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  1. Didnt manage to get Athletics or basketball tickets in the 2nd round (gutted), so missing out currently on my 'big3' (athletics, cycling & swimming) So far, with a friend, tickets now for 6 sports Rowing qualifiers (Sun / Mon am) W Hockey qualifiers (Sun eve) Tennis (Centre Court, 2nd rnd) Beach Volleyball (R16, late night Sat session) W Handball Bronze Medal M 10m Diving Final Still want to get into the stadium, and ideally gymnastics / trampolining to take my little boy to. Any idea if Co-sport will have availability for Gym & Athletics ?
  2. How do you apply for Cosport tickets ? Only availabilty now is a bit of boxing, weightlifting, wrestling ; bit more voleyball and tons of football
  3. Tennis, 2nd round centre court and Mens 10m diving final for me Wanted so much more. Gutted i missed out on gymnastics - only family application (wanted up to 6 tickets) and got nowt.
  4. Had an email from eventeam yesterday when I queried about not being able to confirm password etc They said 9am on the email, so I am taking that as 8am UK time. Will be ready then !
  5. Anyone used the eventeam site before ? Will it be quicker to go in multiple times for events (and get tickets 'one session') or fill yer basket and then hope you have been quick enough ?
  6. Hello everyone ! How have i not known about this forum ? Managed to only get £320 out of £6.5k worth of tickets, so now looking for others Have applied for some from the Polish seller and pre-registered for the French one Anyone had any joy with the Polish site before ?
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