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  1. source-1: Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) - Rajasthan - RajRAS source-2: Delhi Mumbai industrial corridor plan a route map for logistic transportation – Logistic Data Bank. (wordpress.com)
  2. i dont think that it is the only reason.. you are looking as usual via your own glasses.. if you say that it is ONE of the reasons that would be more acceptable.. actually it is pure coincidentally that AHMEDABAD/GUJARAT REGION is his homebase.. its tottally to do with the fact that indias new economic wants to create a 1500 km long new industrial corridor (like the RHEIN-RHUR-GEBİET) from new delhi till mumbai AND ahmedabad is just in the middle of this corridor.. modi & co believe that with an eventual olympic games will boost & promote the region.. they want to create an indian shanghai/shenzen/ghuangzhou economic reagion BUT they miss the international sound/reflection/perception.. AHMEDABAD sound more mature in the ears btw then gujarat.. but this city has practically (or is missing) the anglo-saxon-cultural-heritage that Kolkata/Calcutta, Bangalore or Mumbai has.. its just not an interesting city.. its just that the indian perception of the olympic games is not correct translated in favor of their mega-economic INDUSTRIAL-CORRIDOR.. this is my opinion ofcourse after a simple research on google..
  3. best stryker i totally understand what u wrote.. but the question in my mind is in the context of "to understand the barcelona 2030 bid with inclusion of the eventual sarajevo cluster for use of the trebeviç-gliding-track and malo-polje-ski-jump-venue" normally let us think further.. 1// if there were NO technical problems at the torino track AND-İF the RE-USE of the track wasnt so expensive than the italian olympic committee wouldnt demolish and rebuild the very-old-giding-track (almost 3 quarter of a deccenia) in cortina.. 2// you say that the demolishing+rebuilding of the cortina track is less expensive (actually cheaper than the torino-track? 3// the torino-track would have been closer qua distance (for out-of-border-cluster-organisation of the bobsleigh & jump venues) for the COE instead of cortina.. i think also that gamesbids has innovated a new word for this issue as @Sir Rols mentioned as (maybe a new litterature in the wog-diccionary) CROSS-BORDER venues.. it will be certainly a late debate for the ioc to solve the WHITE ELEPHANTS-thing as you also mentioned 4// but now the cortina-track is the closest one instead of the sarajevo-trebeviç-track 5// if the 2030 wog goes to sapporo or slc.. then barcelona 2034 will be the next target and in this case it will be 8 years after milano-cortina 2026 AS İT was for TORİNO 2006 + 6 years (2012) when the technical maintenance was not reachable.. the same proble could/will occur with the cortina-track.. this certainly will not be attractive for the spaniards to invest in RE-USE of any italian track.. 6// the sarajevo-trebeviç-track is in this case more attractive for the spaniards as the mentioned also as the samaranch-narrative and wont cost more then build another one on spanish soil as the cortina-track has given the example of the target-cost-price of €61 million.. 7// after the italian tracks there are 3 last tracks that could be attractive for the spaniards to solve this CROSS-BORDER-VENUE issue: la-plagne in France .. sankt-moritz in switzerland and innsbrück in austria.. these are the most used ones in the alps-region (winterberg-germany is also a far option).. 8// but we dont know but assume that the COE got the NO-ANSWER from the french and the swiss which makes a LAME DUCK of the barcelona-2030/34 bid.. 9// these are spanish-efforts with no view in the horizon.. the pyeong-chang-track is used for asian competitions.. the ANOTHER STRATEGY could be that this track could be build in spain (aragon-pyrinees region) and it could be a leg in the european competitions OR a leg for the latin-american-hispano-leg. 10// whole the world bobsleigh competitions are runned in 9 countries in total BUT WİTH NO french and italşan tracks in the list.. the sarajevo-track could be 10th usa canada china korea germany austria switzerland norway latvia SOURCE >> IBSF | Races & Results << click
  4. i found more technical information about the torino track.. its called the CESANA PARIOL.. this track is not demolished BUT dismantled and its used only for the public and is part of the TORINO OLYMPIC PARC concept.. but i think that we find an answer to the question-mark-"ARGUMENT" that @stryker mentioned in his statement.. its obvious that the arument lies more in the TECHNICAL-DEFAULTS of the track in stead of the remove of the 45 tons of ammonia-product mentioned in the link that stryker shared. QUESTION IS >> does COE has notice of this technical default at the torino track and never went to italian officials for a cross-border venue use? ----------- "During construction of the track prior to the 2006 games, there was concern that the track would be completed in time for homologation. A minor archaeological find (Roman ruins) during construction slowed progress until the remains were excavated (near the current Turn 11). The track was completed in late 2004. In January 2005, the FIBT and FIL held their homologation events at the track. The FIBT had no issue when they ran their events during the weekend of 21–23 January 2005. The following week, the FIL ran their events, and had several crashes. Included in the crashes were Austria's Wolfgang Linger (broken ankle and calfbone), Brazil's Renato Mizoguchi (medically induced coma), and the U.S. Virgin Islands' Anne Abernathy (collarbone). During the summer of 2005, discussions were held among TOROC (the organizer of the 2006 Games), FIBT President Robert H. Storey (Canada), and FIL President Josef Fendt (Germany) about refitting the track for safety reasons. An agreement was reached by all three, and turns 16 through 18 were modified as such. The track was finally modified in late 2005 in time for homologation. Test runs done by Italy's Armin Zöggeler in late October 2005 led to the track being homologated on 31 October 2005 after it had been approved by former German national team coach Josef Lenz and FIL track commission chair Klaus Bonsack. Cesana Pariol is now part of the complex called Torino Olympic Park. Post-Olympic usage for the tracks includes bobsleigh and luge rides for the public. In October 2009, problems with early refrigeration of the track led the Bob- und Schlittenverband für Deutschland in Germany to lend support of short-order auxiliary services for foreign teams on such short notice. Starting 16 October, Italy and Japan's teams trained at the track in Winterberg while Austria's team trained at Königssee's track. The track was scheduled to host events in 2011-12, but was shut down due to economic costs. After pressure from the FIBT and FIL in early 2012, the track was scheduled to run in 2012-13 only to be shut down again. In October 2012, the track was ordered to be dismantled by Cesana officials. The 45 tons of ammonia was moved from the track's refrigeration for other uses within the Turin region. However, during the Sochi Olympics, President of the CONI, Giovanni Malagò, expressed the intention to ensure new investments to keep the track open." source: Cesana Pariol - Wikipedia
  5. the EUGENİO MONTİ gliding track in CORTİNA will undergo the demolishing & rebuilding for the 2026 wog (closer to the austrian-slovene border) but is situated qua location more far away than the CESANE gliding track.. will the italians say NO as the french & swiss to the COE
  6. the closest gliding-track for an eventual barcelona-2030 bid that also lately is used for a wog is the one in CESANE (torino 2006) close to the french border in backmind supposing that the spaniards didnt got a NO from the italians (instead of the french and swiss whereby they got the NO answer)
  7. stryker, your sentence inspired me and i have looked to those gliding tracks in FRA and SWI.. but meanwhile here a WOG-bobsleigh-list on wikipedia >> List of bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton tracks - Wikipedia (most updated list = ARTIFICIAL TRACKS in 3 categories; CURRENT PLANNED FORMER) >> List of Olympic venues in bobsleigh - Wikipedia (2022 Yanqing & 2026 Cortinq not included in the list) >> List of natural luge tracks - Wikipedia (dient know that turkiye has a natural luge track in SARIKAMIŞ (district-town - in kars province) >> CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE // the most updated list from the wikipedia-list above we can see that the barcelona 2030 bid has 8 options for an eventual gliding-track venue-cluster in the alpes 3-4 in france // 2 in italy // 1 in switserland // 1 in austria .. (if not 1-2 in the germany alps) BUT if i am not wrong in my research NONE of these options have the CLOSEST-DISTANCE of the ski-jump & gliding facilities together the only city/mountain-region that has this option is SARAJEVO with her TREBEVİÇ-IGMAN cluster.. (maybe igls-innsbruck in austria is the 2nd closest ootion) now we begin to understand why the COE / spanish olympic committee has opted for sarajevo, because of this close-distance criteria it is a STRONG SUSPICION if not OBVIOUS that the COE has made their research for their bid-story/campain in france italy switserland they have to arrange things with multiple townships/municipalities/entities whereas in sarajevo with 1 municipality (i could be wrong) why did the french and swiss gave negative answer or said no to the spaniards.. what were their motives not to cooperate with an eventual barcelona 2030 bid there are about 10 bobsleigh/lugh tracks spread-out in the alpes.. so centered at the same time.. the ioc could come with creative solutions for virgin wog-bids this issue makes a LAME DUCK for the spanish-efforts to experience another mountain range in europe, namely the pyrenees..
  8. The Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey is a professional road bicycle racing stage race held annually since 1963. In 2005 the race became part of the UCI Europe Tour, rated as a 2.2 event, before being upgraded to 2.1 in 2008 and then to 2.HC for the 2010 edition. The race became part of the UCI World Tour in 2017, and was relegated to the newly formed UCI ProSeries in 2020. source >> Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey - Wikipedia each year the tour does a shuffle between the geographical regions in turkiye.. the 56th edition started in cappadocia for example.. i found a sheet/poster with the branding on it.. this years 57th tour began on 11th april and finished today 17th april
  9. 57th presidential cycling tour of turkiye 2022 website >> Tour of Turkey (tourofturkiye.org.tr) / english page / tour stages source-1 >> 2022 Presidential Tour of Turkey - Wikipedia The 2022 Presidential Tour of Turkey is a road cycling stage race taking place between 10 and 17 April 2022 in Turkey. It is the 57th edition of the Presidential Tour of Turkey. source-2 >> UCI ProSeries - Wikipedia The UCI ProSeries is the second tier men's elite road cycling tour. It was inaugurated in 2020. The series is placed below the UCI World Tour, but above the various regional UCI Continental Circuits.
  10. Here i have made 2 compositions to understand an eventual reconstruction + revamp to todays needs of the track 1// two screenshots from the youtube video >> sliding-maquette & worx taken from above on the trebeviç mount/hill 2// two screenshots from google earth >> the over-bushed gliding track with and without the lines i drew (>> click on the images to enlarge)
  11. excuse me.. i wrote short in my words.. i totally agree what u say.. but in the overall istanbul 2036 thread here i did research and shared all the organisations that are/were organised in istanbul (and a few in onther cities in the country).. i mentioned actually that turkey had not much organised world championships: it would be the crown to organise the world volleyball championships for women in turkiye.. we only have organised the basket world champs.. world-volleyball-football-athletics-swimming-champs are in the row.. turkiye has organised a lot european-champs and indoors.. but to stay up to date in organisng world-champs we have a long way to go.. the question on my side is why the TVF turkish volleyball federation chooses ankara instead of istanbul for the VNL for example.. the only answer i can come up with is the fact that all sports federations are settled in ankara.. only 2 federatiıns have their central-office in istanbul; TFF turkish football federation & TMSF turkish motor sports federation as the F1-pist is on the asian side of the city.. i dont know if you remember the 2020 istanbul plan.. but there were 4 main clusters AND 1 stand-venue.. this is a unique volleyball-venue of the fenerbahçe spots club.. womens volleyball is a true succes and is the fastest growing sport in the city.. the turkish women volleyball clubs won maybe more than 100 throphy's in all world-matches.. at the FIVB world list the turkish teams are respectively, womens 4th place and mens 15th place for example: FIVB Volleyball Women's Club World Championship - Wikipedia >> 3 womens-sport-clubs in the top 10 see map at this link >> Jadaliyya - Activists Submitted Report Against Olympics in Istanbul this site used my picture here from GB and whereby i draw the 4 clusters and number 8 on this plan-map is about this 1 stand venue .. we will be delighted if we can organize a world womens champs in istanbul.. 1 stand venue = splendid venue >> Ülker Sports and Event Hall - Wikipedia
  12. miles if we look to the swedish map: there are 2 organisational options on swedish soil: ÄRE >> ÖSTERSUND = +/- 95 km (too much northwards) FALUN >> STOCKHOLM = +/- 215 km (about the same distance between milano-cortina) in falun they have build the nordic combined venue with the skijump-facility.. the only problem is the gliding-venue.. and the closest option is LİLLEHAMMER in Norway.. i dont understand why the swedes choose for the sigulda/latvia option that lies more far away then lillehammer just on the other side of their border.. ---- when ukraine had an eventual winter bid as the city of LVİV / LEMBERG in the epicenter.. they optioned also sigulda/latvia gliding-center in their plan.. i suppose that the biggest obstacle will be the GLİDİNG-FACİLİTY for EACH winter olympics to come.. İf the ioc ignores as each applicant-candidate wşth this "gliding in another country plan" than NONE of the bids will be succesfull.. they will be dead born each time.. THUS the ioc pushes national olympic committees to build those giding-venues.. in this case, the new talking-process to choose the next olympic city doesnt to make less investments to persue low-cost-games doesnt make sense.. the gliding center in SİGULDA- LATVİA is a PEARL to use and integrate in different olympic-bids.. what do you think? is this a correct correlation OR what is the BİG MOTİON of the ioc for NOT TO OPT for a facility out of the country borders? thanx in advance miles..
  13. for those who are interested about an eventual use of the sarajevo gliding center in a barcelona 2030 bid.. i made an amateur research on that gliding-facility.. to understand an eventual cluster in the balcan-region..
  14. an eventual copenhagen/malmö games would actually be named as öresund 2036 the öresund-bridge connects those 2 cities in just a flyover over 14 km connected with freeway and train ÖRESUND 2036 opening ceremony in copenhagen closing ceremony in malmö with back-up of Göteborg (in stead of stockholm could rescue something) website: https://www.oresundsbron.com/
  15. miles, you are correct.. but in turkiye they are happy because we have another womens-volleyball arganisation in row.. the VNL excists 4 years and is a totally new concept.. the crown for this will be a world volley championship (as you mentioned)
  16. OLYMPIC HERITAGE VIDEO OF THE BOBSLEIGH-TRACK in TREBEVICE-sarajevo THEN 1984 & NOW 2022 in 2 minutes FRESH-VIDEO .. could BARCELONA 2030 ACHİEVE this heritage?! this is totally a new DEMOLISH-REBUILD project.. will it be feasable-viable?!
  17. link main thread >> Pyrenees-Barcelona-Zaragoza 2030 - Page 5 - 2030 Olympic Winter Games Bids - GamesBids.com Forums this thread is evoluated from the main-thread >> PYRENEES-BARCELONA-ZARAGOZA 2030 winter olympic bid from the spanish olympic committee / COE.. meanwhile this main-thread goes forward, the discussions brings/brought us to an inevitable issue, namely; the nordic & sliding events ↔ (in other words) the ski-jump & sliding facilities/venues.. these 2 issues are forming a bottleneck in this desired spanish-winter-bid.. SOURCE >> Claim Barcelona hosting 2030 Winter Olympics could net region €1 billion (insidethegames.biz) critical key-sentences are saying; .. "Bobsleigh has no tradition in Catalonia," .. Instead events could be held in Tignes or Courchevel, both centres used in the Winter Olympic Games when they were staged in Albertville 1992.. Many believe this would offer an historical link between the Summer and Winter hosts of 1992.. The possibility of holding the sliding events at the bob run at Trebevic in Sarajevo 1984 would provide a more emotional link" .. the emotional link with sarajevo comes from the time when the spaniard samaranch-senior was president of the ioc, and its in his presidency he declared sarajevo as wog-host in 1984.. NOW it is samaranch-junior who is in charge/head of the spanish olympic committee/COE whos coaching nowadays the Barcelona-Pyrenees-2030 bid.. FEED enough for the needed narrative and connecting symbolism in this spanish-wog-story the first sentence in the article says as follow >> "It would allow Barcelona to follow in the footsteps of Beijing as a Summer and Winter host city.." im personally in favor an apart concept/reception of an eventual spanish wog-bid that ive also mentioned in the main-thread.. i think that barcelona doesnt need the double olympic ettiquette as beijing did.. it could be a chance to have a 2nd olympic city on spanish-soil.. ZARAGOZA 2030 can be in the epicenter of the games whereby the needed venues for ice sports can be used in barcelona.. but the title of the bid louds as BARCELONA-PYRENEES 2030 as the epicenter and zaragoza as a secundary-city in this bid. But lets have a brain-storm on the sarajevo issue: the COE has to tell on a very CLEAR & SIMPLE manner the idea/romantism for an eventual SARAJEVO-CLUSTER.. we understand that spain doesnt have no bobsleigh tradition and neither do countries have the obligation to participate in every olympic-sport-branch.. but they can begin somewhere and can start a spanish-bobsleigh-program for generations to come.. there is no ski-jump facility in spain, at this link we have a worldlist of these venues >> List of ski jumping hills - Wikipedia this would mean that an eventual barcelona-2030 wog bid can use the ski-jump facility at the MALO-POLJE plateau in IGMAN mountain in Sarajevo.. in the thread-link beneath i did a little-amateur research.. and there are already made RECONSTRUCTION PLANS.. (click link below) NOTE: why do they not build these 2 jump-&-gliding-facilities in their own country to make a start for new spanish-generations to come and for whole the hispano-speaking-world.. why invest in reconstruction/refurbishing those 2 facilities elswhere when you can create a venues legacy on own soil.. thats the question in my mind.. doesnt spain has the money to built those?! >> Pyrenees-Barcelona-Zaragoza 2030 - Page 4 - 2030 Olympic Winter Games Bids - GamesBids.com Forums here we have an article about the COST of an eventual demolition & redevelopment of the 1956 cortina d'ampezzo GLIDING-TRACK: "Plans for the track were presented at a press conference in Venice with officials confirming that the price of demolition and redevelopment would be €61 million (£51 million/$69 million)" .. this will be about the same price to DEMOLISH & REBUILD the gliding-track in TREBEVICE-sarajevo.. it is certainly a target-cost-price.. SOURCE: Plans presented for renovation of Milan Cortina 2026 sliding track (insidethegames.biz) PHOTO: momentum of the sarajevo-track at the 1984-WOG.. WE HAVE TO NOTICE A LITTLE DETAIL ABOUT: - does the COE want to surpass/exceed the GRANADA 2015 WINTER UNIVERSIADE example.. could it be called succes that at those 2015 winter universiade the ski-jumping & nordic-combined leg was organised on slovakian soil in STRBSKE PLESO .. SOURCE >> 2015 Winter Universiade - Wikipedia - important question would be >> winter universiade worked in 2015 on smaller scale.. would it be a succes on larger scale?! the COE goes for this story/narrative?! - 2030 - 1984 = 46 years of samaranch-sarajevo legacy - 2034 - 1984 = 50 years of sarajevo-again (with exellent flora/snow) - meanwhike SARAJEVO has build a lot of better hotels and already-succesfully organised the WINTER EYOF 2019 - eyof-source-1 >> 2019 European Youth Olympic Winter Festival - Wikipedia - eyof-source-2 >> EYOF 2019 Sarajevo and East Sarajevo - Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina (okbih.ba) // with excellent photos
  18. turkish capital - ankara - will be in the epicenter of the thrilling final round of the WOMENS VNL 2022 from 31/05 till 03/07.. this is the 4th VNL - VOLLEYBALL NATIONS LEAGUE .. (annual international volleyball tournament for both men and women).. this decision is very fresh/recent 11/04.. the most prestige organisation in the volleyball world.. wowwww.. source-1: 2022 FIVB Volleyball Women's Nations League - Wikipedia source-2: Women's 2022 VNL Finals headed to Ankara | volleyballworld.com source-3: Ankara Arena - Wikipedia source-4: ankara arena | yazgandesign
  19. sportlithing.. please stop with re-producing (with each time 1) sentence of previous comments of other users.. you do this in every thread.. you dont read with counsciousness whats written and are reproducing only sentences to have written something.. STOP with that because you are causing a miscommunication.. i said AS EXAMPLE freestyle in ANDORRA.. it is an example.. >> but your re-produced sentence of mine creates an atmosphere as there IS/HAS been made a decission by the COE (Committee Olympic of Espana).. THATS NOT TRUE İT İS ONLY AN EXAMPLE.. DONT PRODUCE IN A DRY WAY SENTENCES OF OTHER USERS.. think twice what there is written.. please !! BTW why would it be difficult for andorra to organise freestyle skiing? do you have scientific information on this issue that we dont have.. on wich criteria DO YOU THİNK that it would be difficult.. give some MORE sentences of your own thinking!
  20. it is better to name it as the "Zaragoza 2030" bid, with inclusion of Huesca and Jaca (all in Aragon region/province) a branching in Andorra (for freestyle for exampke) would spook whole the bid it can be names also the ARAGON 2030 bid but prefered a city name rather then region name (aka pyeongchang 2018) but its vice versa COE wishes that aragon supports the catalonian bid instead of Barcelona CAN support a zaragoza bid the spaniards can have a 2ND olympic city in history, Barcelona doesnt need a 2nd olympic ettiquette the Samaranch-Junior COE wants to create a SARAJEVO-LEGACY-ROMANTISM that could cost respectively a lot of mony and organisational problems, but they want to surpass/exceed the GRANADA 2015 WINTER UNIVERSIADE example.. could it be called succes that at those 2015 winter universiade the ski-jumping & nordic-combined leg was organised on slovakian soil in STRBSKE PLESO >> 2015 Winter Universiade - Wikipedia ° this worked in 2015 on smaller scale.. would it be a succes on larger scale.. ° the gliding-center in TREBEVICE-SARAJEVO awaits a decent reconstruction and/or refurbishing ° the ski-jump facility at MALO POLJE-IGMAN mountain awaits the same costs to make viable/feasable ° meanwhike SARAJEVO has build a lot of better hotels and already-succesfully organised the WINTER EYOF 2019 ° 2030-1984=46 years of samaranch-sarajevo legacy > 2034-1984=50 years sarajevo-again (with exellent flora/snow) >> is this project doable achievable AND would this bring a unique refreshment in olympic hisyory? COE goes for this?! i found here a black/white video about the preparations for the ski-jumping facilty build with man-power back then - for about 40 seconds beginning from minute 5:00 + a view of todays malo polje ski jump towers.. source: Malo Polje, Sarajevo » Ski Jumping Hill Archive » skisprungschanzen.com source: Skakaonice na Igmanu (sa-c.net) // RECONSTRUCTION PLANS
  21. this referendum-lancement for 24.07.2022 jinxed/spoiled everything..
  22. fingers (not) crossed.. this concept is dead-born in my view though barcelona doesnt need a double (summer/winter) etiquette there is no need for a referendum zaragoza 2030/2034 in the epicenter for an eventually wog and use 2 and/or 3 venues in barcelona and its done.. this referendum-lancement jinxed/spoiled everything
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