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  1. .. finally the NAIROC (NAIRobi olympic games Organising Committee) has decided for the NAIROBI 2036 Official Olympiad Song JERUSALEMA SONG >> Jerusalema - Wikipedia << SUNG BY SOUTH AFRICAN vocalist >> Nomcebo Zikode - Wikipedia << %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%###########$$$$$$$$&&&&&&&&&&&§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§°°°°°°°°°° 1// AUSTRIAN AIRLINES becomes the 1rst official flight partner of the NAIROBI 2036 olympics 2// INDONESIA Olympic Committee supports also the NAIROBI 2036 olympics (with 2000 workers for the olympic book off records)
  2. i thought the same.. but this terror can geopardise paris 2024.. i just shared this as sincere concern and goıd intentions towards the near future rolls.. honestly i feel not good in my stomac.. im despered at the moment
  3. best friends, you are maybe angry at me, but i want to warn spontainiously as a european citizen the french authorities.. please dont look as an isolated incident to this terrorist attack few days ago.. this incident has escalated consciensly by the PKK-DIASPORA and all of them are millitants programmed to destroy.. we as turkish people know very well their nature.. they make a burning hell in the city that they invade by this way.. the day before christmas became BLOODY because of the escalation of this incident.. if this issue is not taken into account now it can geopardize the 2 weeks of the olympic games 2024.. you can say perceived ennemies of.. but this becomes about the fact that france is supporting (like the uk,usa,ger and other countries) fully at every level the PKK = YPG = PYD = ISIS .. france supports o snake feeded with own mony in her own lap.. if france (and all the west) doesnt stop to support the PKK openly, than thet will do the same always.. 1 imporrant example is; the french enterprise/firm LAFARGE produces concrete in northern syria and donates these to the PKK/YPG/PYD to buıld underground tunnels so big as metro tunnels in the syrian desert.. i already condamned this, but leave a few links (without embedding them) paris is destroyed .. and if this goes like this and the bluntly support of terrorism goes on in the middle east, then im scared that we will have a 3rd world war and the annulation of the olympic games in paris.. turkish leader erdoğan warned on several occasions the west to stop the terror support of the PKK, bexause this snake grew up in the nations who did support them İS NOW biting and demolishing everything they see.. this is their nature.. shocking immages.. last but not least dont approach/speak the PKK as KURDS, because they arent.. if they/pkk care/d about the kurds (as im also 25% kursish) they wouldnt drive away 4 million kurds/arabs as refugees to the turkish border in the first place.. france please stop supoorting th pkk because, it has escaleted to MARSEİLLEZ and LONDEN.. and in LONDEN the pkk-millitants say, "france stop killing kurds" .. the pkk (resulted/outflowed from the armenian terror group ASALA) they are dishonest and fraudulent) the pkk is BLACKMAILING western countries, if they stop the support, they will fight to create a KURDİSTAN in the middle of europe with STRASBOURGH as their capital, because of the fact they gathered free/frequently in the EU-PARLEMENT.. they also said that europol, (european police department is scared to fight with them. the PKK collects each year about 5 billion dollars in europe for the transport and distribution of cannabis/heroin and much more to spoil the lives of the european generatios.. turkiye is the only country that fights seriously against terrorism.. this terror snake became big because of the west, lets fight together against terror.. the PKK is doing genocide to imternational democracy.. the so called terror-flag of the the PKK, surrounded every single street/building in paris.. they can do this again on this level during the games in 2024 https://twitter.com/ClementLanot/status/1606310405319856128?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/yusufalabarda/status/1606645594084507648?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/hermes_z/status/1606624377482739718?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/muratozer_ist/status/1606639603745787905?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/MustafaB49/status/1606424314382848007?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/slmhktn/status/1606643489365803008?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/thhsynkrgz/status/1606655286663446529?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/idriskardas/status/1606706869292371968?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/ibrahimkaragul/status/1606735988574883845?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/halimekokce/status/1606779937347747841?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/GaffarYakinca/status/1607031175654023169?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/AlcayirCengiz/status/1606959496534056960?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/suleymansoylu/status/1606993658888261632?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/abdullahergun58/status/1606776896519561219?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/orhannatak/status/1606648949779025920?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/SireneOznur/status/1606942405860769798?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/ClementLanot/status/1606621912448528384?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/ClementLanot/status/1606636778886086656?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ https://twitter.com/ClementLanot/status/1606323069265616898?s=20&t=XpUaA61idnxvSJ2Pd4bewQ
  4. a pitty for paris at the moment.. i comdamn the terorrist attacks from the pkk-group towards the french police.. as usual the pkk makes a big battlefield of the paris-streets.. this is what you get if you support blindly the most bloody pkk-terrorism as normally kurdish people.. because they dont represent the kurdish people.. they represent the proxy-terror-behaving supported by the hegemonic powers..
  5. @StefanMUC.. you coward.. stop with your hatred posts.. you dont even have the guts (as australian fan has) to debate.. you escape the confrontation.. go play with your marbles somewhere else !!
  6. i did so much research to serve you and other forum members from answers: but think again you missed it.. here the links again without embedding them: 1// burning busses: https://twitter.com/gokcenenc07/status/1514610680971685888?s=20&t=AwQOGqCF8lpwJQVK0gVdxw https://twitter.com/gizlidosya06/status/1485240965434642436?s=20&t=1WYhOEi-mRH4dU_8Hv4THw https://twitter.com/BilgeHatun34__B/status/1426610003297832966?s=20&t=283mScqfwTaUIxQ7yLLeMA https://twitter.com/oktayilmaz18/status/1403791831062700038?s=20&t=eCFKEbLdYJnHbeUjdoRmHQ https://twitter.com/gundemiinozeti/status/1490653891213598723?s=20&t=ojmE_5HM7oojsL2XxH_MJg https://twitter.com/RemziGrz/status/1508471985805922307?s=20&t=jdyYIh169wkMkIuru0R0mA 2// pouring metro https://twitter.com/istgundem/status/1567070252990603264?s=20&t=KPAbtkpq8lOOpt1-7bQS6g https://twitter.com/yekvucutcom/status/1563870261274972161?s=20&t=ZkuKM7thNhcjNQLyYI5WqA https://twitter.com/1istinatduvari/status/799280739510603785?s=20&t=IJV_W5yhZCGvvRNr66ZbbA https://twitter.com/AlcayirCengiz/status/1602599692503814146?s=20&t=EigK5_bMuz3hFWZeGzpD3g https://twitter.com/AlcayirCengiz/status/1602351243820765187?s=20&t=hNmm2x-oWvL2iL0kyMEQTQ 3// ruined infrastructure >> busses clashing with light-rail-wagons.. (desperate istanbuliots) https://twitter.com/AlcayirCengiz/status/1599709261310722049?s=20&t=a_CGPrwwb3BXFMMn2LZnnQ https://twitter.com/AlcayirCengiz/status/1599701391035215872?s=20&t=yKdVpSf7NDZOIuQdCpZeAw 1// my support is not changed, istanbul deserves an olympicx.. but not the closest one.. the one in the in the far future.. as all this mess-up with the istanbul infrastructure doesnt help the targeted dialogue nowadays 2// yes.. but i lost my enthousiasm.. you need continuity of continuity and not discontinuity 3// you sound like usa policemen.. stop with this.. i know what my duties and rights are.. for god sake., 4// you are not asking questions bur ratherly you are interrogating whole the time, if not thats your writing tone.. 5// im not following erdoğan im following my clown of a mayor what bona fide he has in store left .. the reallity.. our mayor gave the tender/bid of the mercedes-city-busses to his best engineer friend in stead of to give it to the Mercedes firm.. the maintenance of these busses are NOT IN GOOD hands.. he made/helped corruption şn the bus-case.. istanbul has become a bus & metro graveyard as a result of BAD GOVERNING.. and the west is selling this man as the first rival of erdoğan.. in none million changes he isnt.. erdoğan has much charisma in the first place..
  7. Gosh .. australian.. you are not honest and not accurate in your way of debating.. you are making polemic of unimportant subjects as it suits you >> OR you dont understand english OR you didnt read what i wrote.. youve said: dont be silly.. are you dummy OR do you dummy ? of course its up to us to answer or not.. you are in a big dilemma with your writing.. why would i be surprises ? you cant minimilise what i wrote, because ive said: the way you ask things after i gave you so much INSIGHT about whats REALLY going on in istanbul.. you didnt write or gave answers INTO the debate, but each time NEXT to the debate qnd thats why you are CONSCIOUS blocking the SYNTHESIS in this debate.. so youve said; you are very good in 1rst grade research, but not in deepening the research and NOT in making GOOD CORRELATIONS .. thats stabilizing your qualities if not decreasing it.. if you read all those sharings in the aforementioned posts you easilly could have noticed thar it isnt STRANGE.. i believe in the FAR future of an eventually istanbul host of the olympics, but not in the NEAR future.. Because of the fact that erdoğan does not want the olympics, doenst mean that i also dont.. dont link those 2 when the istanbul metropolitan city mayor imamoğlu held his istanbul 2036 olympic summit, we warmly welcomed this project.. we believed in this.. and in that time-frame i supported here on the forum the eventual istanbul candidancy BUT LAST SUMMER i noticed that a lot was changed in a bad circulation: our CLOWN-MAYOR ruined istanbul chances, and this is the mayor YOU @AustralianFansupported blindly a few days ago.. BUT i did that deepening research why erdoğan and his equipe (even the turkish olympic committee) dont support the istanbul bid in the targeted procedure.. I SAID/WROTE SEVERAL TIMES in this thread (and if you missed it i will repeat it again) THANX TO İMAMOGLU 1// the İETT-busses are BURNING OUT each day 2// the metros are POURING OUT each day 3// he RUINED the istanbul transport and infrastructure is FALLING OUT i did so much research work th
  8. Look best friends.. this is very goıd news today the french police faught against the terrorist pkk-group in paris you see the flag of the pkk-terrorist group
  9. >> Is this why you call Erdogan a “visionary leader” ? you pick up 1 sentence of a news AND playing it out here with narrow glasses as revenge and not as a debating-form.. and AS USUAL on the WOMEN ISSUE again and again like a broken cassette.. my arguments as it follows.. as in debating-form and not şn SLANDER-FORM as you do whole the time., i listed in my aforementioned share A LIST of all the things together why HE IS a visionary leader: - he made the grain-deal.. so EUROPE and africa and poor countries can eat bread on a decent price, otherwise all the children in especially in europe will suffer from malnutrition - he governs the solely and the only SAFE country in the reagion to provide EUROPE from gas and petroleum, otherwise more than the half of europe especially the balcans could not cook and a decent warm meal.. AS von der leyen leader of the EU COMMISION nowadays made trilateral contracts with turkey & azerbaidjan FOR GAS @AustralianFan do you copy !! >> Sorry fatixx, I like you as a gamesbids contributor but you are talking a load of nonsense about Erdogan. I’m sorry, but you clearly are. thats i lie.. you've never liked me.. whole the way from the beginning you attacked me in stead of debating decently! i like/d you as a GB contributor; but i am NOT TALKING ABOUT LOAD OF NONSENSE about erdoğan, you dont have to be sorry, because you ORIENTALISTS people (as a described aforementioned) are behaving superior to eastern leaders with your own superior perspective without to understand sincerely the REAL REALITY what ERDOĞAN says.. you are clearly talking about nonsense because you are sharing falsehood/lie news from the west.. but in sort of way i understand your malsituation, because western media became our premier nutrition.. we have to look on both-sides-news to make a decent/balanced decision of what is spoiled as news.. western media have became insidious.. he says (at the UN) "the world is bigger than five" >> is this nonsense for you.. he is the trendsetter for this motto.. the world is creeping under starvation, the west is grasping whole the time while the west still makes crimes to humanity with - the USA making +100 coups around the world (and nowadays at the leader in PERU, namely pedro castillo), so those generatşons countries suffer each 10 years.. - the US is spending +700 billion dollars for weapons each year.. meanwhile there are 40 million homeless in the usa - the french making systematically coups in west-africa.. mali, burkşna faso, ercetera.. - germany commands greece to push-back the refugees,. the mediterreanean seabed became a graveyard.. - the democracy in the west is untouchable, but the democracy in the rest of the world are deserving coups made by the west.. you have to understand that your aurhoities are in BIG HYPOCRİSY before talking abour erdoğan's policies.. as he is elected 15 times in 20 years of time with each election (presidential, regional, national) and referendum.. we have at last a real democracy where a lot of countries in europe can dream of !! >> Erdogan himself is hurting greatly Istanbul’s chances of getting an Olympics awarded by a majority of the full IOC Assembly any time soon. i said several times here on this board that he doesnt care anymore about organising the olympics.. @AustralianFan dont you understand english anymore.. the west has mıny enough for this very expensive organisation.. he isnt a proponet anymore.. THUS he is hurting nothing.. the clown of an istanbul mayor does hurts, because he wants so much the olympics to privilage himself in his own sinking campaign >> Erdogan himself is causing great harm. he isnt causing harm for anything, he is restoring the harmfull pieces caused by the western/orientalist policy >> Turkey has withdrawn from a landmark European treaty protecting women from violence. - its all about the istanbul convention >> Istanbul Convention - Wikipedia there are also other countries who didnt sign this convention.. there are a lot of articals in the turkish law who are protecting women from violence.. the turkish law even strenghtens more than the the convention does as the istanbul convention is inferior, absolete.. well..
  10. i knew it @AustralianFan.. i knew you would copy paste from AMNESTY the turkish state, intelligency and people know very good THAT AMNESTY is a part of this big SMEAR-PROJECT at the GEZİ-ISSUE.. the same motive used here, but with 1 difference: this GEZİ-issue was prıgrammed by the west to create a COUP to erdopan.. but it resulted in a PREMATURE-UNSUCCESFULL ONE.. amnesty internatiınal İS A FRONT MEDIUM in all this western-created-violence-circus to create coups from human-chaos.. in 2013 this plan simultaniously succeded in egypt BUT NOT IN Turkiye.. so please stop with your revenge that cant take revenge on a woken up turkşsh people like me.. when muslim and african and middle east and asian countries become stronger by time, THE SUPERIORITY DISCOURCE of the decreases parallel by time.. the muslim world will become equal to the defamation of the west by 2030 OR 2040.. so please stop spreading falsehoods like thıse farced newspapers.. you become a farce like those
  11. İDEM DİTO .. the same problem here.. and there is western motive in it / like a broken cassette 1// turkish free media an free associations are getting mony from western foundations (usa, uk, fra, ger) 2// these mony are gaved with 1 purpose, to reach an ANTI-ERDOGAN climax at prides & marches 3// dont take permission (by law) by the istanbul governance, but choose an alternative route/street 4// abbuse and provocate the situation as western media is ready to report viral to the world 5// so we can make again a new scratch to erdoğan to damnage him and his policy over and over again 6// THUS the west creates with his/her own mony a community engineering towards a powerfull leader to weaken him 7// and by each election the turkish people RE-elects erdoğan, because of the awareness of a smear-game by the west usşng MARGINAL GROUPS for those prides/marches 8// every association/foundation has to apply what the turkish law says.. the west İS NOT THE AUTHORITY in Turkiye
  12. THE HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH is the same FARCE as the GUARDIAN making FALSE NEWS.. THE LBQT can do their pride.. BUT THEY HAVE TO TAKE PERMISSION for that pride.. this news is just one of those to PROVOQUE that.. that pride in 2022 didnt get permission the pride gave ultimatom to the governor if they couldnt get the taksim square in stead of the large maltepe square the pride has also dutties to fulfill and not otherwise ALSO the lbqt- pride turned each year into a big PROVOCATION by those WESTERN FOUNDATIONS and the western intelligence agengies (from usa, uk, fra and ger partşcularly) are doing a great job to give bribes and so to provocate those american and west-established universities like the BOĞAZİÇİ UNİVERSİTY.. all the rectors are americans, who apply commends from those intelligence agencies just read this link: Boğaziçi University - Wikipedia those lbqt people in those univercities ARE ALL provocating the media very well.. A BIG SHOW created by the WEST
  13. 1// there are NO HOPES for the 2036 Olympic Games as i mentioned for several times, YOU ARE REPEATING in a SILLY WAY as a BROKEN CASSETTE the same lie over and over again.. there is NO dictatorial governlent in Turkiye and NO human right abuses.. AS erdogan is NO PROPONENT ANYMORE for a eventual games in Turkiye.. only our CLOWN OF A MAYOR wants olympics in a burned out bussystem AND ruined metro system.. you are a stubbornness @AustralianFan 2// you make yourself WORSHIP of a PEDESTAL in your own way stubbornness repeating casette.. harsh yourself 3// erdoğan gives comfort to whole the people of the muslim world, africa, asia as Türkiye is the first country in the world helping people in poverty and warzones.. Mentioned ABOVE.. 4// erdoğan doesnt to be whitewashed, he is only BLACKWASHED by rich western lying media, and nobody puts heads in the sand and ignores what happens in Türkiye, the WEST dont want to see the reallity and thus puts their own heads in the sand !! you doing still the same: OVERREACTING with BLACKWASH than giving DECENT ANSWERS in this debate 4// i dont have to be the/an authority of what erdoğan does with HIS DEMOCRATICALLY CHOSEN PRESİDENTSHİP, you as the west ARE NOT THE AUTHORITY to write DEFAMATION /vilification on what happenes in Türkiye 5// there are many eyes on turkiye who are writing false and slander news in Türkiye CALLED the western-bought and western-supported,. NOT free press BUT bought press.. journalists for sale.. THE USA CHREST FOUNDATION for example gave in the last 20 years more than 300 million dollars to create and support systematically anti-erdoğan media in Turkiye.. and thess BLACKWASHED news is copied/paste by western medşa like the guardian etcetera.. those western media is a big black FARCE Look it yourself @AustralianFan click on the ORIGINAL link >> Grants Awarded - Chrest Foundation
  14. thank you fyi, that's the feeling of what i ment..
  15. Wowww miles.. i never saw you writing so good in one side.. But on the other side you are writing so grudge and hatred.. what has this news to do with erdoğan, armenia, kurdish neighbourhood or blackmailing sweden ?? btw-1: erdoğan is not a dictator, he is the most visionary leader in the world at the moment btw-2: erdoğan stopped supporting an eventually gamez istanbul, he is no proponent anymore.. so no problem there.. ---- off-record or.. it could be as in history.. in 1983 the armenian terror group asala bombed the orly airport in paris 8 people were killed: 4 french, 2 turks, 1 american 1 swede.. source: 1983 Orly Airport attack - Wikipedia
  16. A man of 69 caused today (23.12.2022) terrorism in the center of paris.. will this terror attack cause security problems for the olympic games in 2024 and will the 2024 games be safe enough: in the heart of europe/metropole city
  17. the icelandic prime minister gave the order to create a boysband consisting out: 1 icelander, 1 american, 1 russian, 1 kenian for the official olympiad promo song/video because as in history iceland still is a prominent country to help progress the world peace.. between continents countries, peoples and athletes olympians with this occasion "REYKJAVİK & NAİROBİ" are declared TWİN-CİTİES by the REYGOC.. the streets of the icelandic capital are decorated with those twin-banners of both cities FROSTY reykjavik warmly welcomes MELTY nairobi the organiser of next olympiad in 2036 the rehearsals for "NORTHERN GIRL"
  18. nice and decent work rols.. actually i begin to like it by time.. +1 by me.. 2 few little touches as an idea: 1// you can use the pastel-teints of those 4 coulours.. for a pastel version on promo-material.. 2// for a black/white example for a contrast view, make a conture in white-line of the 4 entities.. the logo certainly would come forward.. and of cource the font also in white.. it could make the wow-factor on a black t-shirt
  19. >> this question is out-dated: as it is applicable for each country & leader in the world.. >> for example: RİO 2016 > LULA brought the olymoics to brazil.. what happened after him? >> did the IOC had knowledge of what happened after him.. did/does the IOC has/had a christal-ball to see the future ?? >> there was made a legislative coup.. temer became transitional president.. the games went further as usual.. >> ok @StefanMUC, LOOK & READ very carefully in what state he will leave the country: @AustralianFan also will be a witness what erdoğan did as a visionary leader with the country/world since 2002 (his first premiership) till now 2022 with his presidentship: in the last 20 years we could only dream of the list beneath, if we didnt have him as the most beloved leader in the country and the most attacked leader in the world.. THUS a big leader like erdoğan doesnt have time to be bussy with the show of İSTANBUL's CLOW-MAYOR.. as he is been punished today (21.12.2022) by the opposition-leader in the party-meeting at the assembly building, because he stole in 1 day the candidancy of the opposition leader (when he was in germany) in the spot towards the 2023 elections.. (14.12.2022) the "so-called" rival of erdoğan, imamoğlu did PR-oppression to the judge in his own case.. to create sensational news whereby the GUARDIAN countered BUT fell into diagrace and a big lie.. after 1 week/7 days, it is day-clear that erdoğan has nothing to do with this cheap and TRAGICOMIC jail-sentence.. so the over-ambition of the istanbul mayor is tapped on the fingers.. that he caused indignation and caused damage to the political party that brought hşm as candidate to the city of istanbul.. 1// we are one of the 6 countries that can produce their own aircraft and helicopters 2// We are one of the 6 countries that can design, manufacture and test their own satellites. 3// we are one of the 7 countries with jet engine technology 4// we are one of the 10 countries that can produce graphene 5// we are one of the few countries that can produce borophene, which is called super material 6// we are one of the 3 countries that can produce boron carbide 7// We are one of the 6 countries with industrial GPS technology with millimeter precision 8// We are one of the 5 countries capable of mass production in the field of infrared detectors 9// We are one of the 4 countries that can produce e-SIM cards technology domestically 10// we are one of the 6 countries that can produce crypto-phones 11// we are one of the 5 countries that can produce base stations for mobile phone communication 12// we are one of the few countries with processor production technology 13// we are one of the 6 countries that can produce their own electric cars and car batteries 14// We are one of the few countries that produce advanced technology underwater robots. 15// We are one of the 7 countries that can produce vehicle and container X-RAY scanning systems 16// we are one of 8 countries with an unique wind-tunnel capable of testing different product-types 17// we are producing the world's first level 4 autonomous electric bus 18// We produce panels in the only fully integrated solar power plant in the world 19// We produce with 90% domesticity the world's most efficient latest generation windturbines 20// we manufacture the world's first electric city-excavator 21// We are one of the 4 countries that can produce their own S/UAV (armed / unmanned aerial vehicle) with their own ammunition. 22// We are the 5th country that can produce S/IDA (armed / unmanned sea vehicle) AND we are the 1st country to perform the armed test 23// we are one of the 4 countries that can design and manufacture their own sea cannon 24// We are one of the 8 countries that can produce TBM (tunnel boring machine) 25// we are one of the 4 countries that can produce smart bombs 26// We are the first country among the few countries that produce laser weapons to use them in the field. 27// we are one of the 5 countries that can produce their own aircraft simulator 28 // we are one of the few countries that can design and manufacture their own warship 29// We are one of the 7 countries that can produce air-to-air missiles 30// We are one of 9 countries that can produce it’s own covid-vaccine 31// During the pandemic period, we produced our own respirators and exported them to more than 30 countries. 32// we are the first in Europe and the second in the world in white goods production 33// we are the 1st in Europe in steel production 34// we are the 5th in the world in ship production 35// We are the 4th ready-to-wear exporter in the world 36// we produce in the world's largest agricultural enterprise 37// We are the 1st in the world in hazelnut, cherry, apricot, fig production and flour export. 38// annual export of machinery is 23 billion dollars 39// we are a net exporter with +4,6 billion dollars in agriculture 40// We are a net exporter of seeds with +26,000 tons 41// we are the 1st country in the world in humanitarian aid, especially in Africa and war zones 42// ... and so much more ..
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