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  1. Dear GB Member

    I am asking for your vote to support my Bidbook

    Vote for Bursa 2022

    Give the Winter Olympics a Chance in another continent

    Where new generations will benefit from.


    Best Regards

    fatix from Belgium

    1. fatixxx


      thanx world atlas for the speed delivery (about the michael payne issue)..

      I love you my friend ..



  2. Go 12 Giant Men... FIBA 2010 Turkey

    1. fatixxx


      emre sana özel mesaj yolladim .. niye bakmiyosun ..

      emre su an 2022 kis olimpiyatlari için yarismaya katildim.

      Bursa 2022 için benim adaylik dosyasina oy verebilir misin?

      çok çok sagolasin .. sagol dostum.

  3. I'd love it if Wikileaks could get hold of some classified material relating to IOC and especially FIFA host elections! I'm willing to bet THEY'D make for fascinating reading!!

    1. fatixxx


      That would cause a big earthquake in the Sports history of the world ..

  4. Oops,sorry Faster,forgot about 1950.But it was so long ago,it seemed as if Brazil had become 'New Frontier' again!

    1. fatixxx


      I undersign this sentence. Brazil indeed has become again a 'New Frontier' seen on Organizational basis ;)

  5. I feel lucky to be in Istanbul under 23° C with shining sun while europe is freezing...

    1. fatixxx


      Belgium is close to -10 the winds are sharp this night .. :(

    2. (See 2 other replies to this status update)

  6. Two superb panormas of London's Olympic Park released today http://bit.ly/bh7PBC

    1. fatixxx


      Perfect panoramas' up there .. bloomin'fantastic ;)

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