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  1. Our second important partner will be Singapore.. source: http://haber.stargazete.com/dunya/erdogan-dunyanin-onundeki-en-buyuk-tehlike-terordur/haber-827053
  2. photo gallery: http://fotogaleri.stargazete.com/album/haber/690234/1/Guncel source: http://www.sondakika.com/haber/haber-erdogan-abe-ortak-basin-toplantisi-5234359/ source: http://gundem.bugun.com.tr/japonya-ile-nukleer-santral-anlasmasi-haberi/842522
  3. Nowadays, Erdogan is in the Japanese Capital with a big/huge team/equipe.. Japanese Prime Minister Abe visited Turkey in 29 october 2013, the day of Turkish Republic festivities.. Erdogan and ABE opened together the (1rst internontinental) Marma-Rail under the Bosphorus together.. our biggest partner towards 2024 will be Japan.. The japanese have constructed nowadays TURK-SAT 4 And Erdogan is there to inaugurate the delivery.. in february 2014 Turkey will launch this sattelite at Baikonur/Kazachstan source: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/japanese-pm-abes-turkey-visit-display-of-a-strong-bond.aspx?pageID=238&nID=57058&NewsCatID=359 PHOTO-GALLERY - source: http://www.akparti.org.tr/site/haberler/bogazdaki-havai-fisek-gosterisini-izledi/53872 source: http://archiartengi.com/2013/10/tarihi-proje-marmaray-aciliyor/ source: http://haber.tr.msn.com/ntv/ve-marmaray-a%C3%A7%C4%B1l%C4%B1yor-1 source: http://www.posta.com.tr/turkiye/HaberDetay/Marmaray-bugun-aciliyor.htm?ArticleID=202300 source: http://www.haber7.com/dis-politika/haber/1089423-japon-basbakan-o-gun-erdogandan-etkilendim
  4. n Erdogan wont fall.. he will come out stronger by each of the 3 elections in 2014-2015 (regional, president en general elections) He is still is THE BELOVED MAN in Turkey, in the Middle east & in Muslim-Asia.. So you will see it only in your dreams that he falls.. He gave the next task to deveolope even a better and superb Istanbul 2024 bid.. He IS a revolutionary person for whole the islam and Mohammedan world.. He will lift Turkey up to a ulitimate high point in his goal towards 2023... And all the black progapangda towards him all nothing but a bigg lie that the media world and other elements are producing.. SPIEGEL.DE is the big virus here .. and other media and persons and associations world-widet who hate Erdogan.. They only make the Turkish prime minister and the Turkish people stronger and stronger and they consolide a more powerfull Turkey and Turkish Istanbul bid..; ==>> ISTANBUL TRANSPORT TOWARDS 2019; http://www.istanbulunmetrosu.com/istanbulda-rayli-sistemler.html [780 KM] all plans are made thanks to our beloved world-leader istanbul's new bid towards 2024 will be a real jewel
  5. Dopinge karşı 4 maddelik plan Gençlik ve Spor Bakanlığı, 'dopinge sıfır tolerans' ilkesi doğrultusunda 4 maddelik eylem planını hazırlayarak Başbakanlık'a gönderdi. Yeni düzenlemeyle ödül yönetmeliğinde değişikliğe gidilirken, antrenörler ve federasyon başkanlarına da sorumluluklar getirildi. Doping kullandığı tespit edilen sporcuların cezalarının 3 ay içerisinde verilmesi zorunlu kılındı. source: http://yenisafak.com.tr/spor-haber/dopinge-karsi-4-maddelik-plan-05.10.2013-571199?ref=manset-4.2 --------------- note: translation will come soon, together with other news on the same item. will keep following this subject here on GB. thanx
  6. is this real !!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tokyo mayor claims Japan PM lied about Fukushima Inose publicly denounced the Prime Minister’s claim after telling reporters from Fuji TV that the water leak was “not necessarily under control”. World Bulletin / News Desk The Mayor of Tokyo, Naoki Inose, has indicated that the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe lied to the International Olympic Committee when he reassured them that contaminated water leaking from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant were “under control.” Inose publicly denounced the Japanese Prime Minister’s claim after telling reporters from Fuji TV that the water leak was “not necessarily under control” on Friday. Shinzo Abe flew directly from the G20 Summit in Russia to the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires where he declared water outside the immediate area safe from radiation, resulting in Tokyo defeating its rivals Istanbul and Madrid to host the 2020 Olympic games. However, Tokyo Mayor Inose later said, “The government must acknowledge this as a national problem so that we can head toward a real solution.” After conducting an internal investigation, the operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant TEPCO found that the water-leak may have been caused by five loose bolts on an iron plate. Source: http://www.worldbulletin.net/?aType=haber&ArticleID=118722 Second Source: http://www.japancrush.com/2013/stories/did-abe-lie-to-olympic-committee-about-fukushima-safety.html ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Istanbul 2024 - bridging the world before I leave the gb boards for a long time, wanted to start this topic .. well gosh you'll never know it can be helpfull maybe as the time is ripe .. i know 1 thing fur sure .. i will never stop thinking about the olympics .. it's grown on me the olympic spirit.. "for the love of the games, for the love of the continents" meanwhile the istanbul 2020 bid video over-succeeded my expectations.. it overwhelmed my heart.. istanbul is still a diamond where the olympic games will come to.. hopefully once in a lifetime.. i love you miles.. fatih
  8. This is not a logo .. it is a composition of a lot of things.. It doesn't stand out as a logo .. But the WC 2014 Logo stands out as a logo as '1 whole'-perception.. This is not ugly, nor it is handsome.. this is cheap and mediocre!! for a country like spain.. Look .. this is what I had designed when Turkey was also candidate for the euro2016 I draw this for a competition that I've had run a few years ago on a/another Turkish forum for a fantasy competition.. don't want to say that it is good or superb .. but it is handsome and stands out as a '1-whole-logo' perception.. source: http://wowturkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=91830 update: ooops .. for a country like france i meant..
  9. The IOC evaluation commission was: * hugely impressed by Tokyo * greatly impressed by Madrid .. and now .. they are .. * enourmously impressed by istanbul ==>> according to the news published on turkish STAR-newspaper' website.. source: http://haber.stargazete.com/spor/hazirlik-duzeyi-ve-heves-hepimizi-etkiledi/haber-739907
  10. all renders and (ioc commission visit) photos @ https://www.facebook.com/Istanbul2020
  11. i love you miles.. :'((

  12. 3rd bridge will enourmously reduce/decrease transit traffic (for citizens & non-citizens who don't have to be in the city centre/s) from European side to Asian Side and vice versa. SOURCE ON GB-FORUMS >> http://www.gamesbids...ps/#entry317981
  14. Shut up!! Istanbul isn't New York!!
  15. This is not true!! There is ONE cluster on Asian Side for 5 sports in total.. not clusterS!! Besides no one has studied here enough the istanbul bid as I can read.. To cross the Bosphorus multiple times each day is will be the most easy transfer, because the metroline and the (apart constructed) motorwayline are/will be the most easiest crossings with olympic lanes and for the metro with elevator-system: so that not each metroline will have a stop at each station. Innovative and simply ideas will work very well when the lines will opened respectively in 2013 and 2015 The PORT CLUSTER that will include those 5 sports will have the first MetroStop Just (a few 100 meters) next to the venue. This PORT CLUSTER is a very compact cluster.. It is like members here on GB are writing down their sentences like it is the most terrific thing to go to the Asian Side. 6 cluster of the total 7 cluster will be on the European side .. This includes that about 75-80% of the sports will be implemented on European side!! Beside the rail/motorway system beneath the Bosphorus, Istanbul has also ABOVE the Bosphorus the most flexible, comfortable and rapid waterway traffic too. The Olympic Family would be more than glad if they can cross to the Asian Side with BEAUTY ON WATER in hot summer days, than just the undercrossings. Those SeaBusses are run very smoothly and can handle even more passengers a day than 1 METRO LINE only .. so what is the big Fuss here ?? This is the 1rst time in history that a Istanbul Bid is thought very well in detail, in every intelligence corner that a city on 2 continents can require.?? Please study the Bid Precisely .. because this bid is in 70%-80% different in concept and planning than the previous consecutive bids?? Nobody here has read intensivly in detail the 2020 Ist Bid.. So please don't write down horrible senario's that wont happen .. The most ever perfect organised smooth sea transport ever in a world city surrounded by water.. istanbuliots prefer these sealines than anything else.. Second city in the world in this frame is Hong-Kong .. Istanbul has decennia long experience to handle hundred of thousands people a day to the two sides and vice versa!! Whole istanbul is covered with sea-terminals.. >> http://www.ido.com.tr/tr/interaktif-haritalar/ic-hatlar >> official website IDO - Istanbul Sea Busses and Jets >> http://wowturkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21033 >> interactive sea-terminals-routes map
  16. New logo: slightly different from original, the yellow leaf of the tulip became more dynamic orange of the sunset .. the turquise blue became more marine-blue.. the font also changed, but think personally that the font of the 4th logo design (of that of the fresco-tulip) would suite better whole the concept .. Whole the logo doesn't convince me but it is indeed a whole immense step forward of what Istanbul's previous concecutive bids proposed as a logo.. and more sustainable too. A last question how this logo will look like in black&white print .. not convincing either .. Like this it looks better what was served in the competition phase. source: http://www.hurriyet....ar/21041772.asp previous logo competition-phase (btw the font s*cks) ====>>>> this font would serve in a better way whole the logo and concept imho..
  17. Before I say definitly goodbye .. forgot to whish gamesbids and you guys the best for 2012. For every member individually .. I love U. http://www.obtampons.ca/apology entter here your name and just watch.. Baron I love you.. especially you. And forget about the chances for Istanbul 2020. Spread Love around and beyond. Because in 2012 we will need more love than anything else. Bye foorgood !!

    1. baron-pierreIV


      You too, Fatixx!! Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2012 for you & yours!!

  18. Guys, hereby I want to say goodby. lost my enthousiasm for gamesbids forums. I want to appologize for those whom I have broken/hurted hearts. Thanks for all of you to be here for the good and the bad days. And expecially thanx to 3 special persons, Rol for your intelligence, CAF for your friendship and Baron/Miley for your Olympic knowledge and your precious book. Will remember you at each Olympic Games bye. Love you all!! & Daniel succes with Rio and you Logo designs. fatih.

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      hope read you again. Good luck with Istanbul's bid. :)

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      nereye yaf? :/

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      Sir Rols

      I hope it's Au revoir rather than goodbye - counting on you to be here when the 2020 bids get down to business!

  19. Did received today the book "Secrets of the Olympic Ceremonies" of aka BaronPierre & specially autographed .. Superb .. the book didn't dissapointed me.. very spontanious and colourfull. Excited to read it tonight after a couple hours of sleep.. just came from work !!

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      Did you get Baron's uncensored, uncut adults-only version?

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      how much the price?

      sound interesting

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      afiq, email me at razor323@gmail.com

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    this here was the best message on the sentence that qatarson wrote .. I gave a + rep point.

    thank you for your perfect answer .. couldn't been better.



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  22. Dear olimpik; If you have noticed my signature; with all the dates and names of the sports organizations already held or to come, than you could've learned that a few weeks ago ..
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