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  1. Easier just to put the whole '96 games in amnesia mode in my opinion.
  2. Here are the bits I remember from Summer Ceremonies, prior to London LA 84 - bloke with a jetpack, lots of white pianos, lots of steps up to rings, fire going round rings to light torch Seoul 88 - err, nothing Barcelona 92 - para archer lighting the flame (and the flame lighting a fraction before the arrow got there) Atlanta 96 - err, nothing Sydney 2000 - Cathy Freeman waterfall torch lighting Athens 2004 - err, nothing Beijing 2008 - fake firework feet, fake singer, very co-ordinated mass people, gymnast running round stadium prior to torch lighting Although I did here recently
  3. That is a good analogy. But if you have paid for Chateaubriand steak - would you not be annoyed if they served up chuck steak instead ?
  4. BUTTED in... a very interesting choice of phrase given your latter comments. It would seem that you wish to 'hold court' with your views and your views alone - and woe betide anyone who is willing to offer a different view - whilst peddling a book that is already out of date. A global audience will naturally have many opinions based on national identity, expectations etc and not every view will coalesce. BUT you seem to think that your an expert on ceremonies because you were 'involved' backstage at LA and a performer in Atlanta... Atlanta being widely regarded as one of the more inferior Ol
  5. BBC did a great job on the coverage, Just a shame they have had to take down the links to every session from the main website
  6. And yet you expect people to listen to your pontifications on the subject ? I obviously hit more than a few home truths on my post, which your fragile ego is unable to cope with
  7. He's responded. Well allow me to retort I apologise on behalf of Danny Boyle for an assumed level of intelligence in the viewing audience. I mean, it must be so difficult without the audio to be able to distinguish between the dramatic representation of an historical figure, a dramatic representation of a fictional character and the recognition of a figure who has changed recent history - whose invention - be it solely or together with others allows us to communicate on this very medium. We really - as some bloke in US politics said 'misunderestimated' that one As to why the 3 names, maybe i
  8. Curiously the Baron has yet to add his 2 cent worth on my Sir Tim Berners Lee reference Maybe he is looking for a ZX Spectrum to access an internet search engine to find
  9. @baron-pierreIV Havent got time to read all the posts. but re some of your comments about your lack of knowledge of the characters in the OC- I was wondering, have you manged to figure out yet who Sir Tim Berners-Lee is yet - as I seem to recall NBC (staggeringly) asking the US audience to google him ....
  10. Quite correct !!! It was more than a hassle, but when that envelope hits next Summer, it will be worth it !
  11. After much struggle and a couple of phonecalls, picked up 3 AT003 tix and 2 AT007. Chuffed to bits that a) have got a finals AT ticket and get to take my son (who will be 4 next summer) to a daytime AT session as well - and with Jess Ennis in the Hepthalon and Usain in the 100m heats !!!!
  12. Just had an email back and forth conversation with Slovak seller. You are limited to 8 tickets per application - so that could be 1 session, 8 tickets or 8 sessions with a ticket in each one. Worth knowing as they may reject your application otherwise (for not reading the T & C's...)
  13. This was globetrotter, not Dertour this time. Very limited availability.
  14. Folllowed James Pearce (BBC Sport) for this one - reckons no issues "Applied" for 2x C Cat CT002 tickets (hopefully 'Queen' Victoria Pendelton in the Kieran and Mens Pursuit final) - 410 CHF's, so roughly £155 for a £95 ticket, but if it gets me in....
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