet with the Qatarian Oil Barons concludes the MaFIFA ..

  16. BURSA 2022 WOG fantasy bid is half Finished .. it will be a GREAT GAMES .. Just Discover our NewsDesk ;)

  17. BURSA 2022 will organize a Mystical Olympic Flame Relay on Anatolian Soil from Oracle to Oracle .. for more information go to the NewsDesk

  18. Our Bid for 2022 is; Brave, Up-level, Ravishing, Superb and Astonishing .. BURSA 2022 .. your turquoise winter love is awaiting YOU !!

  19. Latest News - BURSA 2022 ; the Ski-Jumping venue will be located at the GRASHOPPER Quarter at the foot of the Olympos Mountain !!

  20. BURSA 2022 Bidbook is been overhanded to the IOC at the 156th information session in Canberra/Australia !!

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